Lust at First Sight by sesshys_girl06

surprise!! kidnaped!!

Chapter 1

He wanted her the first time he saw her. His brothers wench. Her skin was creamy smooth, and pale.She was a beauty he had never seen, and had yet to see in a demoness.

He watched as she ran up to his brother. 'she's a runner. I like a good chase.' He smirked as he noticed her clothes.

She was wearing a short green skirt that showed off most of her delicatly curved legs, long and pale, even more so under the moon light.her top was a white long-sleeved shirt, but seemed to be missing the deeply belled sleeves, insead, they formed to her perfectly-shaped wrists. The bottom of her shirt was untucked and hung loosly around her waist.

Her hair, yes her beutiful black-blue hair hung lossley around her shoulders and ended at her mid back. Oh how he now longed to run his fingers through her silky tresses.

He smirked slightly, as he watched her hide behind his brother's back. "looks like you've finaly gone to your proper level and have taken a mere human as your mat, how very be-fitting." Inu yasha replied with his usual attitude that consisted of him not thinking and just blurting out the words, a.k.a. opening his mouth and inserting his foot."what the hell do you want Sesshoumaru!!??"

The taiyoukai just smirked. "tell me, where did you get her? i wish for my own demoness." The girl just steped in fornt of the hanyou and you have a problem with me being human?!" the taiyoukai narrowed his eyes at her. "how dare you speak to this Sesshoumaru in such a mannor. It is very disrespectful, especialy to a demon lord." The girl huffed a bit and then spat back "oh well so-rry mister huffy pants, i didn't know, there arn't any 'demon lords' in my time!! and there are MANY more buildings than this!!" she said waving her hands around her.

Inu Yasha poked her shoulder." Umm Kagome..." 'Ahhh so that's her name. Kagome. beutiful, just like the rest of her, and she's got fire, let's see if i can tame it.' His inner beast began to whine, and filled the taiyouka'is head with many images of the girl kagome, writhing with pleasure beneath him. He felt his member harden, but payed no heed to it, as his armor would hide that. "i don't think you should do that, he's been known to kill humans for just being alive, let alone insult him." Kagome picked up her back pack, and turned on her heel, but stopped when he spoke again.

" I see you choose to be dificult, no matter for i will have her for myself." Inu Yasha craked his knuckles single-handedly. "yeah OVER MY DEAD BODY!!!!" he lunged for his older brother, but missed as Sesshoumaru was already in front of Kagome.He let the smallest of smiles grace his lips before it disapeard, and she was over his shoulder, unconcious. He picked up the weired thing that kagome carried around with her(a/n her big yellow back pack :) ), and slung it over his other shoulder. He willed his cloud to form at his feet, and quickly flew to his castle, he listened as his brothers protesting screams slowly faded into the distance, and smirked as they had faded compleatly.

Three hours later, his throbbing member was getting painful, and he landed on his balcony. He walked over to his bed, and with a gentleness he hadn't known he possesed, placed her under the covers of his bed.then he walked into his personal onsen and quietly slid the door shut. he walked to the back, where it was dark and began to undress. he sliped into the water a few moments later, and closed his eyes, willing a mental picture of jaken to form in his head. his member almost instantly fell, well that did the trick. He waited for his prey to enter the onsen.

*three hours later*


Kagome slowly opend her eyes, blinking away the sleep and the blurred vision and shot up from the strange bed, looking around her not remebering how she got there, but she remebered standing in front of sesshoumaru and then everything going black.she stood up. and saw three doors. She walked over to one, and listened.she heard someone on the other side clear there throat. She backed away from the door. She walked over to the other one to her left, and listend. She heard nothing. She quietly opend the door, feeling tons of youkai surrounding her, she peered behind the door only to find nothing, but darkness,and opend it further to investigate. Kimono (a/n i read up on the kimono, and the plural is kimono.)lined the shelves. obi-belts at the far end, and hakama pants to her right. she blushed, and walked out closing the door quietly behind her. Kagome tried the third door.she quietly opend it ,again, because of the youkai around her.she peered inside, to find an onsen dimly lit by candle light in the front. She opend the onsen and just stood there in the doorway, a look on her face as if contemplating something.

' i doubt it would hurt if i took a bath, scince i'm not in the dungeons...but what if the lord comes back, and sees me? shurely he'll be respectful enough to let me out with out looking at me... right? Oh well, i guess i'll have to deal with it then right?' she decided, and steped in,closing the door behind herself, stripped, and wadded into the onsen. (a/n let's see what the beast has to say about this ;) )

sesshoumaru's point of veiw*


I watched as she carefully looked in and slid the door open all the way, and stood there, her brows furrowed into a frown. She sighed, and steped in, closing the door behind her. I watched as she slowly undressed, as she slid her skirt down, and pulled her shirt off from over her head, and reached behind her and undid the odd contrapption that hid her breasts from me.They looked to each be a handful.She pulled down her loins cloth. It was also strange. She slowly wadded into the water as it got higher on her, she must have seen the submerged marble bench, for she went over and sat on it.

Her body relxed visably, and she leaned back onto the side. I heard her breathing even out, and watched her eyes close, as she fell into a light sleep. This was the perfect oprtunity.I quickly and quietly wadded over to her, and sat down beside her. I carefuly lifted her into my lap. My inner beast purred, contentedly, and without realizing it I, too, began to purr my contentment. She woke from the vibrations caused from the purring.

normal point of veiw*


His purring had awoken her from her light, blissful sluber, with the feeling of being confined within somthing. Kagome looked down, and found two arms , each aorned with two identical crimson-magenta stirpes along the wrists, onto the back of the hands. Kagome's eyes widend at the sight of clawed hands. She started to struggle, and Sesshoumaru's grip tightend on her. (a/n Sesshoumaru took Kagome away before he got his arm cut off.) He nuzzled her neck, and inhaled her scent then kissed his way up to her ear, and whispered calmly. "Now now my little kitten, my claws are rather sharp, I wouldn't want you to cut yourself with all of the squirming your doing, it might blemish your beutiful skin." Then he pulled the tip of her ear into his mouth.

He abrutly turned her around to straddle his waist. Kagome tried to cover herself, but he already had both of her hands in his much larger one. " STOP!! I don't want this!! Let me go!! Sesshoumaru, let me go!!" She managed to pull one of her feet over the bench, where Sesshoumaru's foot lay, and steped on it really hard, then started to kick his shins, all the while screaming for him to let her go. Sesshoumaru realeased her, and tried to clean out his ears, from her high-piched screams, giving Kagome the oppertunity she needed to run. Or so she thought.

Sesshoumaru appeared in front of her before she could half-blink. She looked at him wide eyed, and tears started to well up in her eyes. They fell.

He stared at her, his featured sofend with realization. He was scaring her, and he had unknowingly threatend her virginity, that he could clearly smell on her. He realized this as Kagome started to head for the back, her sobs the only sound filling the room, fear raidiated from her aura, and his nostrils filled with the smell of her fear. Sesshoumaru turned from the onsen, and got out. He stood a few feet from the onsen, got down on his knees and made his fingers form the traditional triangle used when bowing, or humbling oneself to another being.

The Great Lord Sesshoumaru was bowing down to a nigen.

"Please Kagome, forgive me, I was to hasteful in my approach to you."

She looked at him with wide shocked eyes, her tears still flowed freely out of her eyes. She slowly approched him, and took in his bowed, kneeling form. She kneeled in front of him. "Your not gonna hurt me or rape me? for real?" He heard the sound of her fear and hope in her light soft voice as it reached his elegently pointed and not to mention sensitive ears. "I promise as taiyoukai of the western lands not to hurt you."

She smiled nervously, and brought her small delicate fingers to his much larger chin, and tilted his head so he was looking up at her. He could smell her nervousness, and some fear still resided in her scent. He sat on his knees, and pulled her close to his body. She gasped at his sudden movement.He gently nuzzled the hair near the crook of her neck. " I was wrong to try and force you, please allow me to invite you to stay here in my castle, so i may make sure you have what ever you so wish and desire, along with the fact that i will train you personaly in weaponry, and I will hire a miko to train you with your own powers, so you may protect yourself." He smelt her fear melt away, as she hugged him back gently, and not squeezing too hard. but then he felt her arms slaken and the smell of embarrassment radiated off of her. "Ummm, do you know any thing in the training for beginners? I was never taught any kind of defence, or any thing that involves fighting for that matter..."

he pulled away. "And I have no one to protect. The one i wish to protect i will look after also. Please allow me to protect you."

"umm did you even hear what i said? or where you too far off in your own little .... i'm not even gonna finish that."

"As a matter of fact i did hear you. i just needed to finish my proposal to you. I have never before had to train a female, one that dosn't know anything about fighting, but i will do my best to condition you for weaponry. We have all the time in the world."

She knocked the wind out of him in a firce hug, though Sesshoumaru's mind was still in the gutter. His body was still ever so sensitive to any thing that touched him, especialy the female infront of him, Kagome. What shocked him the most was when she replied so quickly to his question. Her muffled reply is what made him smile. It was small, but it was there. " Just don't EVER do that again unless i ask for it myself." He started to hug her back, it was gentle but firm. It was then that he noticed his painfly errect member, and Kagome blushed, knowing exactly what was poking her thigh. She suddently got one of her brave spurts, and cupped Sesshoumaru's cheek, pulling his face to look at hers. She got up on her tippy toes and leaned forward. ( a/n: let's see what our beast thinks)

Sesshoumaru's point of veiw


I felt my member's head poking her thigh, and knewIi needed relife soon. I felt her pull away a bit, and her hand cupped my cheek, confusion filled me, but it did not show on my face. She started to elevate, as she stood on her toes. She leaned forward And pressed her lips against mine. I watched as her eyes slid closed. I slid mine shut after hers. My tounge slowly traced her bottom lip asking for entrance. her lips parted allowing my tounge to enter her sweet cavern.I realized that if she was giving me this permission, that she had forgivin me. She had accepted my invitation to stay. Her arms wraped around my neck, and i replied by wrapping my arms around her waist. I pulled her closer. My member throbbed again, as it's tip pressed harder into her thigh. Our lips relaesed one another's as we broke for air, she lowerd herself down to her regular hight, looked up and smiled beutifly at me. I swear in all my life i had never seen such a breath taking smile. I smiled one of my own, letting my indifferent mask slide. It felt good, like the way it used to feel when i was a pup. I moved over to the towel rack, and she followed.

Heh heh, I really hope you guys like my first fan fic. it took me a while, but i did it, i don't mind reviews, but you guys don't have to if you guys don't want to. And I might take a while to write the next chapter. I've never typed so much all at once in my entire life, but i will get as much done whenever i'm not busy reading other stories, or doing lots of chores. thnx!!

~ Sesshys_girl06

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