How the love ends by the Dah

Chapter One

A/N: One day at school, we read few funny "Dramalettos", which are short plays. I though expecially this one to be very funny, so I decided to share this with you all. So, this is a twisted short play, in Inuyasha's characters.

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How the love ends

Time: a spring day

place: Bone-eaters well, in Inuyasha's forest

(Next to bone-eater's well sits a hanyou and a miko, looking each others eyes. Suddenly, hanyou takes miko's hand.)

Hanyou: I must confess something to you, Kagome!

Miko: And I must announce to you, that everything you will say, can be used against you.

Hanyou (now a bit unsure about himself): Really?

Miko: Surely, and it's because we live in the country where the laws rules.

Hanyou: If that's the case, then my confess must be written in a official record, in right order.

Miko: True. (Miko stops a bypassing taiyoukai)

Miko: Excuse me, but could you work as a recording secretary for this man's announcement?

Taiyoukai: Of course, I'd love to. (finds a pen and a buch of paper from somewhere inside of his haori, and sits next to miko.)

Miko to the Hanyou: What are you still waiting for?

Hanyou (Now very unsure of himself): I think that I need my lawyer here. (calls to his lawyer, who sits next to hanyou after his arrival.)

Miko: Now I'm ready to listen.

Hanyou (clears his throat) : I'd like to fuck you forever!

Taiyoukai (stares at his half brother in disbelief): Do I really have to write that to the record, exactly in that form?

Hanyou: Well.. Yeah. (then looks at his lawyer)

Hanyou: What do you think, Miroku?

Miroku: I disagree! I would formulate it a little bit differently.

Inuyasha: Why?

Miroku: For instance, the word "fuck" is terribly unromantic.. and forever? Then your dear Miko wouln't have a possibility to divorce you.. and that would drive all feminists after you.

Inuyasha: Allright.. then I must say what I meant clearly -- I love you, Kagome!

Miroku (to the recording secretary) Did you get it written?

Sesshoumaru: Yes.

Miroku: Could you read what you wrote a loud?

Sesshoumaru (turns to Kagome): I love you.

Kagome: Really?

Sesshoumaru (suddenly stands up): I just said, that I do! (Drops his pen and a bunch of paper to the ground)

Sesshoumaru (continues): Yes, I truly love you!

Kagome (jumps up): Oh, and I love you too!

(they embrace each other passionately, and then they leave the place together, holding hands.)

Miroku: Do something Inuyasha!

Inuyasha: Hey! Wait a minute! (looks after his beloved miko and his evil half brother.. then becomes mizerable and starts howling like a newfoundland dog.)

Miroku (crabs his friend's/ client's hand): Calm down! It isn't so bad! We can still make the document of appeal!

The end

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