The tests of Time by ScribeAneX

To Be Alone

To be alone....

Inuyasha sat under the tree, his arms folded across his heaving chest. 'How dare she!' he growled. 'Your soooo selfish!' he imitated the girls voice. Once again he'd managed to piss her off, like that was hard. He muttered angrily to himself, they always chose her side, she wasn't always right.

Kagome kicked the rocks near the well away from her, his hurtful words rang in her head. "Maybe it would be easier if you weren't around, then I wouldn't have to be saving you all the time!" she humphed again, why must he be so dam complicated. She hadn't meant to be captured by the giant spider; it snuck up on her and Shippo. She put her burning face to her scraped knees.

"Cheer up Kagome. It isn't your fault that he's a jerk. He never means to be angry he was only scared. You don't always get captured, remember when you drew your bow and hit Naruku. Or that one time with the evil sage? Or how bout when you helped the princess from that toad demon?" Kagome hated feeling useless, she wished to be strong like Sango, yes a true warrior, or even like Kikyo. She fumbled with her jewel shards, Shippo sat content to just be at her side. So distracted by the whole of the situation Kagome didn't hear the demons quick and silent approach.

A youkai witch, angry that her pet spider was slain, by a hanyou and his whore. She heard the little Kitsune's encouragement, and hated him. No mater a youkai's placement in rank and status, pure blooded youkai, such as the Kitsune should never be made slaves to these humans, wasted rotting flesh. ' I should have to kill them both, anyway his fur would make a rather nice pair of leg warmers.'

Inuyasha heard it then, a scream, one that always seized up his heart, threatening to crush him. He sped to where he knew her to be, looking up he spotted Miroku and Sango atop Kilala. They called out to the oddly dressed girl, and received no answer. 'Worse, I smell blood. Kagome's blood.' Inuyasha flew over the distance between them, as if it were a mere yard away.

The witch cackled, "Stupid girl, it was a waste to try and save your little pet, when I am going to kill you both anyway. How selfish of you to wish to go first."

"You will not touch Shippo!" she held her arm, where the claws of the hag had bitten into her flesh. 'My uniforms ruined now.' Shippo gasped at the site, shed pushed him behind her, and now her arm bleed. The witch licked the girls blood from her claws, and Kagome gagged.

"A miko, you are not so strong, but your blood carries a familiar scent. Ah-I can see your future now, yes I think its better I slay you now, and the Kitsune." Her eyes fueled red, a powerful wind whipped up around her, "Kagome!" Shippo cried out seeing his Kagome fall to her knees from the loss of blood. "Fox FIRE!" he growled, and the witch batted him away, enough time for Kagome to grab his arm and the two to flea.

"You will not escape me!" a shot of electric energy hit the ground behind Kagome causing an earthquake, she fell towards the well and caught her head before it struck the edge. "Now, you could plead and I could make this quick, but ah, it's to late, anyway I left my sympathy at home in the ground, where my dear spiddy is forever remembered."

Before she could strike, the whistle of a blade made the hag move away with the quickness of her magic. Her black robes whipped around her, red eyes met gold. "Prepare to die!" Inuyasha growled.

"Kagome!" Sango called out, and she leaped from Kilala's back. 'So much blood, but she is still standing its okay. She is pail.'

"Sango!" three voices cried in unison. Kagome threw her strength to shove her distracted friend from her, catching the blast, but she felt nothing and welcomed the darkness.

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