Two Different Lives by Raven_621

Ch. 1 Reuinoin

A/N- Hi everyone. This is my very first fanfic. I hope you like it.Oh just to let yuo know, theres a few Chac. I made up , but don't worry its Kag/sess story. And every once in awhile i'l proba,e throw in a little "lemon". I hope you enjoy.

Raven _621-INUYASHA!! You come back here and say your sorry right now!!!!

Inuyasha- Make me!

Raven- Okay. Sesshoumaru?(in inocent voice)


Raven I'll let you vist me and Kagome's Era if you HURT HIM FOR ME!!

Sesshomaru- And?

Raven-and i'll let you use the tetsigia.

Sesshomaru-With plesure then.

Inuyasha-huh? AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH( in a girly voice.)

Kagome- did i miss anythin?

Raven- notin much. Oh i haope you enjoy my first chappy.


Raven- Yeah.

Kagome- Are you going to be in this story too. And your friends?

Raven- Yup. Well why don't you start reading whle i go get the tetsiega.


Kagome was waiting at the airport for an old friend. She was arivving from america.

'Its been so long scine i seen her' Kagome said in her thoughts.Just like kagome, She was a miko. But she had powers that no one had ever seen before. Her name was Raven Moonheart.

Raven preety popurlar where she comes from. Even the people in tokyo japan Loved her.

When Kagome saw rhe plan land, she ran over to the door where the pasengers come out from. Luckly, she was alble to get in font of the crowd so she could see her coming.

The crowed was screaming out her name.' Gezz, I did'nt know she was this popurler.?' Kagome said to her self.

All of a sudden the crowed and kagome heard footsteps. The crowed stand still and stut up.

The footsteps stop. Kagome stared at the door and started to worry. 'Where is she?'"huh?" Then someone wearing a red jacket, drag Kagome out tof the crowed.

"Hey! what is the big deal?"She said agnerly. Then, somebod with a red hood on went to her sid and said " Shhh. I don't want them to know I'm here." "huh?' 'oh its her. Then who is this?'

They took Kagome out of the airport and went to the woods that was close to the airport. They stop in the middle of the forest. Then the red hood girl said "im sorry about that Kagome. But...." She took off her red hood to reviel her identaty. Kagome stared at her and then smiled.

She ran over to embrace her old friend that she has'nt seen in over 10 years.

" Its so good to see you, Raven. Its been so long." She said happily." I know. I really missed over thoudh 10 yrs."

" Lady Raven?" Someone called off in the distance. "Down Here!" Raven replied." Oh i almost forgot. This is Xion." "Oh. Hello." Said kagome." Hello to you to" He said coldly. "Xion?" "What?' " Don't be so cold. Your in fornt of anther miko."

"Oh sorry." Kagome nodded to let him know it was alright.

All of a sudden, a huge cat came from the sky. Kagome was shocked. this cat was bigger then kilala. It was black and had red eyes.

Raven saw Kagome in Fear. She wnt over and put her hand on her shoulder and said" Don't worry. Demi Won't hurt you. She very friendly." " Thats not it" Kagome said scardly." Then what is?" 'Well i have this friend that has a huge cat like you. Her Kilala." When demi heared the name, She ran right to kagome and purred agaist her legs." She became smaller." 'Is kilala friends with Demi' Raven said in her mind." Well then." "Hmm" Kagome said while playing with Demi. " Should we head back to your house? I have some other friends that i want to meet." " Oh good i ahve some other firends that i want you meet too."

Demi Trnsfromed into a big cat again. All three of them got on Demi and headed to Kagome's house.

Raven_621- I know I know, Sesshy not in here yet but he will be i promise.Hey Sesshy, did you get Him yet?

Sesshy- Not yet

Raven-(sigh) Hey Kagome?

Kagome Yeah?

Raven- Why don't you tell Iunyasha to "sit" down for a while. He must be tiered.

Kagome- Sure. Oh Inuyasha?

Inuyasha-Yes Kagome.?

Kagome- SIT!!!!!!!

Whame >_<

Inuyasha-I wish she stop doing that.

Raven- I think im going to go sherch for my friends now. oh don't forget to send reviews and plz don't make them bad okay? This IS my first chappy after all.

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