Teaching you a little thing called love by Nanari_Uchiha

My evil tutor

Teaching you a simple thing called love By: anari01

"I didn't kill them. I'm not a murderer. I'm not." Kagome hugged her legs up to her chest as she stammered to herself. The coldness that swept through out the room made chills run down her spine. Though the sadness in her heart was as bitterly cold as the stale air. Her tears streamed her face as she sat beside her bed.

"I didn't kill them." She repeated but there wasn't anyone that could hear her. She was all alone and no one was there but shadows that surrounded her. The heavy metal that attached securely around her right wrist and left ankle prevented her from going anywhere.

As children would be tucked in bed and falling asleep from a bedtime story, she would be hearing the rattles of the chains as she twisted and turn in bed. The farthest she could walk was to her bedroom window but it wasn't far enough to get to the front door.

"Momma I'm not a murderer." She pleaded for someone to hear her, someone to be there for her, someone to talk or even to hold her. There was a time where she felt such warmth from her father and her mother but that all went away one night on her 9th birthday.

As 9-year-old Kagome Higurashi sat beside the bed she was chained up to, the turn of a doorknob caught her attention. She took a deep breath as everything in the room surrounded with tenseness and even her joints felt it as well.

"It's time to eat." The low voice said as he entered the dark room with a plate in hand. She winced as light brightened the room and the terror in her face shown clearly as he walked up to the girl.

"I-I want to go home. I want to go outside." Her mouth trembled as well as her hands, but she couldn't hide the fact that she wanted to leave.

He knelt down in front of her as the striking smile on his face looked upon her. His blond locks that was perfectly placed in sequential order, his piercing ice blue eyes and the smile that made terror course through her body. He was the one that scared her, he was the one that wouldn't let her go home.

"You can't go home my dear. I love you to much to let you go and besides my mother wouldn't let the killer of her own sister run around freely."

"No! I didn't kill them! I didn't-" His hand placed gently on her head made her lips firmly pressed together. He remained smiling as he tilted his head to the side.

"I believe you Kagome. I really do but don't you want to be here with me."

"But Wataru. If you believe me than why won't aunty Kagura let me go? I want to go outside to play in the sun. I want to go to the beach. I want to-"

"Why is it always what you want? How about what I want?" He moved toward her face and as he did Kagome leaned back. She didn't know what was going on. He usually would be glaring at her and yelling most of the time but he was different. She closed her eyes, there wasn't no where to back away from him and fear just rushed through her mind. I'm scared.... I'm scared. She repeated in her mind but as she was about to open her eyes his lips pressed upon her forehead.

"I'll get you out. Just wait a little longer Kagome." He smiled once again at her and stood up.

"But Wataru. You always say that but-" He closed the front door before she could finish her sentence. There was no way she was going to leave this place and Wataru won't let her out. She just wanted to know why this was happening to her. She wasn't responsible for her parent's death.


"She's 15 now mother. I think we should let her go. She hasn't seen the out side world since-"

"You better not be growing attached to that girl because I swear if you ever even get remotely-"

"Of course not mom. She's my cousin, I don't have any interest in her I'm just worried."

"Wataru. She killed my sister and her husband. I don't think that child should be set free." Kagura patted the corner of her mouth with a white cloth as she put her fork down. She had a sullen look on her face; the discussion that was being created did not interest her a bit. Her 17 year-old son was sticking to this subject but she just wanted it to end.

"Mother. You don't know that. No one really knows what-"

"The police specifically said to me that the child-"

"Kagome." Wataru disrupted.

"Excuse me."

"Her name is Kagome mother. Your niece, my cousin, she couldn't have killed them, it's not-"

"I think this discussion is over." His mother held the teacup in her hands and took a sip out of it. The green tea relaxed her mind as well as her body but as her son spoke up again that soothing feeling dissipated.

"At least get her a teacher."

"A teacher? What in heavens for?"

"She needs to be educated. You can't leave her cooped up in there her brains rotting, just get her a tutor. Educate her."

"I don't think-"

"She's a person. She's not some kind of rag doll, you don't get her a tutor than I won't register for that prestigious college you've been boasting about to your clients! I have my choices and if you don't choose to get her some proper education than I will not take the exams!" Wataru was standing at this point as his hands were pressed firmly against the table. He wanted what was best for her, they had all the money in the world to get the best tutor in Japan and he was going to make sure she gets it.



"I'll get her a college tutor at the least. I don't want to waste money on her so I'll get her that. She'll be in the study room, that's the only time the shackle around her wrist and her ankle will be off of her. That's the only time, I wouldn't want such a rumor to be let loose that a child is chained up in her room. I'll tell Ryo to make arrangements." Simultaneously Ryo, the family butler and driver, came up to them with a pot of tea.

"Ryo. Hire a tutor from a prestigious college. I don't care who you get just make sure the person's well educated." Kagura motioned for Ryo to pour some more tea into her cup and he quickly compiled.

"Of course ma'am." He departed from the table as he went to follow the orders he was given. Ryo was 25 years old, his mother found him on the streets at the age of 10 and from there on he followed Kagura's orders as if he owed her his life.

"Are you happy now Wataru." Kagura said as she took another sip from the cup.

"Yes. Thank you mother." He bowed politely and walked off into the house. He walked up the flight of stairs and down the corridor. His mother had always warned him not to hold feeling such as love toward Kagome but it was to late. He loved her like a little sister; he was cruel to her at time because of the nonsense she would spit out at him like how she wanted to die.

The extent on how far his mother went as to bind her arm and leg with chains was over board but it was either that or an orphanage. He had insisted that his mother would take her in but with careful thought she had said no. Though, Wataru was too persistent to give up.

He had known Kagome ever since she was born. He took care of her and made her smile so he had to do something. His one cousin that he cared so much about couldn't just leave so he fought back with Kagura. Refusing to eat, refusing to listen, even refusing to be a good role model at her business parties. He refused them all until the day Kagome had finally been adopted. The first thing Kagura did was lock her up and bound her in the room that was painted in a beautiful blue setting with a canopied bed, and carpeted light blue flooring. As long as she was with him it didn't matter what precautions she had to go through.

"Kagome?" He whispered as he opened the door quietly. He walked to the blue-canopied bed and sat beside her who slept peacefully, hugging a pillow like a teddy bear. This was the only time when she held such a calm look on her face. He stared at her contently, running his hands through her jet-black hair. His eyes traveled down to the shackles that hugged her wrist.

It was depressing to see her like this but there wasn't one thing he could do. At least she would be free for a while. "Kagome. Wake up." Her eyelashes fluttered at the soothing voice that nudged her awake. Than out of nowhere she bolted upright and backed away from him. The frightened look in her eyes was disheartening but he held a smile.

"Did I... do something... wrong?"

"No. Of course not. I got you a teacher."


"Yes. When your teacher comes tomorrow the chains around your wrist will come off and you'll be able to go to the study room." The things he said set her mind going crazy. It was both good news but confusing at the same time though she had a chance to finally step out of her room. It's a chance to finally interact with other people besides Wataru.

She smiled sweetly and turned her attention to the window. "That sounds great."


"You better keep your mouth shut and always be polite. You listen to what your instructor tells you. Don't be rude." Kagura explained as she inserted the small key into the shackles. The moment the heavy metal dropped to the floor, a sigh escaped Kagome's lips. The redness around her right wrist was dark but she didn't care, as long as the metal was off than there was nothing to complain about.

Wataru watched from the door, he leaned against the doorframe as he watched the smile that widened Her expression was beautifully set on her face and he just was set aback at the sight.

"Wataru. I'm already late and I want you to lead her to the study room. The tutor is about to arrive. Ryo will be looking after them and don't forget about the entrance exams today." Wataru just nodded at the orders he was given as Kagura quickly glared at Kagome and went out of the room. It was an expected look but Kagome paid no mind to it as she stood up and rubbed her wrist.

As soon as Kagura left, Kagome walked up to the door that would lead her to a different world. Stuck in the room for almost 7 years, she was now going to go out of the enclosed room and as she excitedly rushed out the door, she was grabbed roughly by the arm.

"Kagome. Don't run off. You're only going down stairs and into the study room. So don't try to escape." The stern look in his eyes made Kagome's excited heart slow down.

"I want to go out. I want to-"

"No. You can't. Just follow the rules." Still holding her arm, Wataru dragged her though the corridor and down the steps. He was on edge as well to get out of the house. He had to get to school for preparation exams and he couldn't be late. Quickly going through the kitchen and into another corridor. Kagome followed amazed at the pictures, vases and small statues that were displayed all over the house. "You'll be staying here."

He slid the door revealing a large room. It had a huge rectangular table in the middle of the room with paintings plastered along the walls. 5 chairs on either side of the table, and 2 at the ends were tucked neatly under the wooden, polished table. Kagome sat down in a chair and waited patiently. Textbooks, pencils, papers, and a calculator was neatly set on the table, Wataru stood beside her looking at his watch continuously.

"Man the tutor's late. Kagome I have to go. You stay here and listen to what the instructor tells you and-"

"Am I disrupting something?" They turned there heads toward the door where a man stood, waiting for there little conversation to be over. He had books tucked under his arm and as he swiped his hand through his silver locks his golden eyes watched Wataru as he approached him.

"Well I have to be leaving. Make sure you don't slack off on your job. Were paying you to educate her and I'm expecting changes in her vocabulary." The silver haired man just nodded and walked up to the girl. Wataru glanced at him with a glare and quickly went out of the room.

"So I'm Sesshomaru. I'm your college student tutor and you better listen precisely at what I say. I don't have any patience for this but unfortunately I need the money." He took a seat next to the girl and glared at her. He was sullen as he set 3 textbooks in front of her. This guy who was supposed to be his tutor looked way to young to be a college student but who knew what a college student look like. She was locked up in her room for years so she shrugged the thought away.

Kagome just stared at him and Sesshomaru sighed as he continued. " You'll be learning algebra, English literature, sentence structures, you'll also be writing me a story. I don't really care what you write but that's your homework. Today we'll get through sentence organization and punctuation usage. If you don't do the homework, lets just say you'll get more homework and I'll treat you more coldly than I am right now."

He was blabbering on and on; she couldn't even pick up what he was saying. From algebra to sentence what ever it was called and from homework, he was just piling things up. As if annoyed Kagome reached across the table and grabbed his wrist. The action set him aback as she held his wrist firmly and pulled it closer to her.

"What the hell are you doing?"

"Your watch." She said in a soft voice. He didn't pull his arm away as she continued. "You've been here for 2 minutes and you just keep on talking. You are quite boring. Is that how you make friends at your school, if you do than your friends must be as boring as you are." She wasn't stupid; she knew everything about sentence structures and what not from reading books that Wataru would lend to her. It was mostly romance novels that she read but she studied it as if it was a dictionary. The only thing that confused her was the way he talked. He would keep going on and on with out even breathing between sentences that she could hardly understand him.

"Stupid girl." He said as he pulled his arm away from her grasp.

"That's rude. I bet you don't have friends with statements like that."

"That's right. I don't care for any friends, so shut your mouth and start studying." He placed the thick algebra textbook in front of her and opened it to page 132.

"I don't want to study. Lets talk."

"Shut up. I'm paid for teaching you, not talking to you about some nonsense."

"Why do you always glare?"

"I said shut up." She wouldn't stop bugging him and that made Sesshomaru's fist clench tightly. This was the first time he ever tutored anyone but this girl was unbearable to listen to. The money was good but his patience was getting to the point that he just wanted to quit.

"Why don't you have any friends?" She inquired.

"Because I don't need any."

"But why? Friends are always there to help you."

"I can help my own damn self. So shut up with the questions and look at the problem. A plus B equals B plus X (A+BB+X) if B6 and A 10 what is X?" He went for a simple equation, one where 1st graders could easily do. It was simple but Sesshomaru didn't know how much she knew so he began with that. "So answer the equation."


"Don't why me. Just answer the damn thing."

"What about if I don't want to? It's boring." Kagome smiled as she folded her hand under her chin. She was acting like a disobedient child but the things he was saying seemed too dull to even listen to.

"Answer it."


"Why can't you just answer it? Is it because you're to stupid to answer it?" He ran his fingers through his hair in frustration. It was teaching a monkey.

" I'll answer it if you answer me."

There was nothing that would push her to answer the simple equation. He would have stomped out of the house the moment she refused to listen him in the begging but he needed the money. So he gave in. "Fine. What do you want me to answer?"

"Can we be friends?" The question was hard to take seriously although she held a smile as she waited for his reply. He wasn't the type to talk to people, to hangout with people nor was he the type to help or be friends with people. But once the job is done this little friendship would be done.

"I'll be friends with you if you answer the equation." He handed her a pencil and a piece a paper but she just stared at them.

"I don't need paper. The answer is 10." At least she's not a dumb as I thought she would be. He thought, he turned the page and she did all the problems on paper. It took 15 minutes to do all 30 equations that grew harder and harder the more she went on with it. Sesshomaru gave pointers on how to check the problem and that was it. He went on to the next subject, growing the boredom that lingered in her mind. She was exhausted with the little lectures and note taking he would give her. For a person who hated talking to people, he sure did go on and on with the lesson.

"Commas, periods, quotation marks and ect. You'll be using all these punctuations in your stories." He jotted down some notes for begging a story. From the love stories she read she wondered if this guy sitting right in front of her had a special person in his life. He was gorgeous with his golden enchanting eyes, his silky long silver hair, and the serious expression that he always held. So as he talked more about punctuation she smiled and interrupted him with another question.

"Do you have a girlfriend Sessho-Kun?"

He glared at her for the question she spat out. It wasn't just the question that bothered him but how she called him. "What did you just called me?" He said dryly.

"Um...Sessho-Kun, were friends so I want to call you that."

"You call me that than I call you slave." Playing with her little game was juvenile but to beat a kid at her own game he had to follow through.

"Slave isn't a good name for me. How about Kagome-Chan or Kago-Chan. There good-"

"Slave, shut up and pay attention." He shot out at her with a composure look on his face.

"I don't want to be called slave. It is so mean." She whined. She pouted and rested her chin on the palm of her hand. Slave was a belittling name; it was way better when he called me stupid.

"Shut up slave and listen. You're under my control so shut it."

"You shut it. I hate that name Sessho-kun."

"Well I hate that name to slave. Now a comma is used for listing items such as food. If you-"

"What's your favorite food Sessho-Kun?" The constant disruptions and the constant prying into his life were annoying. He was there to teach her and that's what he was going to do. He had 4 hours to go until this little session was done but it seemed way to long. His foot tapped the floor continuously in anger, he could have gone straight home to hear such annoyance but the difference was he wasn't getting paid to put up with it at home.

"I don't have a favorite food slave. So just shut up."

Getting use to be called such a name she just shrugged. "You didn't answer me when I asked if you had a girlfriend. Do you have a girlfriend?"

He cornered his eyes at the question. "Sorry but I'm not interested in girls like you."

"Yeah right. I'm not interested in a loser like you. I didn't ask you that question because I like you. You're to mean and to preoccupied with your own needs for me to even be remotely interested in you... Loser. I rather do this stupid home work than be interested in you." She crossed her arms, glaring at the smirk that replaced his scowl. He was more gorgeous with a smile on than with that scowl on his face. Her eyes followed him as he got up and approached her.

"So that will be your punishment."

"What does that supposed to mean? Punishment." As he pushed her chair back from under the table, he rested his hand on the back of her chair and hunched forward to whisper in her ear.

"I'll kiss you if you don't listen to me."


I had to end it there. Sorry folks but yeah I just had to put a cliffy. Yeah his action is unlike him but he was just to annoy to put up with it so that's what I came up with.

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