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Chapter 1

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Chapter 1

Ever wanted to be with someone, but you knew it would probably never happen? No, you were positively SURE it would never happen, so you only watched then from afar? Well, you wouldn't be the only one. Kagome Higurashi, 15 years of age. At school, people knew as the quiet girl who only spoke when spoken to.

She wasn't into the latest fashion, and never had a boyfriend in her entire life, much less ever experienced a kiss. Most said it was because of the overly big, square glasses she always wore, or that maybe it because nobody could see her form under the baggy clothes she had on all the time...but either way it didn't really make a difference to them.

Yet they didn't know, that under all of that, there was a real beauty in there hidden away. Now, if you would've told that to one of them they probably would've laughed and called you a crazy fool.

Yet, this was her life. Not a very happy life, but she managed. Now with all I've said now, you're probably wondering, 'Is she really this ugly?' Well, no. She wasn't. But you would've never guessed under those glasses, baggy clothes, and...braces?

But I've said enough, so lets get to the real story, HER real story.

It all started at a little place called...High School....


The halls flooded with teenagers. School was over for the day, and nobody could wait to get home. Tomorrow was the schools annual Spring festival. It was a time when the Sakura trees gave off beautiful pink petals that landed gracefully on the green grass. They have been getting ready for a few weeks now, planning and organizing. The Spring festival was once a year that Sakura High committed for not only themselves but to the town.

There would be food, music, and games. There was also poetry. The ladies dressed in kimonos, and had their hair put up nicely. It was a fun festival all in all.

Everyone seemed in such a hurry to get out of school, that no one seemed to notice a small figure trying to make her way through the crowd. Normally this would seem pretty easy if you flowed in the same direction, but in her case she was going the opposite direction. "Excuse me..." The whisper barley passed her pink lips. She squeezed her way through, trying to make it to her locker.

Her eyes brightened a bit when she was almost out. That was until she slammed into a firm wall. She yelped as she bounced off. A warm hand wrapped itself around her forearm, stopping her from falling onto the cold ground. Her eyes fluttered open to stare into a pair of Ruby orbs. A nicely formed face was surrounded by curly raven hair. The ruby orbs showed no emotion as the person, she later found out was called Naraku, pulled her up.

He gave a slight nod, not giving her enough time to get out a "Thank you", and left. She followed his retreating back with her eyes and watched as a small group of people approached him. They talked for a minute and soon headed out the door. She soon found herself in a empty hallway. She shuddered, feeling a cold shiver run up her spine. She shook her head.

She quickly made herself across the empty hall, and started toward the gym. She she walked she looked around herself, making sure she was alone. She reached up on her head, where her hair was in a small bun with two chopsticks sticking out of it. She pulled the two sticks, her smooth hair falling down and landing gracefully on her back. It ended at her waist, and had a blue tint to it.

She placed the chopsticks in the pocket of her overly baggy pants. She reached up and removed her glasses, Her vision instantly cleared up. She sighed. She made her way into the gym and looked around. It was empty. Good. She walked toward the door that was all the way at the back wall of the gym. She opened the door and stepped outside.

She looked around. She was at the back of the school. There normally would be no one here, so she took this way out. That, and it was a short cut to her shrine. It was now only about a block away. A small smile graced her lips. She quickly started to make her way to her shrine. Each step took her closer and closer to the place she called home.

When she finally reached it, she groaned. She was still trying to get used to the fact of having to go up about 500 steps each and every day. By the time she reached the top, she was panting out of breath. They lived here for very long. Well, SHE hasn't lived her for very long. She used to live with her aunt, but later moved in with her mother, gram-pa, and little brother.

The kitchen door slammed open, reveling a panting teenage girl at the doorstep. Kagome's mother looked at her, smiling. "You'll get used to it someday." She sung. Kagome huffed, but got to her feet and walked to her room. When she reached the familiar white door, she opened it and stepped into her room. She closed the door behind her, and made her way to her bed. She landed with a soft thump. She smiled and sighed happily. THIS...was heaven. She laid on her bed for hours, just staring up at the ceiling, letting herself relax before finally falling into a deep sleep.


End of chapter 1

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