The Language of Lovers by Blue_Rose

Would I Were You

The young woman walked along the corridors of the castle, thinking of her life. The moon was out that night and it shone through the bamboo screens that blocked her access to the outside world. She sighed, she loved her father but he was so overprotective. She was only allowed faint glimpses of the outside world and she longed for freedom.

"Kagome" her father called, "what are you doing?" She did not reply, only looking at him beseechingly and then turning away. She returned to her room and looked through a crack in her bamboo screen that allowed her to see a small clearing in the forest.

*Sesshoumaru's POV*

He entered a small clearing in the forest near to the northern lords castle. He was wandering, restless. His father had brought him on this trip. This pointless trip. They were seeking an alliance against the northern lord, Naraku. But all knew that the northern lord was a coward, he was even afraid to let his daughter be seen. It was either that or she was hideously ugly. His gaze retuned to the castle again, with its tall gates and windowless walls. How could one stand to stay in such a prison-like place? His eyes fell on one of the screens from which the lantern light shone through. He could see the silhouette of a girl through it. She appeared to be silently gazing out towards the moon. faintly curious he stepped closer and used his keen senses to listen and to see. Through the crack all he could see were deep blue eyes. In that moment the woman caught sight of him and their gazes met. He was shocked by the ancient wisdom and longing in them. He felt as though he was drowning, and yet, it was an exhilarating feeling. He felt his heart constricting and he wondered why. Across the distance he heard her whisper, " What would I give to be standing in the moonlight."

Moments and hours passed and then, like the darkening of the sun, the lights went out and she disappeared. Returning to his rooms he found he could not forget her. He wanted to know more of her and to appease the longing he could see in her eyes. He thought for a while, the only acceptable conversation between unmarried men and women was through letters. And he felt sure that the woman was the daughter of the lord and that he would allow no other kind of correspondence. He was equally sure that he did not want his letters read. He sat down at his desk and took up his brush, and he began to write.

Should the world of love

end in darkness

without glimpsing

that cloud gap

where the moon's light fills the sky?

He sealed the letter and sent it over with his trusted retainer. After this he laid down on his bed, trying to rid her from his mind long enough to sleep. He hoped for a reply by morning

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