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The Interview

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Kagome opened up her closet and pulled out two outfits. One was a great Skirt and Blazer combination. Both pieces were black and the skirt came to knee length in a simple A line, while the blazer resting at her hips, it was tailored but not suffocating with two buttons and one pocket. The other outfit was also two pieces, it included black dress pants with a subtle gold outline and a matching gold top. Not a bright, fake gold, but a beautiful gold with almost a brown tone to it. Giving it a powerful feel yet still warm. Torn between the two Kagome compromised, wearing the skirt and blazer with the gold top. Looking at herself in the mirror she grinned and applied the little make up she wore. She didn't believe in fabricating beauty, she had what she had, and it would be appreciated or not appreciated. So all she put on was some foundation, mascara, and a light lip stick.

Standing back and looking at herself she nodded in satisfaction and slipped a pair of gold sandals, grabbed her purse, and headed out the door. She glanced at her watch and smiled in satisfaction, four o'clock, perfect. This way she could get there early, and if there was traffic it was no sweat off her back.

Kagome hummed happily to herself and began her half hour drive to Taisho Corporation. Everything was going well, her outfit was just right, she was on time, and the sun was out. Keeping her hopes high she drove merrily along until she spotted the twin buildings that held the Taisho offices. Pulling into the parking lot she found a spot and began to walk into the building, she glanced down at her watch and grinned even wider seeing it was 4:45. She had known Sesshomaru through Inuyasha her whole life, and she knew that he liked things orderly, and he liked things done on time or early.

Stepping into the building she smiled to herself at the obvious Sesshomaru influence in the décor. It was all white, with black and white photos and large elaborate sculptures. She shook her head and walked up to the desk and smiled at the clerk. She was a young looking woman with bright red hair and dazzling eyes. She had an air of precision around her and looked extremely collected.

The clerk looked up and smiled back, "Hello, can I help you?"

"Yes please, I have an interview with Mr. Taisho at five? My name is Kagome Higurashi." She made sure to keep her voice light, but not indifferent, in the business world first impressions are everything.

The clerk looked down at her appointment book and nodded, "Yes, there is an appointment for Higurashi here, may I please see Identification?"

Kagome reached into her purse and got out her wallet, she pulled out her driver's license and handed it to the clerk. The clerk beamed once again, obviously as happy about how smooth things were going as Kagome was. Handing Kagome her license back she directed her to the elevator telling her to go to the 15th floor, she would be given further direction there.

Entering the elevator she pressed the button to go the 15th floor and took a deep breath preparing herself. Her stomach was doing summersaults and her nerves were on parade. All she could hope for was the best.


The elevator doors open and she exited walking up to another desk where another young lady sat. This one no where near as collected, and wearing clothing... less that suitable for an office. The lady looked up and scowled at Kagome before saying,

"Yes, what do you want?"

Kagome bristled slightly but kept her cool, "I have an appointment with Mr. Taisho at five, Kagome Higurashi."

The lady scowled once again, and glancing down at her book looking for the name. Once she found it she seemed to almost growl as she picked up the intercom, but as soon as she spoke her voice completely changed.

"Sesshomaru, there is some woman here by the name of Higurashi here to see you, shall I send her off?" Sickeningly sweet and abominably fake was the only way to describe the change, who did this woman think she was impressing?

"No, you will send her in." The interruption over the intercom was low and to the point, Kagome wasted no time in walking over to the doors that held his name and knocking.

"Come in."

Kagome entered and her breath caught at the site of his office. Where as everything outside was black and white, his office was elaborate in colors, decorated with blue, purple, black, and white. The stunning combination was so unexpected and so magnificent that she nearly lost her composure. Quickly gathering her wits she turned her eyes to the man sitting at the desk and smiled. It was amazing, how she could know him for so long and yet not know him at all. He was brilliant. His amber eyes pierced straight through her, his perfect face was unflawed but still held an indisputable masculinity. Silver hair that no man on earth other than his brother had was combed to perfect and his clothing was immaculate.

"Good Afternoon, Mr. Taisho." Kagome used the same tone of voice that she had with the clerk downstairs.

Sesshomaru nodded and gestured with his hand indicating that she take a seat. Kagome did so, making sure to sit straight and keep everything together, he was a perfectionist, and she would be perfect. She waited a few minutes for him to say something, and when he didn't she decided to take the initiative. She took a folder out of her purse and handed it to Sesshomaru.

"I put together a brief resume, it includes past references as well as more recent ones, school records and my past experience. Usually I would hope to have more, but I was unable to get any more on short notice, so I apologize."

Still he said nothing; he opened up her folder and glanced over it. Kagome could have sworn she saw his eyes widen slightly on several different occasions. But whether this was good or bad she had no idea. He still had not said a word. So she contented herself with twiddling her thumbs and waiting patiently. And after what seemed like eternity, he spoke.

"Considering your age and still being in school, this is exemplary." He glances up at her, his eyes and face unreadable.

"Thank you, Mr. Taisho."

His eyes narrowed, "That's all? Thank you?"

Kagome raised one eyebrow in confusion, "I'm sorry sir, what did you expect me to say?"

"Nothing," it was a bold faced lie, any other person would have bragged. Would have gone on about how hard they had worked in the short amount of time. But all she said was thank you, now he was intrigued.

"Miss. Higurashi, why should I hire you?"

Kagome thought for a moment before speaking, "I care greatly about my work. I believe that as an employee of this company I would represent it, because of that I would keep everything from my work performance to my appearances up the high standards of this company. I may not know everything I need to know, but my knowledge is more extensive than others my age or older, and I learn quickly. I take pride in what I do, and if what I do is work here, than I will be proud of that." Kagome smiled lightly as she rattled off the short speech, hoping it was correct.

Sesshomaru was at a loss. Before him was not the Kagome Higurashi that had ravaged his house and home, before him stood a woman who was coming of age. Her experience and intelligence far outranked her peers as well as many of her "superiors", as was reflected in her references and grades. She was calm and collected in front of him, something most men that had been in the business for years could not pull off.

Not to mention she had gone from gangly pre-teen to beautiful woman. Standing at a modest 5'5 with a slim but toned body and an almost tangible glow around her, she was gorgeous. Her shoulder length raven hair sat in simple layers and her light make up enhanced her already amazing features without masking and faking them. Perhaps he would not regret allowing his brother to persuade him after all.

"That will be all Miss Higurashi."

Kagome tensed up. What had she done? What had she said wrong for it to end that quickly? Did she dress inappropriately, or said something insulting? Defeat began to overwhelm her as the gravity of her situation consumed her.

"You will start on Monday, be here at 3 pm sharp. I understand you have school but tardiness will not be accepted. You will work 3pm through 9pm, Monday through Friday. Saturdays you will work 8am to 6pm, no one works Sunday's, except for me, and overtime. Which you will likely need, due to your lack of hours during the business week." Sesshomaru stood and went to the door opening it.

Kagome's eyes widened. She hadn't messed up! She had got the job on the spot! But... what was the job? What was the salary?!

"Um... Mr. Taisho?"

"Hn," he turned towards her, one eyebrow raised.

"What exactly... is my job?"

"You are my new personal assistant; we will discuss pay and job specifics on Monday, good day Higurashi." There was no room for debate, the interview and the conversation, was over.


Sesshomaru allowed himself to indulge and relaxed his stiff posture as he leaned back in his chair. The interview with Kagome had gone far too well. Something was bound to go wrong. But he could not refuse to hire her based on her perfection, besides he needed a replacement for the bimbo he had as his assistant now.

Ah yes... the bimbo, which reminded him. Sesshomaru reached forward and pressed the intercom button.

"Kagura, I need you in my office, now."

Almost immediately her sickening response was heard, "Right away Sesshomaru."

Kagura stood quickly, fixing up her plastered hair and putting on more lipstick to already caked lips. She opened up yet another to her blouse and walked to Sesshomaru's office, not bothering to knock before swiftly entering. Once inside she went and sat, smiling at him revealing teeth stained with read.

"Yes Sesshomaru?"

Sesshomaru looked up and winced in disgust at the site of her. She was foul, and he didn't understand why he had hired her, that mistake would be immediately rectified.

"You're fired." His voice gave nothing away and his eyes were cold.


"Your work is sloppy and often not even finished. You are rude and abrasive with important clients and with my colleagues. Your dress is distasteful and not company appropriate. Pack your things and be out by Friday."

Kagura could not believe her ears, he was firing her?! She was everything he could want, why would he do this? She decided to ponder this later, as well as how to avenge the injustice done to her.

"Very well, but you will regret this Sesshomaru," standing up she collected her things and readied to leave. She had to hurry if she had to be out by tomorrow.

Sesshomaru was overjoyed at how great things were today. He had a new employee to replace that nuisance, and no arguments from anyone. He could only hope things could stay this good.


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