Bewildered Truth by FallenAngel

Chapter One: Some Things Just Never Change

FallenAngel: It's been a while since I wrote. I've been so busy with my life that Simply In Love, my other fanfic is on hold for now. This is my new fanfic which I thought up in class. Enjoy.

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Chapter One: Some Things Just Never Change

"Inuyasha, I promise I'll come back in an hour. It'll only take an hour. I just want to celebrate my mother's birthday with her." Kagome begged with the hanyou.

"ONE hour?! A few minutes is MORE than enough. It's just a birthday." Inuyasha wanted to get the last shard before Naraku and it won't be possible without Kagome.

"It's just an hour. I'll be back before you know it. If it was your mother, you wouldn't be saying this. It's just I want to see my family before we have to fight Naraku. Who knows how it'll turn out?" Inuyasha knew that it was unfair to Kagome because she had to drop school to help him find shards. He still remembered how sad she was when she said that she failed school because she nearly never went and when she did go she couldn't catch up.

'One hour isn't too bad but Naraku could be here any time now and there's that last shard that we need. However, I owe it to Kagome.'

"Fine but only one hour! No more and I expect you back on time!" Inuyasha pretended to be stern and annoyed that she had to go home. Deep down, Kagome knew that he would let her go. Even if he didn't, she still had an ace up her sleeve. He never got the rosary that she put on him three years ago off. She could have just 'sat' him and she'd be on her way home.

"Thanks, it's nice having a brother looking after me." Kagome smiled sweetly. She heaved herself over the well's ledge and felt herself being sucked into her own time.

Nothing much had changed over the years. Sango and Miroku refused to admit their feelings to the other. Miroku couldn't control his perverted hand and his face always seemed to look bruised. Nothing could ever get through his thick skull. Not even Sango's threats to kill him if he touched her again. It goes in one ear and out the other. Inuyasha and Kagome finally decided to sit down and talk one day about their future. They both realized that they weren't in love with each other. The two had become overly dependent upon each other and these feelings confused them. Strangely, they didn't grow apart. In fact, they grew even closer together after understanding their relationship until they felt that they were siblings. Inuyasha hasn't even been getting on her nerves as much seeing that she rarely uses the rosary to subdue him anymore.

Things seemed to be going pretty well. They managed to get more of the jewel and now they completed almost a half. From their last battle with Naraku, they could tell that Naraku had about half of the jewel as well. Now, it was down to the last shard. It hardly mattered who found it since they would need to fight each other to gain the other half. Kagome finally climbed up the well. 'Some things never change.' She walked into her house and went up to her room first quietly. After changing clothes and packing more stuff into the yellow worn backpack, she went downstairs to find her mom. Her mom was cooking dinner and smiled as she saw Kagome. Kagome had no idea what was going through her mother's mind. If she knew then she would know things do change.

'I guess it's finally time to tell her.'


FallenAngel: Well, that's Chapter One. I know it's short but if I went any further than there would really be no cliffhanger! I'm writing the next chapter so check up on it!

Kagome: FA, can you tell me what my mom wants to tell me?

FallenAngel: No, Gome you know the rules!

Kagome: I want to know! NOW!

Sesshoumaru: Tell her woman. Or I'll slice your throat.

FallenAngel: Ok ok. Jeez, don't be so violent or I'll send you to hell with Naraku. We all know the men in hell are all gay.

Sesshoumaru: Excuse me. I believe I have forgotten business to attend to in my Lands.

Kagome: What?! Sesshoumaru! So useless, hmph.

FallenAngel: Fine, I'll tell you. *whispers into Gome's ears*

Kagome: Ohhhh.

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