One Shot At Fun by bebopsfeje

One Shot At Fun

One Shot At Fun

He could feel the cold bite of metal against his wrists and ankles. The slow throbbing in his head reminded him of his vulnerability. A dry mouth opened to spew out something horrible about his captor but only a gasp came out. His eyes cracked open but he could see nothing but darkness. He was trapped, like a mouse, against this cursed wall. He heard something, or someone, walking down the hallway from his prison. Once again, he attempted to make some sort of noise to alert the occupant of the hallway to his predicament. The silence that poured from his mouth was deafening.

Metal sliding against metal could be heard as he turned his head towards the door. His skin started to tingle from the energy pouring from beyond that door. With a whine the door was pushed open to reveal a woman of short stature with long black hair and piercing blue eyes. He tried to place her face, tried to remember if he had seen her before until the realization hit him like a brick wall.

"You bitch. What have you done to me?"

"Now now my little pet. We shouldn't use such derogatory names unless we mean them."

The small woman sauntered in to the room, stopping right in front of his eyes.

"I was under the impression you wanted this. You were practically begging for it."

She fingered the rosary around his neck and smirked. 'This is going to be most entertaining.' She jumped back a little at his violent snarl and only smirked harder.

"I would suggest you get that temper under control before I do it for you."

His only response was to glare as best he could at her.

"Good pet. Now, since you are starting to behave, I think you deserve a treat."

The small woman walked to the back of the room and picked up a small tray. On it there were pieces of cheese and bread. In her other hand she carried a small glass of wine. With precision she picked up a piece of cheese and motioned for him to open his mouth.

"If you bite me your punishment will be ten times worse than this."

She motioned to his shackles and saw understanding pass over his eyes. Carefully she placed the cheese in his mouth and watched the muscles of his jaw work while chewing. After he had swallowed she moved the glass to his lips and allowed him to drink his fill. She once again daintily picked up another piece of cheese and proceeded to pop it in his mouth. During the entire interaction nothing was verbally said, but all hell was breaking lose inside the mind of the enslaved man.

'How dare she feed me like a dog! When I get out of this I'll rip her apart, she'll never know what hit her. I'll just go along with her for now and gain her trust, then I can get my revenge.'

The glint in his eyes told the woman what he was thinking and she snatched her hand back. She figured he still needed a little time to get adjusted so she made to stand up.

"My pet, I think I shall let you down from that wall. You seem a little stiff, like you may need to be walked."

The woman pulled a key out of her pocket and moved to his wrists, unlocking each, then down to his ankles. The man rubbed his sore appendages and growled.

"You will not get away with this bitch."

He made a lunge for her but she only stood there, watching him, and waiting for the attack. When he was within a foot of her she uttered one word.


And he went down like a feather. The rosary around his neck was pulsed brightly with a blue light. She laughed slightly to her self and walked over to the crumpled man on the floor. She bent down and rubbed his back, smiling when a soft purring sound was heard.

"I told you my pet, get that temper of yours under control."

The small woman then walked back to the table knowing full well he would heed her warning this time. Upon the table were placed two things, a collar and a leash. She picked up both and walked back to the man still lying on the floor. She gently moved his hair aside and slipped the collar around his neck. Once she was satisfied that it was secured she attached the leash to the metal ring in the front of the collar.

"Now, on your hands and knees pet, I want to walk you around a little."

The man complied and moved over to her legs. He felt degraded by the whole thing, but somewhere in the back of his mind, his baser instincts told him to relax and enjoy the small woman. Once she had secured her hold on his leash, the young woman walked towards the open door with her pet on her heels. She turned left out of the room and started headed up a tall stairway. Once they both reached the top she unlocked the door and walked through the thresh hold. The man almost had a hard time keeping up with her since he was on his hands and knees. She noticed this and slowed a little to let him catch his breath.

"You are being very good my pet, perhaps I should reward you."

The woman then changed her direction and headed for another closed door. She opened it and led him inside. Once he had hobbled all the way in she turned around to shut and lock the door.

"Get on the bed my pet."

She unclasped the collar and leash from around his neck and watched him crawl up and onto the bed. She sighed. 'He's gorgeous.' She shook her head to shake her thoughts away and moved over to a vanity and picked up a brush. She then walked over to the male currently occupying her bed and moved to sit behind him. She brought the brush up to the top of his head and slowly brought it down to the ends of his hair. She had to contain a girlish giggle as she heard him purr again.

"I never knew my pet could purr. It is a most delightful sound."

The man had yet to speak. He had thought that she was just going to take him outside and demand he pee on a tree or something. This, however, was a much more enjoyable experience. He continued to purr as she brushed through his long silver hair. She was so careful of his ears and their sensitivity. It had been so long since any one had touched him and cared for him the way she did. He slowly let his eyelids slip closed and leaned back in to her touch.

When she made to move a small whimper escaped his lips. She grinned.

"Relax my pet, I am not through with you."

She walked back over to the vanity and placed the brush in its original spot. She could still hear him making whining noises and decided to placate him.

"Lay back my pet."

He did as he was told, though he still couldn't figure out why he enjoyed it so much. He felt his back hit the cool silk of her sheets and only then noticed that he was completely nude. 'How did that escape my mind?' He questioned himself. He had no time to further ponder that question though when he felt her cool hand upon his chest. He hissed at the contact as she slowly pulled her nails down to his belly button, then up again to tease his male nipples. Goosebumps skittered across his skin as she blew hot breath over them. He sighed as her wet and hot tongue slid out of her mouth to lap at the hardened peaks. Her cool hands went up around his neck and softly caressed the skin there.

"Do not move my pet, or this all will end."

She noticed his clenched hands and decided to move on. Her tongue slid further down his chest to his abdomen. She placed kisses all along his ribs and stopped at his belly button to give it special attention. Her tongue dipped down and a gasp escaped his lips. He was trying in vain to keep from moving, but was having a very hard time at it.

"Would it help to keep you still if I restrained you?"

He shook his head furiously in the negative. She smiled a little at him and responded.

"Then you shall be still from here on out. This is your final warning my pet."

The seriousness in her eyes pierced him and he willed his body to be still. She may have been a small woman but he knew the power with in her, he had witnessed it first hand.

"Good pet."

She picked up where she left off, only a little lower this time. With one hand she grasped the bottom of this erect shaft and pumped it slowly. She heard him growl in approval and continued on. She sat up on her knees and bent down to lick him. She could taste the pre cum oozing from him. She lapped it up and continued to lap at every inch of him. He had a very hard time not grabbing her head and forcing her down, but he knew she would do so much more to him if he only stayed still. She smiled as she brought her mouth back up to envelop him. She could only fit about half of him inside her mouth but put good use to her hand around his base. She lowered her mouth as far as she could on him and squeezed hard around him with her hand. A grunt could be heard from above her.

Slowly her rhythm built up in speed and he could barely contain himself. She would suck him deep in her throat and swallow causing a vacuum effect on him. The pleasure was mind blowing and he couldn't help but want more.

"Please..." came his strangled cry.

She stopped her ministrations all together and quirked an eyebrow at him.

"Please what my pet? What would you like?"

He growled in frustration and thrust his hips towards hers. She got the meaning and looked to him.

"All you had to do was ask my pet."

She sat back up on her knees and straddled his waist. No sooner than she had straddled him she had plunged him deep with in her. Both hissed at the contact of the other. He felt like he was being swallowed whole by something tight and hot. She felt like she was being stretched beyond her limits. She could never get her fill of him. Slowly, she began to rock back and forth, sliding up a little only to plunge back down again. He moaned as her pace quickened slightly. She was teasing them both. He had had enough, he thrust up in to her hard and she whined. He smirked at her as he watched her face twist and contort in to ecstasy. Her wide blue eyes snapped shut and she held on to his stomach for dear life. She felt as though waves of liquid heat were lapping over her insides. Every time he would push in to her and she plunge down something would hit and it made her squeeze her muscles even tighter. Finally she had enough of the slow teasing and began to work up a faster speed. She slid up his throbbing erection and almost screamed every time she slid down on to him again. She grabbed his arms and yanked his hands to her breasts.

"Touch me my pet. Feel all of me you wish." She almost screamed.

He complied with her wishes and pinched and pulled at her nipples. The tiny peaks grew even more if possible. He grunted once more, his completion was soon, and he could tell she was close as well. Every time she would slide back down on him he could feel her insides tightening more and more. He felt like he was in a vice grip but loved every minute of it. The woman made him dizzy. He threw his head back as he felt his seed start to rush from his body and in to her awaiting one. His shoved his hand between their bodies and furiously rubbed her clit, wanting her to join him in completion.

"Ahhhh...yes my pet, right there...ahhhhh"

A low throaty moan escaped her mouth as she came with him. She could feel his hot seed pump in to her and it made her orgasm prolong further. She sighed heavily and slumped against him. Looking up she saw his golden eyes looking at her with mirth, and could hear a laugh start to rumble in his chest.

"I love you too, my pet." He said huskily to her.

She blushed at the comment.

"Well, it was your idea. You were the one who wanted to be dominated, or at least, that's how you put it."

He whined at her and nuzzled her neck.

"I know my love, and I enjoyed every minute of it." He paused for a moment and took notice of the rosary.

"Except for this. You will take this vile thing off me at once."

"But Sessho, my love, I thought that was what you wanted." She pouted. "I made them especially for you."

"I know you did my love, but I cannot have you making me heel, as you so put it, when ever you feel the need to."

"But..." she whined.

"No buts Kagome, take them off now."

"Alright" She reached up and gently pulled the rosary from his neck. She sighed. 'Oh well, it was fun while it lasted.'

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