Gallant Valetine by sesshyluver17

Gallant Valentine

My Gallant Valentine

My Gallant Valentine So Brave In The Night

He rushed into battle, his only thoughts were to protect her, His love.

Will You Be Mine, My Gallant Valentine?

He swung his sword high up in the air, not making a sound. He look towards the one he loved. She lay still. She had not heard the words he had spoken to her.

For You Are So Divine When You Run Out Of Sight

With a few swings of the mighty fang, half the demons were gone. With just a few more, and a silent technique, they were all dead.

My Gallant Valentine So Brave In The Night?

He ran to her side, his silver hair blowing over his useless left shoulder. He knelt in the mud, bringing her to his chest. He could barely hear her slow heart beat.

Will You Be Mine, My Gallant Valentine?

He stood, with her held tightly in his arms. He began to run. Sniffing out any sign of life that was friendly. The slight breeze woke Kagome up from her unconscious state. She looked into the amber eyes, as he searched her face for signs of pain. "Sesshomaru?" She whispered. He nodded his head, unable to speak. "Will You Be Mine, My Gallant Valentine?"


Okay, so this poem was made by me in 6th grade, but I always loved it.

Sessh: That was rather short...

SM: Yeah I know, but like I said the poem was made in 6th grade!

Kag: Not to mention you forgot how it really goes...

SM: Oh shut up!

Sessh: Do not tell my mate to shut up!

SM: Make me, Fluffy-butt!


Kag: (Watches Sessh cahes a screaming Whitney) Well that was expected. They can never get a wonder Whitney likes Naraku as a play toy.. even though she never told him...


Kag: I'll get it! (Opens door) NARKAU! What are you doing here? Your not in this one shot!

Nar: I heard my mistress needed some help.....

Kag: Errr..... mistress?

Nar: Yeah, you just said I was SM's plaything so...

Kag: Ohhhhhh...... EWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!! ANyways review people it makes Whitney happy!


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