Forever, In Tennis by Obessive Assasin

A single spark

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Japanese translations:

Onna: Girl

Dou itashimashite: You're welcome

-sempai: An honorific used in Japan when addressing one's upperclassman

Shinjimae: Go to hell

Koishii: Endearment, lover, dearest, something along the lines of that

Baka: Fool/ Idiot

-kun: An honorific used when addressing a boy that's a friend, gives a childish cuteness.

Yamete- yo: Stop it (Yamero-yo is the masc. way of saying it)

Chapter one, A single spark.

Kagome shuffled through her uniform, 8 blazers, 4 pullovers, 15 dress shirts, 6 pairs of athletic uniform and gym strip, everything seemed in place... until...

"Sango-chan! Where'd you put my laptop!?" Kagome yelled across the room.

"Ah, gomen Kagome- chan, I just couldn't help but read this extremely cute email Jin sent you" Sango grinned maliciously, she enjoyed watching the violent blush spreading across her cheeks.

"Sango-sempai, just because you're in grade 12 and I'm in grade 9, it doesn't give you a reason to go through my stuff!" Kagome told her, stuffing the laptop into her bag, vowing to read the email later.

"We have to start practicing! The tennis tournament is coming up soon, and I won't lose to Shinji Academy!" Kagome told her, standing in her tennis outfit, which consisted of a white skirt, with a tank top and a light jacket, embroidered with her school crest.

"Calm down, don't let your home sickness get to you! Besides, Jin is here, He'll make sure your stay here is enjoyable" Sango reassured her, as she grabbed her tennis racket.

"Heard we have to go to school here also" Kagome laughed as she pulled the door open.

"That's gonna be quite awkward, seeing that this is an all boys school and we were used to all girls" Sango laughed.

"Where's Kagura and Kikyo?" Kagome asked as they made their way to the tennis courts, disappointed to find out they were full.

"Who the hell are you?" A silver haired hanyou asked, swinging a towel over his shoulder.

"Kagome Higurashi" she told him, taking a step closer, she wasn't about to let some guy talk to her like that.

"And what the hell do you think you're doing here?" Suddenly, a slightly older man gripped his shoulder and pushed him back.

"Brother, I believe your ex-girlfriend has arrived" he told him, raising his elegant silver eyebrow.

"Kikyo" he shuddered at the mention of her name, as he walked off. Sango was watching the whole thing with a grin on her face, Kikyo sure did know how to make her ex-boyfriends live in a shadow of fear.

"I didn't need your help" Kagome told him, she hated the first impression she gave people, as timid and shy.

"You're welcome" he told her, "I'm Sesshomaru, I'm team captain" he told her holding his hand out to hers. She looked at him, and kept the same strait look on her face, as she accepted his hand. Slowly, he brought it up to his lips. From a distance, Jin could see what was going on.

"Koishii!" Jin called from across the court, he began to walk towards her, then walk came to jog, jog came to run, run came to sprinting, as if his life had depended on it.

Kagome jerked her hand from Sesshomaru's and looked towards him, never in her whole life had she seen a man run so fast! "Jin-kun" she whispered as a heart melting smile appeared on her face.

Jin had finally reached Kagome, where he stopped. Thanks to his incredible stamina, he wasn't tired at all. "It's been a long time hasn't it?" he smiled; his deep voice was just so charming!

"I've missed you!" Kagome told him, wrapping her arms around him, burying her face in his chest, slightly wrinkling his, perfectly ironed blazer and his prefect tie, something that made him stand out among all other seniors.

"Me too" Jin told her, running his hands through her ebony tresses, although she was 3 years younger, she was the most beautiful thing he had ever beheld. She was after all, team captain for Kajin Academy.

"So I see you two are acquainted" Sesshomaru said, eying Kagome.

"Well of course, she is my girlfriend" Jin told him, pulling away from the embrace.

"Higurashi eh? Aren't you the heiress to Hoshi corp.?" Sesshomaru asked her.

"Hai" Kagome replied curtly, worried when she saw the confused expression on Jin's face.

'What the hell are you up to Sesshomaru?' Jin thought, usually, Sesshomaru wasn't this talkative. He watched, at the tense interaction between the two.

"Our companies are merging" Sesshomaru stated, an evil grin tugging at his lips.

"So what?" Kagome scoffed "Jin-kun, let's go" Kagome said looking up at him.

"Hai" Jin nodded as he quickly left Sesshomaru.

"KAGOME!" Sango called, why did she always forget about her? And yet more complications had been added to the pot, she never did imagine that Tennis could be this dramatic.

"You do remember the only way to merge any two companies is by marriage between the two families" Sesshomaru called back, an evil smile appeared on his face.

"You go to hell" Kagome bit out "I'd never marry you or your hanyou brother" Kagome said in a voice, so cold it rivaled even Sesshomaru himself.

"We'll see about that" he whispered.

"Would you like to take a dip in the pool? I'm sure it will be nice and refreshing after all this traveling you've been doing" Jin offered, he had always been so kind to her, he was truly every girl's knight in shinning armor.

"Thanks, I'd love to... Eto... Is there even a girls changing room here?" Kagome asked, a faint blush spreading across her cheeks.

"Of course there is, I wouldn't want anyone besides me seeing that much of you" he winked, watching the blush grow more intense.

"Jin!" a flustered Kagome exclaimed.

"I'm only joking" Jin laughed as they pushed through the change room doors. "There's only change rooms for us guys, but I'm sure, I could make some room for you in this room, it's the senior change room. After all, I only want the best for you" Jin told her, placing a small kiss on her cheek.

"Arigato gozaimasu" Kagome told him, walking through the steamy room.

"You can change in these stalls" Jin told them.

"Come on Kagome hurry up!" Sango said slipping into an empty stall.

"Thanks so much Jin" Kagome told him, giving him a small kiss, before going to change.

"No problem" he whispered, in a dazed state, before going to change himself.

"Sango!!!!" Kagome screamed, it echoed throughout the large change room and everything went silent.... Sango smiled, "I'll die knowing I did something good".

"What's the big idea Sango!? This 'swimsuit' rarely covers anything!" Kagome yelled, stepping out of the stall with a towel wrapped protectively around her body.

"Don't be silly Kagome! Everyone wears two piece swimsuits today!" Sango smiled.

"Hey guys!" Sango screamed, all the guys, well practically everyone, turned to listen. Yanking off Kagome's towel she yelled "Doesn't Kagome look good in this swimsuit?"

Throughout the crowed, gasps, cheers, whistles and the occasional screams of 'kawaii! Are you single? Whoa, she's hot!" spread throughout the crowd.

"Sango, I can't believe you... They're all sukebe (The right word for pervert ps: Hentai refers to Japanese porn) Kagome muttered under her breath as she made her way to the pool, with a giggling Sango behind her.

In the change room

"Hey, maybe that girl wants to come with me to my dorm room I'm sure we'll have lots of fun" a man named Kouga laughed.

"Don't even think about it" Jin said behind them. "She's mine"

"No way... She's Jin's girl!" the room's volume increased, questions rang out.

"Isn't she a bit too young for you?" Inuyasha laughed.

"For once the Hanyou is right" Kouga scoffed.

"Don't be jealous" Jin smirked, walking off.

Back with Kagome and Sango.

"This pool is perfect!" Kagome said as she lay back.

"Not too cold, not too warm, yeah I guess this is perfect!" Sango agreed, swimming aimlessly around the pool.


Swimming over to the deepest part of the pool Kagome stayed there, daydreaming, something she was usually too busy to do. She was suddenly snapped out of her thoughts when she felt something grab onto her ankle, she was soon pulled under.

"Kagome-chan? Doko..." Sango asked herself, taking a good look around the pool, soon spotting a bunch of bubbles. "So immature" She sighed.


Kagome looked downwards "Sesshomaru! Yamete yo!" Kagome screamed, she couldn't breathe or talk! Her words came out as bubbles. With a final smirk, Sesshomaru released her.

Kagome came up gasping for air, Sesshomaru rose up with her. "Sesshomaru- baka! Shinjimae! (Shinjimae= go to hell)" Kagome said, climbing out of the pool, poor Sango, gets left alone again!

Grabbing her towel, Kagome stomped angrily into the change room, slipping her clothes over her swimsuit, all she wanted was to get out of there and away from Sesshomaru. "I hate Sesshomaru.... This will make victory all the sweeter" Kagome mumbled walking across the grass field.

Looking over to the pool, she saw Sesshomaru, a pained expression on his face; oddly enough she felt a small pang of hurt in her heart. 'Why?' Kagome thought, bringing a hand up over her heart. 'I hate him... But why do I feel such regret?' Kagome wondered, she looked away and kept walking towards the tennis courts.

"Finally they're empty!" Kagome smiled running over the empty tennis courts. Taking her racket, she opened the gates.

"Hey there" a man said stepping out from behind her, he had long black hair and crimson eyes.

"Hi" Kagome said, her voice wavering with fear, this guy just gave her a bad feeling.

"You here alone, a pretty lady like you should never be alone... Otherwise, someone might just try something..." he said, running his clawed hand around her waist. Kagome, paralyzed with fear stood her breathing almost inaudible.

"Please... Stop" Kagome choked out, raising her hands to push him away.

"You're no fun" he stated, sure he looked nice, Kagome would give him that, but the air he gave off was simply pedophilic.

"The name's Naraku, I'm 2 ranking on the tennis team" He said. "It's no good playing tennis alone, might as well play with you" He said in a deep voice, unlike Jin's voice it was creepy, it sent violent shivers down her spine.

"Pleasure" Kagome said, bowing before him.

Kagome looked across from her; she eyed the ball, with an unsettled fire in her eyes. Taking in a breath of air she raised her tennis racket, throwing the ball into the air, the racket made contact, and the ball came smashing down on the other side of the net. Reaching his racket out, he missed the ball by a couple inches.

"Kuso" Naraku muttered under his breath. "That was a lucky shot onna, but you won't have much luck next time" he told her.

"We'll see about that" Kagome whispered, she took another ball out of her pocket and smashed it over the net. This time, Naraku was able to return it, but the force of the serve had left his arm shaking. This rally continued on for a long time, until Kagome did her famous drop shot, as soon as it was over the net, the ball dropped. Running, Naraku had tried to make it, but to no avail, one bounce, two... and it was gone.

Out of frustration Naraku smashed his expensive Wilson racket on the ground, his youkai strength caused the strings to break, and the frame was beyond repair, you really couldn't tell it used to be a racket. Panting, he exited the court, leaving his shameful defeat behind.

"What a shame, you know, a real athlete could have used that one day" Kagome smirked, putting her racket back her case.

"Do you have any idea who you're talking to?" Naraku asked, his clawed hand fisted at his side.

"A sore loser?" Kagome told him, zipping her case closed, before she knew it Naraku was holding her against the metal wall of the court. She winced, his claws dug into the soft skin of her neck. Naraku smiled seductively as he licked the blood from her neck.

"Bastard... You'll pay for this" Kagome spat in his face, he brought his free hand up and slapped her.

"You're the one who's paying..." Naraku said as he zipped her sweater open, she mentally cursed for having not fully changed. "One surprise after another, you cease to amaze me" He smirked.

"Leave her be" a voice sounded from behind him.

"Jin?" Kagome asked, her vision was blurred by tears, she didn't want it to end so dramatically, she hoped this was her knight and shinning armor, come to set her free.

"Close" he smiled, it was genuine, soft, and like no other she had ever seen.

"Sesshomaru?" Kagome asked.

"Yes onna, it's the bastard, come to save you. How sweet" Naraku laughed maliciously.

Sesshomaru hit Naraku in the back of the neck and he immediately fell.

"Thank you" Kagome told him, wobbling over to her racket, then attempting to make it out the door. 'I can't show him weakness! Come on Kagome, straiten your legs! This pain is nothing compared to defeat!' Kagome thought. She brought her hand up to her neck; the blood was ruining her white tennis uniform.

"Don't be a fool" Sesshomaru told her, his voice, as usual, was cold. "You need help".

She fell onto her knees in pain, she tried time and time again to get up, but every time she tried, she just ended up falling. Sesshomaru watched her attempts and smiled, this girl had some courage, first standing up to him, then Naraku, now trying to seem like her wounds were nothing. Walking over, he scooped her up into his arms, somehow it felt right.

"I said I don't need your help" Kagome breathed weakly.

"Dou itashimashite" He said quietly. "You can barely stay on your feet and you say you don't need help? Sometimes courage means asking for help and pushing your pride aside" Sesshomaru said as he made his way to the girls' dorm building.

"You have your uniform with you, am I right?" Sesshomaru asked.

"Hai" Kagome responded, she could get used to being carried around.

"Then you're coming with me"

"What! I'm not going anywhere with you!" Kagome pushed weakly against him, only to be held tighter to him.

"I need to make sure you're tended for, besides, Jin and I share the room so I'm sure you'll feel just at home" Sesshomaru sighed, this girl sure had a lot of energy.

"I can take care of myself! I'm 15!" Kagome whispered roughly, a whisper was the only thing she could manage to get out of her throat.

"And I'm 18, that is no excuse, you saw how many men lusted after you in the change rooms, and in your condition, it wouldn't be too hard for someone to take advantage of you, just like Naraku almost did" Sesshomaru said, stroking her raven tresses as if trying to calm her down in a way.

Kagome looked up at the sky, it was already late, she groaned, 'this is my first day here and already I'm leaving such a bad impression, and this Sesshomaru guy! Who does he think he is!? I don't need his help! I don't need anyone else's never have, never will' Kagome thought. Looking back, her parents were too busy working and she had her intensive tennis training, she had no time for anyone and no one had the time of day for her.

Sesshomaru rummaged through his blazer pocket and pulled out his key, with haste he pushed the key into the lock and turned the door knob, pushing the door open. Laying a blanket down he set her down on the leather couch.

Kagome looked around the room 'not bad for a dorm room' Kagome thought, but then again, with students paying 23, 000 a year for boarding, it was only right. The room was air conditioned; it seemed to have a warm feel to it. Everything seemed so new in this room.

"Your bath is ready" Sesshomaru told her, picking her up and leading her towards the bathroom.

"Aren't you going to leave?" Kagome asked him, looking up into his amber eyes. "I'm not taking a bath with you here"

"What if something happens to you when you're bathing? Who will come to your rescue? It seems Jin still has to tend to his prefect duties" he rolled his eyes at the thought that she actually thought he would enjoy such a thing, but then again, she did have quite the body... Even for a 15 year old...

"Get out!" Kagome said roughly, her voice came out as a meek whisper. Sesshomaru gave her a bored look.

"There's nothing you have I would possibly want, besides, nothing's going to happen" Sesshomaru said. "You're a ningen" He said. "A feisty one at that" he mumbled.

"You had better not try anything" Kagome warned, she removed everything, with the exception of her swimsuit, which in her perspective, showed way too much skin. She laid her bloodied clothes onto the marble floor and stepped into the Jacuzzi styled bathtub. Kagome took her time scrubbing the blood away. 'This is obviously going to leave a scar' she frowned. The soapy water stung her wounds. After washing herself off in the lukewarm water she grabbed the towel and wrapped it protectively around her body.

"Modest aren't we?" Sesshomaru smirked.

"I'm not a slut" she stated, placing her hands on her hips.

"Obviously" Sesshomaru stated "Most girls throw their selves willingly at me, you.... You're different" Sesshomaru whispered.

"We'll I'm not like most girls" she said, in what seemed like a sad tone.

Sesshomaru led her over to the medicine cabinet and pulled out some aspirin, antiseptic and some bandages.

"Sit down" he ordered, she sat herself down on the couch once more, her hair was still soaking, and she was still wrapped tightly in that towel, with the Hoshi corp. logo on it.

He sat beside her and gave her a pill. "How can I trust you? How can I be sure this isn't poison?" Kagome asked, eying him suspiciously.

"You don't have to drink it" Sesshomaru said, placing the pill on the table beside her. Lean your head to the side so that your wound is exposed" he said as he poured some of the antiseptic on a piece of cotton.

"This might hurt a bit" Sesshomaru said as he rubbed the piece of cotton against her neck. Kagome bit her lip, wincing in pain. "It's done" he said taking the bandage and wrapping it around her neck.

"Thanks Sesshomaru, But this still doesn't change anything. I still hate you... But it's cooled off, a bit." Kagome told him, looking the other way; she was never good at admitting things like this.

"You're welcome, as for hating me, I'm confident I can make that change" he assured her, once again he carried her, to his room, he laid her down on the large king sized bed.

"We'll see about that, you'll pay for this tomorrow" Kagome yawned, much too tired to say anything. Almost as soon as he laid her down she fell asleep.

"Oyasumi nasai" he whispered, he went to go change into his Yukata, which had his school crest embroidered on it. He closed the lights, he smiled, sure he would've liked to climb in there with her, but he had found this new respect for her, something he never really had for anyone, that was with the exception of his mother. He lay down on the floor.

With Jin

'They absolutely have to make a new curfew for the pool' Jin thought angrily, he was barely able to spend any time with Kagome, the fact itself killed him.

"Sesshomaru close your light once and a while" Jin mumbled, stepping into his room. "Kagome?!" Jin gasped, running over to her, she was in a towel, and that was all, his immediate attention turned to Sesshomaru, who was already awake, and sitting up on the ground.

"Relax Jin, we've done nothing, she hates me enough as it is" Sesshomaru reassured him.

"I hold you to that" Jin told him, brushing the hair away from Kagome's face he placed a small kiss on her forehead. "She's so angelic when she's sleeping"

"You're lucky to have a girl like her" Sesshomaru told him.

"Jin?" Kagome whispered looking up at the man stroking her cheek. "Yeah Kagome, It's me" He said. "Go to sleep you need your rest" Jin whispered, "I'll be here with you, I love you"

"I love you too" Kagome whispered, falling back asleep. Then and there Sesshomaru thought he was going to die of jealousy. So the girl had a capability to love. 'Don't look now onna, but sooner or later... I'll win this little game...'

This sure took long to write, I kept having this annoying writers block, I hope you appreciate it! No flames, and please, don't hate Jin, he's a really nice guy besides, It's going to be Kag/Sess in the end. All in all it took me 8 days, due to me stopping every couple seconds. My first fic on this site, and I admit, I am so confused!!!

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