Robin Hood by Marulover


Thanks to all of you who reviewed my last story, "Marriage of Convenience." I hope you all enjoyed it. For any of you who don't know, I finished it, and you can go and read it if you want to know what happened!

Okay, I found this new Robin Hood series that is on in England. It's great! I love the actor who plays Sir Guy of Gisborne, he's the Sheriff's right hand man, if you didn't know. He seems to be so misunderstood, and they try to capture that in the series. So, I decided to write an InuYasha story, and put all of the characters in it! It's the same basic story, it's set in England, in Sherwood Forest, and Nottingham. I'm going to kind of put this series, the Robin Hood movie with Kevin Costner and another Robin Hood series that was on in the '80s together. So, if you're familiar with any of those, you might see some similiarities every once in a while.


Sir Guy of Gisborne-Sesshomaru

Robin Hood-InuYasha

Maid Marian-Kagome

Will Scarlett-Miroku

The Sheriff of Nottingham-Naraku


Maid Marian's servant/friend-Sango

Little John-Kouga

Little John's wife-Ayame

Friar Tuck-Bankotsu

Other woman-Kikyo

There aren't a lot of women characters, but I needed Kikyo so she really isn't anyone from the series.


Sir Sesshomaru has come to Nottingham, the Sheriff wants him to find out who the spy is in his castle. He infiltrates InuYasha's band of outlaws to find out who it is. He meets Lady Kagome and against his will falls in love with her. What will happen when he has to turn the spy in? What is Kikyo's roll in all of this?

I hope that is enough for you all to be interested. Please read the first chapter and let me know what you think, thanks!

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