When You Were Young by TripleR

A rough day, A Good Evening

Hey guys! Welcome to the first chapter of When You Were Young, my first fanfic. I hope you enjoy, I will be doing my best to update either weekly or every other week. Tell me what you think; I'm not afraid of being criticized. I will try to respond to any reviews. Since it is my first time some characters may be OC but it will not last long, just give me time to get into the hang of things. And when they are OC there will be plenty of hints to show that they are. ENOY!


Ms. Higurashi sighed in exasperation as her daughter continued to rant.

"They can't do this! What are we going to do? How are we supposed to l-"

"Honey, please calm down." Ms. Higurashi interjected hoping to slow her daughter's tirade, but she knew it was useless.

"Calm down?! How am I supposed to do that when things are falling apart from under us?" Kagome could feel her self losing control; she was on the verge of breaking with all of the stress.

"We're going to make it. We always do honey, remember that we still have Grandpa and Souta, and a strong family can make it through any tribulations."

Kagome sighed. She knew her mother was right, she always was. But things just looked so bleak. How could the family possibly survive now? Her mother had been laid off and her Grandfather was in no shape to work. Kagome did her best to earn money, but she made 6.50 an hour and could only work outside of school, and Souta was not old enough to work. Now, as if to add insult to injury, they wanted to repossess the shrine?! The only thing her family had left to hold on to? It had been in her family for hundreds of years. It was filled with Higurashi memories as well as priceless historical value.

"I just don't understand, why did they fire you?"

"The company was losing money; they had to lay off tons of workers. They just couldn't afford to pay them anymore. And it just so happened that the most dispensable department was the one I worked in." Ms. Higurashi smiled weakly and walked over to her daughter and hugged her close, "Listen, nothing will happen. I'll get another job and things will be just like they used to, you'll see. Now, why don't you go upstairs and get cleaned up, maybe go out with some friends. You need to relax, and the support of your friends can only help."

Kagome smiled back, mostly for her mother's sake, and nodded. She kissed her cheek and ran upstairs, looking through her list of friends on her phone. She finally decided on calling Sango, since she was the most reasonable and logical.

*Ring.... Ring... Ring...*


"Hey Sango, it is Kagome."

"Hey! What are you doing?"

"Nothing, I just got home. Um..."

"What's wrong?"

Kagome paused. She had called Sango to tell her about her mom. Why was it suddenly so hard to tell her? She took a deep breath and collected herself,

"My mom got laid off."

There was a sharp intake of breath on the other side of the phone, followed by a long sigh.

"I'm so sorry Kagome, what can I do?" Kagome could hear the sincerity in Sango's voice. It made her want to smile, and she almost did, almost.

Kagome snorted, "Ha, find me a high-paying job within the month?"

"Within the month? Why so fast?"

"They want to repossess the shrine..."


"Yea, we were behind on a couple payments, and then totally missed this last one... so they want to take it."

"They can't do that!"

"Yea, they can. So either mom, or I, or both, need to get a seriously good job soon, or we're screwed."

"Well why don't you call Inuyasha? His brother owns that huge company."

Kagome did laugh this time. Her humor combined with her exhaustion and stress enveloped her and she found herself almost in hysterics. There was no way she could call Inuyasha for a job at his brothers company.

"Sango, that would not work."

"And just why not?!"

"He and his Brother hate each other. You know that. Besides they haven't spoken since his dad died when we were in 8th grade."

"But, that was five years ago!"

"Yea and I doubt Sesshomaru will even come to graduation this spring."

Sango sighed, she really thought that called Inuyasha would be a good idea, but she knew Kagome wouldn't do it.

"Well, just think about it, I have to go though, Mom is calling. Maybe we can go out later tonight? I'm sure you need a good stress reliever, and that new Russell Crowe movie is out."

"I'd really like that, call me and let me know."

"Okay, will do. I'll call Inuyasha and Miroku too."

"Yea and I'll call Kikyo, bye."


Kagome hung up the phone and sighed. Maybe she should ask Inuyasha, it was worth a try at least. At this point she was desperate, she didn't know what she would do if she lost the shrine.


*I remember when, I remember I remember when I lost my mind. There was something so-*

UGH! Where was that phone?! Kagome looked frantically as her ring tone blared in her room. Ah ha! On her dresser!

*special about that place, even your emotions have an echo, in so mu-*


"Feh, what took so long, that was like three rings. I know you love that song but do you have to leave me waiting?" The rough but amused voice flooded into Kagome's brain and she felt at peace.

"Shut up Inuyasha, no one likes you." Kagome grinned to herself and laughed when she heard him huff.

"Not true, you like me."

"Usually, what's up Inu?"

"Feh, don't call me that. Sango called and told me what happened."

"Ugh! Secrets don't exist at all in our circle do they?"

"Of course not, anyway, what can I do?"

"Nothing, don't worry about it. I'm going to be fine."

"Kagome," his voice suddenly softened and she bit her lip to keep from crying, "Don't do that, let me help."

"There's nothing for you to do Inu, I want you do be able to, but what can you do?" Kagome kept her voice quiet, not wanting to ruin the moment. Inuyasha was rarely this calm and gentle, she wanted to keep it that way. While her feelings for Inuyasha might not have been more than friendly, but the attraction and the love she felt was undeniable. She loved him, but she didn't think he was her one.

"What if I call Sesshomaru? He always has job openings."

"What?! Have you been talking to Sango? I can't ask you to do that, I know the terms you guys are on. You don't need to do that for me." Kagome was shocked. For Inuyasha to offer to talk to Sesshomaru for her was unbelievable, he must really be worried.

"Sango? I talked to her about a movie tonight, but nothing else. Why? What does she have to do with it? Let me call him Kagome, please?"

Now she really couldn't believe it. He was offering on his own? And saying Please? Was it the end of the world?!

"Sango had said I should ask... I don't know Inuyasha and I just don't want you to suffer over your brother because of me, but if you are that determined go ahead. I don't think anything will come of it."

"Okay, I'll call him now, so I have to go. But we are going the movies tonight. The 7 o'clock showing of the movie you apparently wanted to see so badly. Some stupid romantic crap, whatever." Ahh, there was the Inuyasha she knew so well. She smiled to herself.

"Alright, in that case I have to call my cousin."

"Kikyo?" Kagome did not miss the anticipation in Inuyasha's voice.

"Mhm, she said she would go if we went tonight. You excited? I know you like her."

"Feh, whatever, bye."

"Bye Inuyasha, thank you."

The phone clicked and Kagome once again sighed. She seemed to be doing that a lot. But it was an amazing outlet; she did it again, just for good measure. Before smiling to herself and dialing her cousin's number.

*Ring... Ring... Ring...*

"Hey Kagome"

"Hey Kikyo! Movies at 7, make sure you dress nice."

"For the movies? What for?"

Kagome grinned, "Cuz Inuyasha will be there."

"Really?! What time is- OH MY GOSH ITS SIX!!! I have to go! Bye Kagome, love you!"

The phone clicked and Kagome laughed at her cousins antics. Those two really needed to just get together already. Kagome smiled and went to take a shower and get ready.


Inuyasha hung up the phone with Kagome and took a deep breath. He was not looking forward to calling his brother. But it was for Kagome, and she needed him. He could suck it up for her and call his stuck up asshole of a brother. He picked up the phone and dialed the dreaded number.

Inuyasha sighed as the phone rang, silently hoping there would be no answer but sure enough...

"Hello, Seshomaru Taisho speaking." The voice was calm, almost quiet but with a firm tone that commanded attention and respect.

"Hey Seshomaru," Inuyasha bit any smart comment back, this was for Kagome after all.

"Ah... little brother, I wondered when you would finally come around needing money." The contempt in his brother's voice was not lost on him, and Inuyasha did not appreciate it.

"Listen asshole, I don't need your money. I need a favor."

"Language Inuyasha, what do you want."

"It's Kagome.."

"The wench who used to run around our back yard naked?"

"We were three!!! Listen, her family is in real trouble and she needs help."

"I am not here for free handouts, little brother." His voice was still deadly calm but it had taken on a note of finality that indicated the conversation was coming to a close.

"No, she doesn't want your money. She would never take your money, Kagome isn't like that. What she does need is a job, if she doesn't get good work soon her house will be repossessed." Inuyasha tried very hard not to plead, as well as to not blow up at his arrogant brother.

"I see, and you expect me to hire a high school student, and a foolish one at that?"

"She isn't foolish! She has straight A's and a 4.0 GPA. She's had a steady job for a year and it just isn't paying. We graduate in seven months, and she is a good worker."

There was a long pause, and Inuyasha had begun to think his brother had hung up when he suddenly spoke.

"I see, so she begged you to call me and ask for a job?"

"No, she didn't want me too, I had to talk her into agreeing."

"You were so eager to talk to me?"

"No jackass, I just was really worried about her."

Seshomaru took a deep breath. He really did not want to deal with the Higurashi girl. He had not seen her since she was 13, and from what he remembered, he was not eager to see her again. But still he was in need of a new assistant, as his current one was an incompetent bimbo. Perhaps he could at least interview her. He looked at his schedule and picked the soonest available time.

"I will consider it, tell her to come to the office for an interview tomorrow at five."


"You said she needed the job quickly correct? If not I can give it-"

"No no, I'm sure that's fine. I'll let her know. Thank you Sesshomaru, I know you won't regret it."

"I hope not, goodbye."

Sesshomaru hung up and Inuyasha took a deep breath and screamed out all his frustrations. It had taken everything for him to not completely blow up at his ass of a brother. But it had been worth it. Hopefully he would hire Kagome.


Kagome pulled up the movie theatre at a quarter to seven. When she got out of her car she quickly spotted her friends and began to walk towards them. Inuyasha saw her first and jogged over with a huge grin on his face. He handed her a ticket and then proceeded to stand in front of her looking very pleased with himself. Kagome looked at him for a couple minutes before finally clearing her throat. Seeing no response from him she decided he had gone crazy and began to walk away. Of course this broke whatever spell had been cast on him and he lurched forward and grabbed her, hugging her and spinning around in a circle before setting her down.

"Guess what Kagome!"

"You finally got some drugs?"

"No!! I don't do drugs, common guess!"

"I don't know what."

"I got you an Interview with Sesshomaru tomorrow at five!!"

Kagome's mouth dropped. Did she hear him right? Did he really manage to get her an interview at one of the biggest companies in Japan in the last hour?!

"You what?"

"Yea! I called him and talked to the asshole and persuaded him to give you a shot!!"

Kagome stood dumbstruck for a moment before it hit her. She screamed and launched herself at Inuyasha embracing him tightly and exclaiming her thanks over and over again. Inuyasha just smiled and laughed and then they all proceeded to go into the movie theatre.

Once inside Inuyasha and Kikyo went to get food and Miroku, Sango and Kagome went to get seats. Kagome insisted that Sango sit between them so that she didn't have to worry about Miroku, whose hand was twitching violently with the need to molest something. She knew it wouldn't be long till his face took on a shade of red from the impact of a well delivered smack. In fact she was surprised he hadn't ye-


"Ooh... Sango why do you wound me so? You know that my affections are of the utmost innocence. Your beauty is irresistible."

"Save it, and sit." Sango glared at him and took her seat, but Kagome knew that Sango lived for her boyfriends lecherous advances.

Once the movie started she noticed that Inuyasha and Kikyo were suddenly much closer together, with her head resting on his shoulder and his arm around her. She smiled to herself, 'finally.' And of course Sango and Miroku were in each other's arms enjoying the movie. And suddenly, in the company of her friends everything seemed a little bit better. She had a big interview, a great family, amazing friends, and they were all happy. Now if only there was a certain special man in her life to make it all perfect.


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