Sleeping Beauty by Kimonno Rose



Once upon a time in the Kingdom by the Sea there ruled a King and Queen.

Both loved by all in the kingdom. The Queen was a beauty beyond compare, she had beautiful cerulean blue eyes and raven black hair that went down to the middle of her back, and her voice was that of an angel. All women in the land envied her for her kind spirit and gentle nature.

The king was also very kind but very brave as well. He was the exact definition of a knight in shinning armor and to most women in the kingdom he was considered very attractive.

Both ruled with great prosperity. However, both were secretly unhappy when they realized that the queen was unable to have children.

Desperate to deliver an heir the queen left the palace in search of the mystical diamond river. She had heard stories told by the miko's of the forest that the crystal clear waters possessed the power to grant a wish to one with a pure heart.

Unsure if she was worthy of such a power the queen softly spoke her wish.

I wish for an heir of my own blood.

With that said she silently took her leave. Years past and there was no sign of a child. The queen sunk into great despair and talked only when she was required too. No longer the once happy and lively woman she once was the King worried for her and wondered what could have caused such great depression.

She never spoke of her troubles and paid no attention to the questions thrown her way.

After spending almost two years in depression incredible news was delivered to the King and Queen. She was to give birth in nine months.

A celebration was held in honor of the princess's births, twins. Both were as beautiful as their mother. At the celebration were the six goddess of the moon. Each was requested to give the princesses a gift.

The first goddess gave them the gift of grace, the second goddess gave them the gift of voice and song, the third goddess gave them the gift of confidence, the fourth goddess gave them the gift of laughter, the fifth goddess gave them the gift of compassion.

The sixth goddess was delayed when a giant cloud of smoke appeared in the middle of the thrown room. When the smoke cleared the dark figure in the smoke was reveled and all stood frozen in fear. No one expected the dark goddess of the new moon to appear.

With a cruel smirk on her face she walked over to the two cribs ignoring the king and queens pleas for her to spare their children. She glanced at one baby and then the other. Reaching out her hand for the child to the left she grabbed the crying infant and held her close.

Please do not hurt her! Cried the queen.

No harm will came to her. She will only serve as my apprentice. Until the day comes that she is needed to destroy this kingdom. She laughed wickedly and then glanced back at the child still in her crib. And on you little princess a curse shall be placed. On the day of your eighteenth birthday you shall be struck by a demon blade and... die. With one last evil laugh the goddess vanished with the child in her arms.

The sixth goddess walked over to the crying infant and smiled warmly.

Fear not young princess. She spoke softly. You shall not die but fall into an eternal sleep with your kingdom, and in the realm of sleep you shall stay until the day comes that your youkai prince shall awaken you.

Time went by and the princess became more beautiful with each passing day. She was indeed kind and compassionate. She walked with beauty and grace and had the confidence of all in the kingdom. She had a beautiful voice, like that a song bird, and laughed with joy.

She was indeed a gift for the king and queen, but was unaware of the curse placed upon her the day of her birth and the fact that she had a twin sister.

All demon tools and weapons were disposed of and all worries of the curse were gone for the time being.

The day came for the princesses eighteenth birthday and the castle was as lively as ever. Servants were bustling about making preparations for the celebration.

The princess however preferred to go and explore the castle as she did quit often.

While walking through a corridor of the castle she had never seen before she heard a soft humming coming from above her. She walked up a flight of stairs following the sound and found herself in front of two large old wooden doors.

As silently as possible she opened the doors and quietly walked in. There in the middle of the room was an old women polishing and odd looking blade.

Hello Auntie spoke the princess in a soft voice.

The old woman looked up and smiled. Princess what a surprise it is to see you here. She said in an old scratchy voice.

Your blade is beautiful.

Thank you, my lady. Would you care to hold it.

The princess eyes widened in delight and she nodded her head rapidly Yes, please. Thank you.

She reached out to touch the blade when without warning the old woman slashed the blade across her arm. The princess let out a cry of pain and was on the floor clutching her right arm gasping for breath. She looked up to see the woman had become a mirror image of herself.

W...W...Why did you attack me? She never had a chance to hear the response when darkness came over her and her body slumped to the floor, almost lifeless.

Good-bye. Little sister. Said the woman and she vanished into mid air.

The kingdom fell into the realm of eternal sleep. Waiting for the youkai prince to come, break the spell, and awaken them all.


The demoness sat in an old wooden rocking chair with a small bundle in her arms.

Smiling at the little inu in her arm's she walked to the crib and placed the young inu youkai in the middle.

After kissing his forehead she left the room after whispering.

"Goodnight, my little Sesshoumaru."

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