Don't Phunk With My Heart by eye_candy_89

The Plan

It was a sunny afternoon and the best thing about this day was that it was the first day of summer! NO school, NO classes, NO homework and NO thinking very hard about something. There was nothing to do but sleep and the opportunity to do other stuff. Kagome smiled brightly as she walked up the steps of a vacation resort. She was staying at the Shikon Jewel resort for the entire summer, because her best friend, Sango was renting out her place, for the summer. She was supposed to be getting the penthouse or something like that but as long as she was comfortable she really didn't care. She opened the glass doors and walked up to the solid black desk, where an old lady sat watching the television in front of her. From the looks of it she was watching a soap opera. 'Oh boy' Kagome thought as she tapped the desk to get the lady's attention. When she looked up she smiled.

"Oh sorry about that." She apologized and cleared her throat. "Welcome to the Shikon Jewel resort. My name is Keada, how may I help you".

"Yes, my name is Kagome Higurashi and I would like to make a reservation to stay here for the summer" Kagome asked pulling out her small purse that held her personal information. She watched as Keada looked at her computer screen and started to type furiously.

'I wonder if she is typing words and not letters.' Kagome thought amusingly as she watched her type for a couple of seconds. She saw her frown.

"Is there a problem?" Kagome asked

"No not at all" she said to quickly. Looking back at the screen Keada looked at it nervously. There was only one room left in the entire building and someone had already got that room. But she didn't want to let Kagome down because she looked like a really nice girl. 'Maybe she won't mind a room mate' Keada thought as she turned her attention back to Kagome.

"Okay we have an opening. It has two bedrooms that come with a kitchen, two bathrooms, and of course a living room," Keada said as she looked at Kagome attentively.

Kagome thought about it for a minute and then she smiled. "Okay, I'll take it"

"All right then, you'll have to make a 100 dollar fee and I need to see your driver's licenses" Keada asked. She saw Kagome pull out a small little card and two 50-dollar bills and handed them to her. She checked her id and handed it back to her and placed the 100 dollars in the cash register. She turned back to her computer and placed Kagome's name in with the other person that had the room and clicked on the button save with the mouse. She turned and smiled at Kagome.

"Okay your all set. You can come back at 10 o'clock tonight to check in and get your key" Keada said.

"Thank-you" Kagome replied and smiled.

"Your welcome"


"Hey Kagome, do you think that you could come over to your house" Sango asked over the phone.

"Why would I want to do that?" Kagome replied as she sat on her mother's couch watching television and drinking Kool-Aid.

"Because Miroku brought over a friend that I thought that you might like to see him!" Sango exclaimed excitedly and Kagome sighed. Sango was always trying to set her up with someone and they always turned out bad.

"Sango! I don't want to meet him," Kagome said angrily.

"Why not?" Sango asked. Kagome could tell that she was pouting on the end of the line.

"Because, every time you try and set me up with someone they always turn out bad, do you not remember Hojo? That asshole stalked me!" Kagome almost yelled over the phone.

"Okay, so Hojo was a mistake. This one isn't. Please just come. Please come. You'll like him, I promise" Sango pleaded.

"Yeah whatever" Kagome sighed.

"YAY! Okay come over at 7, alright?" Sango asked. 'Way too much sugar' Kagome thought.


"Okay bye"



"Sango, he better be cute. For your sake, he better be fucking hot." Kagome muttered to herself as she went up stairs and hopped into the shower.


"YAY, she's coming" Sango yelled, doing a little victory dance.

"Who's coming?" asked a male voice behind her. Sango jumped and turned around.

"Miroku!" Sango hissed putting a hand over her pounding heart. He smirked.

"But I am already here" he said to her and Sango glared.

"Not you dummy. Kagome's coming over at 7 to meet your friend" Sango said happily.

"Sango! Do you not remember the last guy that you set her up with? He stalked her for a year!" Miroku yelled.

'Would they stop reminding me already, jeeze' Sango thought irritably.

"Yes I know, but I think that he will be good for her."

"Yeah well, I'll call him up" Miroku pulled put his cell phone and dialed his friends' number.

"Hello" answered an emotionless voice.

"Hey Sesshoumaru"


"Hey I gave that up, when I met my boo" Miroku protested and looked at Sango who was looking at him sharply.

"Whatever, do you have a reason for calling me?" Sesshoumaru asked. He was currently trying to get ready to go to a resort for the summer. It was only so that he could spend time away from home. Staying at home with his asshole of a brother and his father could put a toll on someone.

"Yeah I was wondering if you would like to come over to my girlfriend's house so that you can meet a friend of ours" Miroku asked.

"Is she the stalker type" he asked, eyes narrowed.


"Okay then, I'll come. What time?"

"7 and do you know where her house is?"


Before Miroku could say anything else, Sesshoumaru had already hung up the phone.

"He has no manners" Miroku muttered as he and Sango prepared for their friends' arrival, hoping that they would hit it off.

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