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T i t l e : Second Path

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P a i r i n g : Sesshoumaru/Kagome

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S u m m a r y : Naraku is dead. Peace is restored. Or is it? Kagome's selfless wish for everything to be restored and Naraku's nonexistence has backfired. How? You'll see.

{{ Second Path}}


The world became brighter as the skies shed its dark complexion and brightened with color, and it continued to do so as it went unappreciated by Kagome who continued to slumber. She slept unaware of the drastic change her life had undergone and the changes it will go through once more for fate was unfinished with her. She dreamt of college and rosy promises of love and marriage, while simultaneously the last four years of struggle were completely erased and taken away.

The dark circles that once were under her eyes faded, the calloused hands of an experienced warrior softened into innocent skin that had never plucked a bow. The dark corner of her mind that once contained harsh dislike, for Kagome had no room for hate, disappeared into nothingness as Naraku's thread of existence was plucked from the great tapestry of life.

The war was over. The world had survived the terrors of the dark hanyou and now the scars were healed. There was no Naraku. There was no Inuyasha in her memories no more. In the one instant, the world became younger and Kagome went from 19 to 15 once more.

The young Higurashi remained unconscious and oblivious with the rest of the world.

"KAGOMEEEEEEHHHHH!" As her slumbering mind slowly registered the loud ringing next to her ear, her body reacted much sooner. Kagome jumped out of the bed, and searched in a daze the source of the great nuisance. As her eyes landed on one black hairy head, her mind awakened in an instant.

"..S.SOUTA!" She shrieked in righteous anger as the chase began. The stomping of the siblings rang throughout the empty house. ...wait...empty? The teenager paused and looked around her. "Mom? Grandpa?...Souta, where is everybody?" She queried as she turned to face her younger brother who remained hidden behind a wall. He peered at her and grinned. "They left this morning. Something about...stuff."

"...stuff?" Hmmm. Kagome spared her brother one glance before she changed her direction and walked down the stairs. She can think later, right now, she must get breakfast and go to schoo-eyes widening she snapped her head to where she knew the clock to be. The world spun for a few seconds as they rearranged itself around the circular form of the family time keeper. "7:55?!" Yelping she realized that food was one of the many compromises she must make for her to arrive in time, and while in such a sacrificial mind frame she raced out towards the door.

"Kagome! Where are you going in your P.J.s?" Souta asked, grinning as amusement shined in his eyes. Saved by her sibling she ran upstairs to change her outfit. With a quick 'thanks for the save!' to her brother, she dug through her closet for her uniform. "..Kagome. It's Saturday." Souta calmly stated as he continued to grin at his sister's expense. She truly did amuse him time to time.

"W-what?" Kagome turned to her trusty calendar and alternated between her digital clock and the bound paper. ...But she didn't remember going through a Friday... "..I could have sworn yesterday was KNOW it was Thursday...." Did the world skip a day?

"What are you talking about? You went and took a test yesterday and you came home complain-..." Souta paused as a confused look appeared on his face. "No...that's what I did –Thursday-." Kagome replied as her face mirrored that of her brother.

Souta gazed up at his sister as a far away look replaced one of confusion. "I don't remember Friday...."

"That's the problem...I don't either."

"Maybeitwasthealiensand-!" Flicking the forehead of her sibling before he got any further, she sighed. Figures, that's what you get when you leave the thinking to a 11 years old boy.

"Whatever. Maybe it's our youth. Hopefully Mom will have an answer."

"Youth?" Souta frowned in a 'that-doesn't-make-sense' look of his before he shrugged. "Boy. You have no imagination. It's probably MY youth and YOUR old age." The grin returned as he got the reaction he was expecting and sprinted up his stairs. He truly did love his sister.

* * *

Kagome and Souta, tired from their morning activity, sat on their porch as they gazed up at the blue sky. They were relaxed but tense at the same time. There was an unspoken agreement between them...something was off. It was as if they both lost a day of their lives without themselves knowing.

"Something happened yesterday." The words left her mouth before she fully registered it as thoughts within her mind.

Souta peered at her. "What?"

"Something...with the well...." Something flashed in Kagome's mind as she closed her eyes in surprise. White...and red....


"The well...and the shik-." Kagome clenched her teeth as her mind seemed to twist and turn, as tightened into a knot. The words that left her mouth were not her own it seemed. It was as if she had no control. The well? What about the well?

"Did you just cuss at me?"

With Souta's inquiry, the tension was lost and whatever was in her mind fled as laughter escaped her. The young boy joined his sister in the merry activity and it lasted five minutes, three minutes of laughter and two in catching their breath as they both shuddered from force of their mirth.

"No...I don't think I was....I was saying something...but I don't know what. It just came out. I really don't know what I was trying to say." Kagome frowned as she once more tried to remember that distinct feeling of wrongness.

Souta gazed at her for a long time before he straightened, as if he reached some important conclusion. "It was the aliens. Definitely the aliens." He nodded with conviction.

Kagome laughed helplessly. There really was no changing his mind at all!

* * *

500 years into the past, a newly formed couple gazed across each other on separate sides of a pinkish jewel. They smiled in adoration as the woman handed the man the circular gem, her eyes shining bright with visions of what the future may bring them. The man, gazed with fierce determination as he grasped the jewel and uttered his one wish.

"I want to be human."

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