my mate by gothic_xXx_moon


sitting on the edge on my bed waiting for something. feeling arms go around my waist pulling me back and laying me down. looking into the face of my love not noticeing when he started to nuzzle my neck for a minute then in a flash i felt as he bit me marking me as his. when he released me i felt tired and sleepy. i then hear him tell me to sleep and so i did. waking up the next evning i got up and found i was in a strange house. getting up and finding me somethng to wear i looked at the door and saw my cat. walking over to the cat it seemed to want to lead me some where.following it to a stair well of stairs going up and down and in differant directions. following the cat up the stairs. halfway up the cat stoped and started diging in what looked like a sand bucket.i then saw a ghost walking down the stairs in my direction only to stop infront of me to ask' why i was on the stairs'. looking at him i said i was following my cat. the ghost didnt beleave me and for no reason rammed his hands in side me. feeling as he roamed throught my chest then when he started to search my abdominal area i felt pain surge through me screaming for him to stop but he wouldnt.a minute later i noticed he stoped and looked scared.turning my head to the side i saw my love looking furiouse at the ghost. still in pain i said to my love' make the ghost stop it hurts' nodding my love said to the ghost 'why are you hurting her and if you dont stop i ban you to oblivian.' seeing the ghost finaly beleaved me do he took his hands out. but when hie took his hands out i nelt down to the steps both arms holding my tummy in pain. loking up atmy love and at the ghost i asked 'so ghost what all did you find while you caused me so much pain. cause if you do it ever again ill purify you.'as my love and me watch the ghost it finaly said ' i didnt mean to hurt you but i didnt beleave you so i had to take a look and see if you were honest but i found something else.' looking at him i asked 'what would that else be ' seeing the ghost look at my loveto find him nodding. looking back at the ghost as it said ' i found something that could not happen to the living when vampires and the living get together, but seeing that your the only one that acomplished it.' nooding my head i ask' acomplish what '. the ghost looked at me and said your acomplishment is that your carring your lovers and yours child. your pregnant with a vampires baby. but your turning in to a vampire aswell.'

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