The Perfect Fitness Plan by Dusk

Chapter 1 A

Three things to clear up before we get started. One, the treadmill is a device developed for six-foot tall, leggy, perfect vixens; two, it's a device meant to be used by the body-buff cult trainer when pushing human-hamsters to near collapse; and three, I'm currently running into my thirtieth minute on the curesed machine. Yes, but Kami help me, there's a reason, well two if truth be told, that I put my body through this torment.

InuYasha and SesshouMaru; owners, trainers, and overall eye-candy extraordinaire, these two guys have everything any hot-blooded female needs to become drooling, eye-popping, zombies that follow without question . I've been coming to this gym for close to a year now and have only had the pleasure of seeing these superior examples of Youkai/Hanyou-kind a dozen times.

Today though, I actually met one of them. InuYasha, the younger hanyou brother to full-blooded SesshouMaru, tripped over my yoga mat on his way out of the class this afternoon. Granted, it was due to the fact he was busy checking-out my cousin, Kikyou, as she flaunted her ASSets in his direction, but beggars cannot be choosers. I'll take what I can get.

And how did it go down, you ask? Well something like this...


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