I Lost You Once I WONT Lose You Again by sesshyluver17

The Begining of an End

Hey guys...this is going to be a seni-long-short story... lol I have an idea for the main jist of it, but I'm not so sure how long its going to be. It's my first sessh/kagz fiction so don't be to harsh.


*~ I Lost You Once, I WONT Lose You Again~*

The once demon lord sat on the roof of a tall building, silently watching over the female that he was so much, infatuated with. No, infatuation wasn't the right word. Obsession was what one would call it.

Although he was reluctant to admit it in the beginning, over those 500 years, he realized that he could not live without the little miko. He would do anything to haver her at his side....always. Her beautiful black hair, her fierce blue eyes, and her long delicate claws.

Over those five years of her traveling with his insufferable half-brother she became strong. Not only in the body and power, but in the heart and mind as well. Her archery was not only unmatched, but her miko power went above and beyond those of even Midiroku. It was believed that it was her pure heart, soul, mind, and body that gave her immense power. She cared for others endlessly, and fought bravely for not only her friends and loved ones, but strangers as well. She was a beautiful angel. NO! a goddess.

Whilst she was following his brother like a love-sick pup, he quickly became interested with her. She stood up to him bravely -like no other had before- in his fathers tomb, with nothing but a rusty katanna to protect her, she was ready to take him on. At the time it had made him angry, and it disgusted him. And yet, she showed no fear for herself, but for what might happen to Inuyasha. Her love was endless.

Not only was she brave, but smart as well. Sure she had her dull moments, but she was after all the one who thought of harming his pride when his weak brother could not touch him. It was a smart move, and would have worked if not for his brother not being able to remove it either. He had rejoiced silently in the fact that Inuyasha's dirty blood was not meant to hold the powerful Tetsuiga. But even that was shortly lived when she pulled it out herself. That alone had angered him, and caught his eye, none the less. Since then, she had always penetrated his mind.

He could not get past the fact that a mere human had stood up to him with no fear. It was foolish, but that could easily be looked over for her reasons.

He also could not get past her scent. It was the smell of rose petals, bathed in vanilla. That scent had surrounded his mind from the day he 'sniffed' her. It was calming, and clean, unlike the many humans who only bathed once every two or three days. It was just something one could not forget. He remembered running into his brother, just so he could get one whiff of her.

Seeing his obsession so close, and in her tight, black hip huggers and black halter top made his manhood harden in the most painful way. Her outfit left nothing to the imagination. They hugged her in all the right places, leaving an opening so one could see her navel, and a v-neck that showed just enough of her pert and full breasts. He almost groaned at the thought of her naked, but quickly suppressed it.

He once again delved back into his memories of 500 years past. It was dark and dry that day. And there was silence for miles. That was, until you came to a lifeless cliff. There is where Naraku met his end. The Inu-tachi, along with Sesshoumaru, Kouga, and Kikyo faced Naraku, hoping to end his reign of terror in Japan.

Wave after wave of demons attacked the houshi, the demon exterminator, the hellcat, and the wolf prince; surrounding them in a tight nit circle. There were only a few wounds amongst them, but they were tiring quickly. Inuyasha was busy using wind scar to take down Kagura, and Sesshoumaru was searching for any sight of Naraku. But only to his knowledge, was he keeping a protective eye on the little miko that had come to take over almost every waking and resting moment of his grand life.

Kagome was busy trying to pull Kohaku out of Naraku's death like grip on the boys mind. He had advanced on her the moment her friends had busied themselve elsewhere. She was scared to take step towards him, or notch an arrow and deffend herdelf. That was her best friends brother! How could she hurt him?! She tried to persuade him by telling him that they all wanted him back, that they forgave him for everything. "Kohaku! Listen to me. It wasn't your fault! None of it was. It was that vile excuse for a half demon, Naraku. I know you can hear me! Just open your heart to my words. Your sister loves you! She wants you back, we all do!" Such powerful words, for such a small women. She may have not broken Naraku's grip on the boy, but she had definitely put a crack in it. He froze for a moment, giving her the edge she needed to touch his arm and use her miko powers to still his body. His eyes shifted from her, to his sister, to Naraku, and back to her again.

Kagome sighed as she let her fingers pull from his skin. "I'm sorry for what happened to you and your family, Kohaku. But if we defeat Naraku, you can once more live your life with Sango."

Sesshoumaru's eyes roamed over the field, searching for any scent of Naraku. He caught the smell of dead fish and wet mud, but there was something else. It was hard to explain, but to him, it smelled like darkness; like one would be alone in the world forever. He turned his head slightly to find Kikyo firing an arrow at the Naraku's hollow imitation of a young girl. No wonder it had a slightly different scent, it was just a reincarnation.

The arrow was absorbed into a shaking mirror, but no counter attack was issued. The girl just stared blankily into Kikyo's eyes, not relaying any hint as to why she did not counter-attack.

He then caught an even greater whiff of the disgusting creature dubbed Naraku. He was sitting at the edge of the cliff in his baboon skin, watching the battle as if the blood shed occured everyday. Unfortuantely, it being the FEudal Era, and Naraku's time in the world, the blood shed did happen every day. But they would put a stop to it. All of it.

Sesshoumaru quickly made his way to the evil hanyou; he was there in a matter of seconds, only 10 yards away from his most hated enemy. "So, Lord Sesshoumaru, your nose finally picked up my scent. I was wondering when I would join in the fun." Naraku sneered, greatly emphasizing the word 'Lord.' "Though I doubt that a pitiful dog such as you will hardly do as entertainment. Kukukuku!"

"I have no time for such insolence. Draw your katanna Naraku. I will not stoop so low as to fight a weaponless opponent." With one quick glance towards his miko, he charged him. Bringing the sword down onto thin air.

Sesshoumaru glanced around him, and soon caught a sight he did not want to see. Naraku had Kagome pulled to him with a tentacle tightly coiled around her waist. The hanyou had seen the great lord's gaze flicker to the young women. He had shed his baboon skin whilst running to her, and now had a hand caressing her face. She flinched from his touch, but her icy glare, that would easily beat Sesshoumaru's, never did waver.

He laughed and turned towards Sesshoumaru. "Such a pretty little miko, is she not Lord Sesshoumaru? Such soft skin, and untouched by any man. A sweet little virgin. Wouldn't you just love to thrust into her young body over and over? To feel your hot body on hers would be like dieing and being reborn anew. I can only imagine what it would be like to hear her little voice yelling my name as I pound into her." Sesshoumaru's eyes were quickly bleeding red, and his fangs were beginnng to poke out of his mouth. His strips seemed to pulse, and became jagged, as his hair was beginning to dance all around his god like form. "I would gladly be the one to take her body as my own. Cracking her spirit with every thrust, until it breaks. It-" His last words were cut off as Kagome's foot came in contact between his legs. He jumped back with a hiss, holding himself and clenching his teeth.

"Keep your hands off me, you disgusting creep! I-" she was cut off with Sesshuomaru's hard pressed words.

"Miko. Move to a safe distance." His voice was not loud, but firm and strong. One that demanded to be obeyed. She quickly followed his order and ran back to her bow and arrows, where Kohaku still stood frozen by her miko powers. She quickly notched an arrow and let it loose at a demon headed in her direction.

Sesshoumaru began to morph. That disgusting excuse for a creature was going to pay for those words spoken of his miko. He could not help but feel a little aroused by the words, but anger seemed to be the dominate emtion in his body. Anger and the thirst for blood.

Wind swirled about his body, lifting his hair and tail into the air. His face lengthened and his hands began to grow as fur covered his entire being. In a matter of seconds his human-oid form was replaced with a beautiful white, shaggy haired dog. He howled into the night, voicing his anger at Naraku's words.

He charged at the hanyou blindly. His inner youkai was out, and it wanted blood. But the most frightful thing about it all was, it didn't care how it got it. He brought his massive paw down on the ground where Naraku just was. He searched the area looking for his enemy. He found him, but once again he had his miko. But he wasn't using her as a ploy now. NO! The cowardice creature was using her as a shield.

He once again howled and charged, not caring who was in the way. All he thought was, 'Better for her to die by my hands,' he growled with anquish. His blood beast heard his more logical side yelling, "No! Do not ham her. She is of importance! She is our mate-to-be!" He paused for a second. He sniffed the air, trying to catch her scent. Rose petals bathed in spicy vanilla asualted his nose. Yes, he could not harm her; she was their mate-to-be. (Now this is their thoughts, not the actual truth.)

He crouched low and circled Naraku, getting closer with every step, forcing him against the wall of the cliff. The miko whimpered in fear as Naraku dug his claws into her side. She was frightned, but no just by her captor, but the great inu n front of her. He seemed out of his mind.

Sesshoumaru stopped in front of him and took a step closer, only to have Naraku and Kagome take a step back; to come short of a rocky wall. The great dog, let out a series of barks and growls. Naraku correctly took it as laughter and sent a bunch of tentacles at the beast. The dog snapped them with his teeth, letting drops of drool gather around the hanyou and the little miko. Kagome whimpered in fright of the poisonous saliva and tried to back away.

The drool was only inches away from touching her feet when a shout floated to her ears. "Kagom-e-e-e-e-e!" Inuyasha came soaring into scene, latching onto her waist and ripping her from Naraku's slacking grip. He jumped away and placed her about 50 yards from their enemy that would was getting harder and harder to kill. "Kagome, are you al right? Did you get hurt? Why is Sesshomaru in his demon form?" Inuyasha said, pounding her with questions.

"I don't know. Naraku was holding me and saying things when all of a sudden he started to change." He just nodded and looked away, glancing at Kikyo. He didn't hide his ever existing love for her anymore. Kagome was the one who told him to bring her to the group after Inuyasha mated her behind their backs.

She hurt terribly on the inside, feeling betrayed. But she hid it well. Only Sango knew of her empending saddness. She smiled wearily at his concern for the priestess, and then ran to her dropped bow, again. No time to think about her broken heart and loss of love. She had just picked it up when a painful, heart wrenching howl ripped through the air, like a knife through butter.

Kagome looked towards Sesshoumaru, and gasped. Naraku had some how gotten a tentacle around Sesshoumaru, and then underneath him. The hole went right through him, very close to his heart. He slowly and painfully changed into his human-oid form and collapsed to the earth.

Kagome didn't know why, but him being hurt was killing her inside. She ran to him; ignoring Naraku's evil laughter. She knelt down and lifted his head and back to lean him against her chest. She winced as his armor pierced her skin, but ignored it. "Sesshoumaru, are you al right?" He gave no answer, but managed a curt nod to her. He tried to stand up but she wouldn't allow it. "No, you stay here and gain back some of your strength, while we fight for a while. You won't be able to fight long without some rest. And don't give me any of that 'This Sesshoumaru does not stand on the sidelines' crap either." She was about to call for help when....

"So, little miko. You worry over the cold lord's life? It is pitiful how you fall for one dog and then another. Kukukuku. When will you learn that you don't deserve love? You never will. You are destined to live your life alone and in the dark. Your-"

"Wind scar!""Dance of the Dragon!" He stopped his taunting to see two attacks come at him from both the east and west, and with him being up against the wall, there was nothing to stop it. He glanced around and made a barrier, but Inuyasha's windscar quickly broke through it. "WHAT!!" They watched as he was blown back into the cliff wall by both powerful attacks.

As the smoke cleared up he walked from the entrance, laughing evily. "Did you think that that would stop me?! You bitch! I will deal with you later Kagura. Need I remind you that I have your heart?" She just glared, she would rather die then stay under his ruling now. She flicked her fan and yelled, "Dance of the Blades!" sending many gold blades that had the shape of crescent moons towards him. He evaded them easily, but this gave just enought time for a white light to go crashing into Kagomes body.

She was lifted in the air, leaving Sesshoumaru to dazedly stare at her from the earthy ground.



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