To Gain What Was Lost by angelic demon101

The Sweet Life

To Gain What Was Lost

By: Angelic Demon101

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Chapter One

The Sweet Life


She sat behind a huge desk, papers scattered every on it, the phone ringing relentlessly, and loudly. She groaned as she massaged her temples, trying to feebly fight off the impending headache that was pooling behind her eye. It had been a long day, filled with pointless business meetings, paperwork, and phone conferences that lasted far longer that they should have.

The phone rang once again and, out of sheer aggravation, picked it up and put it to her ear. "Higurashi Kagome speaking, how may I help you?" she said in the kind phone call voice she always used when someone called. The person on the other end laughed, making Kagome's eyebrow twitch.

"If you called just to laugh then I will hang up," she said as she began to set the phone down.

"No don't hang up, it's me, Sango, your sister!" came a voice from the phone. Kagome smirked, worked every time. Sango listened while Kagome laughed at her, fuming. "You know, that's not very polite. What if I were a respected business woman and you just hung up?" she asked testily.

Kagome smiled, "But you are Sango. You are the vice president of the second biggest corporation in the Japan, not to mention the world," said Kagome dramatically as she giggled afterward.

"Yeah I know, but anyway, I got a call from Kensei Corp. They want to know about the merger offer they proposed."

Kagome sighed, Kensei Corp. Had been trying to merge with her company, Hateshinai Inc. for years, and she kept turning them down, but now she was starting to think differently. "Let them know I'll set up a conference for next month some time, and we'll discuss it then."

"Ok. Are you still up to the classes tonight? I can fill in for you if you want," offered Sango, feeling sad for her step sister. Ever since they got out, she had been completely devoted to her work and her daughter.

As much as she wanted to accept the offer, Kagome couldn't bring herself to do it. Rin would be so disappointed. Her daughter was her pride and joy, her only connection to sanity, and she couldn't stand to see her sad. She and Sango, plus Sango's boyfriend Miroku, ran a dance studio called Oritsu. They specialized in hip-hop, traditional Japanese, and the Spanish dances, but offered almost every kind imaginable.

She and Sango had been dancing since they were three and hadn't stopped. Rin, her daughter, also did dance and showed as much enthusiasm as her mother did. "No I'm gonna come in. You know Rin would be disappointed."

"Alright, if you say so. I'll see you there," said Sango as she hung up. Kagome heard the click and hung up as well, letting her head drop onto the cool surface of her desk, welcoming it's hard embrace. She knew she was overworked and didn't think about herself enough, but she couldn't stand to think of herself when so many other people didn't get that opportunity.

She got up, fixing her designer Gucci outfit, and grabbed her matching purse and sunglasses, walking across the monster of an office she had. She shouldered her purse and set the sunglasses in place on the bridge of her nose as she walked down the hallway to the elevators where she pressed the ground floor button. Being on the 30th floor, it took a while and when it finally came to her floor, she stepped inside and let the stainless steel doors swish close behind her.

On th way down, Kagome pulled out her cell phone and dialed an all too familiar number, listening as she got the answering machine. She listened to the voice say its small little speech before she flipped her phone shut, angry that the person didn't even answer. The elevator came to a stop and she walked out. She passed the reception counter and the foyer, pushed the fifteen foot glass doors open and walked toward her black Ferrari F430, unlocking it as she approached.

She climbed in and started the engine, then pulled out of the parking lot, beginning her twenty minute ride to her home just outside of Tokyo. She looked forward to taking a nice long soak in her tub and following it up with a nap. She glanced at her watch, it was 3:37pm, so she had about three hours before she had to be at the studio. She turned onto the highway and accelerated, wanting to spend her three hours in peace.


He sighed as he rubbed his temples. Today had been a frustratingly slow and boring day. He came in at 5:00 am, and from the minute he had walked in the door, he was bombarded with employees and their useless questions. He brushed them aside as he made his way to the elevator. Once he reached the 35th floor, he stepped out and unlocked his office.

Not two minutes afterward, his intercom came to life and the annoying voice of his personal assistant, Jaken, screeched that his presence was requested at an important meeting. He asked if it was absolutely necessary and his reply was a gravely little voice saying it would find out. Already he knew his day was done. The intercom buzzed again and Jaken said that yes, he had to attend.

The meeting had started at 6:30am, and by the time he got out, it was 10:17am. After that he had been asked to lunch and he couldn't refuse, needing some kind of salvation from the corporate prison that was his life.

After he came back from lunch, he locked himself in his office, doing the piles of paperwork that had magically appeared overnight. When he finally looked at his Armani watch, it read 3:30pm. He groaned, it was that time of day again, the time of day when he had to call his biggest rival in business and beg them to merge with his company.

A couple minutes later, he hung up the phone in defeat once again. It irked him that the company president/ owner refused to speak to him, but then again, they refused to speak to anybody. There was virtually no information on the business tycoon, and it angered him. He had done an extensive search personally and only came up with menial things.

He found out that whoever it was native from Japan and that they were in their early twenties. Other than that, he came up with absolutely nothing. But he learned to accept this, and no longer cared. He got up and straightened his Armani suit as he headed out of the office, put the matching sunglasses on, and walked out of the office.

Sesshomaru just ignored the calls of his name as he passed various people. He was intent on getting home without interruption.


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