Mistletoe by Fox

Be Mine

Okay so this is my first fan fiction. It's a one shot lemon so please be nice. Happy Holidays everyone!


Mistletoe is a wonderful thing. It not only provides entertainment, it brings people together. And we all know that one kiss can lead to a world of possibilities.


Kagome Higurashi loved the Christmas holidays. True they were never quite the same after she had met InuYasha and her friends but it was still the most wonderful time of the year.

"Kagome are you ready?" A hanyou dressed in red asked Kagome.

"Sure am InuYasha!" Kagome replied, her ice blue eyes shining.

She closed her locker and started to walk out with the hanyou, her silky black hair cascading down her back.

"Have a great Christmas you guys!" Kagome announced, hugging her best friend Sango and her boyfriend Miroku. "Give my best to your family." Kagome said.

This Christmas was going to be special; it was Kagome's first Christmas at the Tashio's.

"Are you ready to go Kagome? Have all your stuff?" InuYasha asked her, getting into the drivers side of his Lexus.

Kagome nodded, smiled at her friends one last time and hopped in the passenger seat.

"I'm so exited!" Kagome confessed as they turned onto the nearby highway.

"Why?" InuYasha asked with a small chuckle.

"You know I love your family! It'll be nice to see your dad again and it's always great to stay at your house." Kagome told her friend.

"I don't get why you just don't move in, you're there almost all the time anyways. And don't be too exited Sesshomaru's still there." InuYasha told her, weaving through traffic at a high speed.

Kagome just laughed.

The two teenagers chatted until they pulled into the driveway of a magnificent mansion, known as Tashio Manor.

Kagome rushed out of the car, intending to go see her adopted father InuTashio.

Kagome walked in the front door with a smile and looked around the nicely decorated house.

She took off her shoes and headed for the living room, InuYasha trailing behind her.

In the living room sat InuTashio and Sesshomaru.

InuTashio and Sesshomaru were both full blooded youkai. InuTashio had long silver hair and golden eyes, like InuYasha. Sesshomaru had a deeper silver hair that went to his waist and deep molten eyes that could melt a girl's heart.

"Kagome." InuTashio greeted, as Kagome gave him a big hug.

"Merry Christmas." Kagome laughed, sitting beside him. "Hello Sesshomaru." Kagome added, although she got no response.

"I'm so glad you could join us for the holidays Kagome." InuTashio told her.

"Oh it's my pleasure. It beat's staying in my apartment alone." Kagome joked.

InuYasha huffed, sitting beside his older half brother and hating it.

"Will you be here for all the Christmas holidays?" Sesshomaru asked Kagome.

"Yes I will be Sesshomaru." Kagome replied, kind of surprised that he even talked to her.

"Hey InuYasha what did you do with my bag?" Kagome asked.

"Here." InuYasha replied, chucking her bag at her.

Kagome opened her bag and pulled out three wrapped gifts.

"Merry Christmas!" Kagome announced, handing each of the men their presents.

InuYasha tore through his wrapping paper and smiled as he pulled out the video game he wanted.

He smiled at her and Kagome just rolled her eyes.

InuTashio unwrapped his, trying to hide his excitement, and pulled out a canister of his favorite coffee.

"Thanks Kagome!" InuTashio told his adopted daughter and kissed her forehead.

Kagome looked at Sesshomaru who was looking at his gift in astonishment.

"Do you like it?" Kagome asked nervously.

Sesshomaru looked at the gift Kagome had given him. It was a crystal replica of a cathedral in Europe.

"I didn't know what to get you but I knew you liked to travel...if you don't like it its okay." Kagome announced, fidgeting.

"Thank you, it is very nice." Sesshomaru replied, actually making eye contact with her.

Kagome blushed a bit, which didn't go unnoticed by InuYasha who glared at his brother.

"Well Kagome, since you gave us gifts I should give you yours." InuTashio announced, getting up and picking up a small box wrapped in silver.

"Oh you didn't have to InuTashio." Kagome replied, taking the small gift in her hands.

"It was my pleasure." InuTashio laughed.

Kagome opened the gift slowly and pulled out a beautiful necklace with a diamond pendant.

"It's beautiful." Kagome breathed, letting InuTashio help her put it on.

"I saw it and knew it would be a perfect gift for you." InuTashio told her.

The chatter continued between InuYasha, InuTashio and Kagome, with Sesshomaru sitting listening, before they were called for dinner and then separated to go into different rooms.

It was near midnight but Kagome couldn't sleep.

She opened her bedroom door, on the third floor of the house and headed downstairs for a drink.

She walked back up, not thirsty anymore and turned the corner to find Sesshomaru standing in the hallway.

"You're up late." Kagome announced with a small smile.

"As are you." Sesshomaru replied coolly.

Kagome shivered at his voice and there was silence for a minute.

"Well...good night." Kagome replied, nervously.

She tried to walk around Sesshomaru when he grabbed her wrist.

She turned and looked at him and then looked at the ceiling where mistletoe hung,

Kagome looked at Sesshomaru.

He pulled her to him slowly and them dipped down and pressed his lips to hers.

Kagome gasped in surprise.

Sesshomaru took the opportunity to thrust his tongue into her virgin mouth.

He purred as he tasted the sweet flavor that was Kagome. He purred again when he felt Kagome wrap her arms around his neck and run her tongue gingerly across his.

Sesshomaru started to kiss her more passionately and he was happy to find that she met his passion.

"Mmm Sesshomaru." Kagome purred as he sucked on her neck.

"Will you be mine Kagome?" Sesshomaru whispered into her ear, licking the shell of it.

"Mmm yes." Kagome gasped, lost in the pleasure she had wanted to experience with the demon god for so long.

He led her towards his bedroom door, opening it for her and shutting it behind them, kissing her.

Kagome was in heaven.

She pulled away and looked into the passion filled eyes of Sesshomaru.

"You're going to be mine." Sesshomaru told her huskily.

Kagome just smiled, not able to make words come out of her mouth.

In an instant Sesshomaru tore through Kagome's sleeping shirt and marveled at her exposed chest.

Kagome tried to cross her arms but Sesshomaru held them in place.

"Don't hide Kagome." Sesshomaru told her, kissing her again.

He started kissing down her jaw line as Kagome pulled his shirt over her head.

They fell back on his bed and Kagome moaned as she felt Sesshomaru take one of her nipples into her mouth and started to suck.

She made mewing sounds as he started to bite it softly then harder as he played with her other breast.

He switched his torture to the other breast and enjoyed hearing Kagome's mews and sounds of pleasure.

Kagome could feel a heat rise inside of her.

Sesshomaru smelt her arousal and cupped her, making her experience her first orgasm.

Kagome smiled in satisfaction as he hovered over her.

"Tonight I will pleasure you in ways you can not even think." Sesshomaru told her.

Kagome smiled devilishly and used her weight to roll on top of Sesshomaru.

She kissed him lightly as her hand made her way down to his pants.

Sesshomaru's erection was making it increasingly hard to move. He was so hard it hurt.

Kagome looked at the size of Sesshomaru's erection in amazement.

"You're a big boy." Kagome announced, getting a growl in return.

Though inexperience Kagome knew what men wanted and she gingerly wrapped her hand around Sesshomaru's penis and started a slow rhythm, moving up and down his shaft. She leaned down and took him into her mouth as he came, swallowing the weird, salty liquid.

Sesshomaru's demon was aroused and it was time he showed Kagome what he could do.

He flipped her back over and kissed her passionately, tasting himself in her mouth and loving it.

"Now, you will experience what I can do." Sesshomaru told her, ripping off her sleeping pants and her panties.

He didn't wait, he pressed his thumb to her hub and she groaned, raising her hips.

She was wet and ready for him.

Sesshomaru slipped one of his fingers in her and started a slow rhythm making her pant and whimper. He added another and then another, readying her for him.

She was about to come and Sesshomaru pulled out of her. Kagome cried out in frustration but soon cried out in pleasure as she felt Sesshomaru's tongue penetrate her.

Sesshomaru lapped up her inner juices greedily.

"Are you ready?" He asked Kagome, positioning himself in between her legs.

Kagome nodded in anticipation.

"This will hurt." Sesshomaru told her as he smashed into her, breaking her maidenhead.

He subdued her cries with kisses and waited for her to get used to his size.

Kagome moved her hips experimentally and moaned in pleasure.

Sesshomaru slowly pulled out and pushed back in, increasing his speed at a slow speed.

"Uh faster!" Kagome panted.

Sesshomaru happily granted her request and started to pump in and out of her at a faster rate.

"Harder, Sesshomaru, harder." Kagome begged.

Sesshomaru let himself go and started to thrust into her with demoniac strength and speed, leaving Kagome begging for more.

He could feel her coming and he knew he was coming to.

As they both came together Kagome let out a cry of pleasure, Sesshomaru roared and then bit down into Kagome's neck, marking her as his mate.

He pulled out of her and laid on his side. Kagome rolled into him and smiled as he lapped up her blood.

"Mine." Sesshomaru panted.

"Yours." Kagome replied.

Sesshomaru smiled and kissed his mate.

"Merry Christmas Sesshomaru." Kagome laughed, falling asleep in her mate's arms.


I hope you guys enjoyed it! Happy Holidays!


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