The Spoils of War by Rinseternalsoul

The Spoils of War

The Spoils of War

By Rinseternalsoul

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Summary: A/U. After a battle, InuTaisho gifts his son, Sesshomaru, with a prisoner, Kagome, to relieve his stresses.

**This is a one-shot originally posted as part of The House of Lemons by TheHentaiHarlots, a collection of lemony fics written by myself and SilentDeath.


"Father I do not have time for such trivial matters!" Sesshomaru growled while trying to ignore the human female whimpering at his feet.

"Son, you have fought long and hard. Your body is tense and strained. It has been months since you have released your stress, and I fear that I must insist. You will take this wench to your bed, and you will release some of this tension! It is not an option," the elder inuyoukai replied in a voice of cool steel. His son was such a dedicated warrior. He seemed to breathe war through his very soul, but InuTaisho new that every good soldier needed to take a break from the harsh realities of war. Every male needed to feel something soft, warm, and inviting, just to keep their sanity amidst the cold hard world of death and destruction.

Inuyasha decided to take this moment to put in his two cents worth. What the hell? If Sesshomaru didn't want the bitch, he'd be more than happy to fuck her. "You know, father, that I will be more than happy to take the girl if Sesshomaru can't perform his duties."

Sesshomaru snarled at the insolent whelp, and snatched the human up by the arm. He would rather die than give Inuyasha the satisfaction of saying that he couldn't rut the wench. She cried out at his rough handling, but scurried along, as he dragged her back to his war tent. He glared at his guards that were posted on either side of the door flap, making sure that neither of them voiced their thoughts to him as he passed.

Once inside the spacious enclosure he tossed her to the pile of pillows spread about the floor. He stalked over to the table in the corner and poured two cups of sake. He walked over and sat next to the shaking female and handed her a cup. "Drink." He demanded.

He downed his portion in one smooth gulp and resigned himself to studying this onna who was to share his bed tonight. She was very lovely, he could not deny that, and she had the most unusual eye color for a human that he had ever seen. A dark sparkling blue, shimmering with unspent tears. She had long dark lashes that matched her equally long raven hair. It was wavy, not straight, like that of most ningen women in Japan. Her skin was pale and smooth, and her tiny hands had long slender fingers tipped with perfectly manicured nails. She was obviously not some ordinary field hand, for her body did not portray any of the hardships of such a mundane life.

"What is your name girl," Sesshomaru asked. Why? Why did he ask her name? It was of no consequence to him. Her purpose was to please him, so his own question surprised him for a moment.

"Ka... Kagome, my lord," replied the girl in a jittery frightened voice.

Sesshomaru leaned close to her and inhaled deeply. She smelled fresh and clean, and she was draped in a royal blue silk coverlet, which she clutched to herself like a lifeline. His father must have had her prepared. He inwardly growled at the pompous old fool for taking this matter into his hands and making these decisions for him. Besides, he had never once lain with a human wench, and did not wish to start now. Unfortunately, Inuyasha would never let him live it down if he didn't rut this bitch before the night was over.

"Tell me, Kagome, what was your occupation before your capture?" Sesshomaru was curious. Was she perhaps a geisha? She didn't act like one, and she didn't smell like one, but not many women in this age were so well kept.

"Occupation, my lord? I... I had none. I simply lived under my father's roof and occasionally took lessons from the village miko." Kagome replied in a shaky voice. She was scared, but the sake, as well as his calm line of questioning, was helping to soothe her nerves a little. He was very handsome, this fierce youkai warlord. He reeked of arrogance and royalty, and so far his demeanor was as cold as ice, but he was not treating her badly so far, and for that she was thankful.

"Your father?" Sesshomaru prompted.

"Hai, Lord Higurashi," Kagome answered very shyly.

Ah. So the girl was a hime. A princess. A very innocent young piece of flesh to be gifted to the eldest son of his own fathers great war machine. Sesshomaru stood and retrieved another cup of sake. He was never one to take a woman by force. He simply never had to do so. All of his life females had dropped to their backs and spread their legs freely for him. This was a very distasteful situation.

He sighed deeply and then downed another cup. He could feel the warm liquid slide smoothly down his throat and into his belly where it pooled and gathered in his loins. He resigned himself to his task and strode over to the girl. He stood before her and said, "Remove your covering."

Kagome shivered and began to panic once again. She had hoped that he would spare her. "Please, my lord. I beg of you...."

"Do as I say woman, or I will cast you out for the soldiers to enjoy!" Sesshomaru barked.

Kagome slowly uncurled her fingers from the tight grip she held on the large silk wrap. It slipped from her shoulders, revealing her naked flesh to his view. She was mortified, and attempted to hide the intense blush by looking down and away.

What a beauty, Sesshomaru thought, as he gazed upon her smooth flesh. Her breasts were young and ripe, tipped with hard, tawny peaks. Her stomach was flat and smooth and he followed the plane to the apex of her thighs. Here he found that she had a tiny sprig of dark fur just above her womanhood, and he suddenly wanted to reach out and touch it. His eyes followed downward to the sensual flare of her womanly hips and well toned thighs, down to her shapely legs, ending at her tiny feet covered in little silk slippers.

He growled at the sight as he felt his manhood harden.

Kagome nearly screamed when he growled at her. This man, who was not a man at all, but a beautiful beast. She watched his eerie, catlike, golden eyes move slowly over her every curve. She cringed when he stepped forward, and began to disrobe. This was it. He was going to take away her innocence. This being of ungodly beauty with a heart of ice and darkness.

"Sire.... I... I beg of you. Please don't..." was all she could say before he gnashed his teeth at her, ordering her silence. She quickly clamped her mouth shut. Kagome began to go over her options, which were sadly lacking at the moment. The thought of purifying him came to mind, but her lack of training would probably only get her throat slashed by those deadly claws. If only her father had not been so against her miko heritage. He wanted her to become a lady, who would marry well and help to spread his empire. He did not want her running around the countryside fighting demons, as was a miko's duty.

Sesshomaru could smell her fear, and raised a delicate brow when her miko power spiked. The energy sizzled and popped around him, moving against his skin in an almost erotic fashion. It wasn't strong enough to hurt; it simply felt like a warm caress. Did she even know what she was doing to him? He stepped closer, and released the tie on his hakama. The silk pants pooled at his feet and he stepped free. She was still looking away, as if by doing so it would remove her from his presence. He smirked at that, for there was no way that he would let her escape him now. Her scent flooded the room, and though it was human, he found it strangely appealing. Knowing that she was a hime of royal blood, helped to ease the fact that she was mortal. At least she wasn't some common trollop.

Sesshomaru released the tie holding his loincloth and let it fall to the floor. He then stepped up to her and ordered her to open her eyes and look upon him. He enjoyed the soft flush that covered her face and chest. It gave a rosy hue to her cheeks and made her innocence that much more appealing.

"Touch me, woman" he demanded.

Kagome came forward, kneeling on her bent legs, and touched the godly creature before her. His body was hard, and chiseled with well-toned muscle. She did everything in her power not to look at his 'thing'. He was lean and pale, and marked with beautiful artwork in the form of magenta strips over his hips and thighs. She reached up, with shaking hands, and touched the tips of her fingers to one of those strips. She gasped when she heard his sharp intake of breath.

Her small delicate fingers were feather soft against his hot flesh. Her gentle touch sent a searing ache into his burning loins. He felt himself harden further. This was different than any encounter that he ever had with a female. An inu bitch took what she wanted and received his attentions with force. This tiny onna would never survive such an encounter. He would have to take care to not damage her tender flesh during their coupling.

Kagome again reached for him, and allowed her hand to slide over the stripe. It was smooth, and perfect, just like the rest of him. She looked up to his face, and met his golden eyes, which were watching her with open lust and fascination. His face held these same stripes, a pair on either cheek, and right in the middle of his forehead was a slender crescent moon in blue. His hair pooled around his body, almost to the floor. It was white, and shimmered, like a pearl in the morning sun. He was too beautiful for words. So beautiful, in fact, that she could almost forget that this creature was her tormentor; her rapist.

"More. Feel me," Sesshomaru purred, as her tiny hands flittered over his flesh. She was touching him, tracing his chest, over his stomach and down his thighs. She held his gaze through every movement, and he wondered if she found him that captivating, or if she were using that as an excuse to avoid looking at his stiff member just inches from her face?

It throbbed with need.

"Kagome, kiss me," he hissed.

Her eyes grew wide, and tears began to stream down her lovely cheeks. The smell of her anguish twisted his cold heart. "Do not cry!" he snapped in frustration. He hated to see a female in tears. She squeaked and held her breath as she quickly wiped at her eyes. She looked away for a moment, gathering her composure, and then turned to him again. He then felt compelled to do something that was totally out of character, and before he knew it, his hand moved against her cheek. She leaned into it, as if it were a welcome comfort. How odd. "This Sesshomaru will not harm you, Kagome." She nodded, just slightly, in acceptance and rubbed her face against his hand. His very large, deadly claw tipped, hand.

He reached down and pulled her up and against his chest. She molded to him perfectly, and he wondered at the sensation. How could a human make him feel this way? He inhaled sharply when he felt her fingers splay over his chest and begin a caressing pattern. He held her slender form and traced his hand over her smooth soft flesh, intrigued by the appearance of tiny little bumps over her skin. She shivered and sighed in a soft moan that drove his blood to a fury. He fought to maintain control of the beast that wanted to throw her down and take their prize.

He smoothed his hand over her hips and cupped her round buttocks in his palms. He enjoyed the surprised gasp that she made. Her innocence was like a breath of fresh air. Her insecurity like the fresh morning dew. Her large blue eyes flashed full of emotion, openly displaying her curiosity, as well as her fear.

He leaned to her and touched his lips to hers, slowly, and gently, as was the human custom. She stood frozen in that moment for a time, until he felt the slightest movement of her own accord. For some strange reason it sent his demon heart racing in his chest. He wanted to taste her, to know of her hidden secrets, and he slipped his long sinewy tongue into her mouth. She gasped in surprise, but he kept her from pulling away with the hand that he had woven into her silky tresses. He explored her warm cavern, intimately discovering her treasures, and was shocked when her own fleshy tongue touched against his. He deepened the kiss, allowing it to become a bit more intense. Not so much to scare her, but enough to drive her on.

He needed her.

His body ached to enter into her warmth. He could smell her own arousal growing. It swirled around them like a delicious incense, igniting his youkai blood. With a demoness he would have given over to his dark side and allowed it to become one with him. To claim her like a true bitch, but this onna was delicate, tender, and he would have to control himself in order to save her from harm.

Kagome gasped and squealed, as her feet were suddenly lifted from the ground, and she was swung up into his arms. He was emitting a low vibrating sound from his chest that reminded her of a great cat, but this was no cat. This was a powerful taiyoukai. A conquering demon that could rip her to shreds with his claws. The thought made her shiver all over.

"Cold, little miko? Do not fear. I shall warm you soon enough." He whispered into her ear. His voice was husky with unspent desire and it only served to make her shiver all the more. Kagome felt the smooth silk against her back and his warmth settling above her. His hot mouth moved to her neck where he began a torturous trail of nips and open kisses down her shoulder to her breasts. He looked up at her then and held her gaze as he sucked in one caramel tip and then the other. She felt like such a wanton whore for the traitorous things that were happening to her body. She arched against him and moaned in her pleasure, edging the demon on, as he suckled her sensitive flesh.

He pulled away with an audible 'pop', and smirked at her breathless expression. He then blew gently over the moistened peaks and watched as the tips swelled even harder. He moved away to kiss over her flat stomach, making his way to that delightful aroma. It called to him and he simply could not ignore it any longer.

His trail of kisses were leading to her private spot and the thought sent her into a near panic. "No... you can't!" She cried as she tried to scoot away.

He chuckled and looked up from his journey. "I can... and I will." He pried her slender legs apart, much to her distress, and looked up to hold her gaze. She looked absolutely frantic. He then leaned down and licked slowly over her womanly folds, and watched as she nearly screamed from the sensation. He decided right then, that he wanted to hear her scream. He wanted her to scream out from the pleasure that he gave her. Again he slid his tongue over her folds, but this time with more pressure. It slipped easily between her outer lips to caress the hidden jewel beneath. Her hips rose up and she cried out as she grasped the silken coverlet beneath her. He grinned mischievously then and said, "You will scream for this Sesshomaru, Kagome. Accept your fate and enjoy my gift to you."

He then dove in, pulling her folds gently apart and lavishing her swollen bud with his affections. He then slipped a single digit inside her tight sheath and marveled at her clenching muscles. He stretched her gently and added a second finger to the first. Sliding them in and out as he devoured this rare delicacy. Her tiny body writhed and squirmed beneath his ministrations. Soon her screams filled the air and it was sweet music to his ears. Her very first climax rose quickly and exploded with magnificent splendor. She bucked her hips shamelessly into his face as he lapped up her weeping essence. Her breaths were hard and ragged as she fought to regain control. Her body shook with tiny aftershocks, while Sesshomaru licked his fingers clean.

"Mmmm... you taste as good as you smell, my Kagome. You have pleased this Sesshomaru with your song." His deep baritone voice was riddled with passion. His arousal was growing painful now. He had to be inside her, and soon. He moved up to lavish kisses and nips upon her neck as he traced her virginal body with his wondering hands. She moaned and hissed when she felt his erection prod at her opening. He slipped it between her folds with a push of his hips, sliding it over her swollen nub. He watched her face contort in pleasure. He found that the sight excited him more than he could ever have thought possible.

He lowered his lips to the shell of her ear and growled low, loving the way her body shivered and those tiny bumps appeared over her flesh. He moved his hand down and grasped his length. It was rock hard and fully engorged. It would be a very tight fit. "Kagome. Listen to me. This is going to hurt you very badly, but you have the word of this Sesshomaru, that the pain will recede, leaving pleasure in its wake." He felt her body tense upon his words and he silently cursed the fact that she was a virgin. "Relax.... just relax and let me in." He pushed, and the thick mushroomed head popped in. He groaned and grunted at the tight, hot, warmth. He pushed slowly, stretching her little by little, allowing her time to adjust to his invasion. He reached her maidenhead, and held still until he took her mouth in a deep searing kiss. Then he thrust his narrow hips forward and ripped through her barrier, embedding himself completely in her tight quivering passage.

She pulled away and screamed.

He pulled away and gasped.

"By the Gods... Kagome," He uttered through broken, panting, breaths.

"It hurts." She cried through tightly clenched teeth. Tears poured down her rosy cheeks, and he leaned forward and licked them clean. He held still while whispering in her ear. "You are so beautiful, Kagome. So soft, and so tight. You feel so good to me. A light in the darkness..." His softly spoken words of comfort did little to ease the intense pain between her legs, but it made her heart feel just a little bit better.

They remained frozen like that for quite some time until her demon lover asked her, "Has the pain eased?" Kagome opened her tightly clenched eyes, realizing that where there had been excruciating agony, there was now a throbbing ache. She looked into his shining golden eyes, tinged now with threads of crimson. His face was flushed and his breathing was ragged. She nodded, "Hai. It is."

He breathed a sigh of relief, for he knew not how much longer he could have withstood the urge to plunge himself into her over and over. He had to have the friction to quench the hard aching need. He slowly pulled out, and she gasped at the sensation. He watched her face as he pushed it all the way back in, forcing her tight passage to grant him entrance. He could smell her virginal blood in the air and it called to his baser instincts. It took all of his control to keep the beast at bay.

Gods... the feel of her. So hot. So damn tight. Squeezing him with slick, clenching, molten heat. Each thrust, and each pull sent him into a frenzy. He watched as beneath him her head tossed from side to side as her hips rose up to meet his thrusts. Soon the sounds of slapping flesh joined the deep male grunts and her feminine moans. Faster and faster he humped his little miko, until he was slamming his staff deep into her depths. His heart was pounding a furious pace and his mind began to swim away from him.

"AH... My Lord! M...My... LORD!" She cried out as he rode her. Kagome could do nothing now but hold on, as he worked her body at an inhuman pace. Suddenly his voice, now rough and bestial, broke through her haze of sinful pleasure. "Say my name bitch! Tell me to whom you belong!" Her eyes sprang open and she met his gaze, which was no longer that odd shining gold, but a fierce crimson. The smooth lines upon his cheeks had grown ragged and his smooth silken hair was dancing about in some unseen force. He looked feral, and it frightened her, but his assault on her pleasure point was making it hard to focus. Time and time again he hit it and she felt a strange building of pressure deep inside. It built until she could contain it no longer and Kagome threw back her head while arching her lithe body up. "AHHH!!!! SESSHOMARRRUUUU!!!!"

Her pathetic human claws scratched a thin bloody trail down his pale muscled back while he pounded his swollen cock into her core. His beast had crept up and merged with him and now they were one, both sharing the pleasures of their mortal bitch beneath them. He leaned back and howled as he slammed his rod into her tight depths. It was wondrous and overwhelming, the sensations he derived from her body. She reached her peak over and over, time and again as he rode her hard, pulling almost completely out before slamming back in to the hilt. He pulled her leg up to penetrate deeper and her screams became one long blissful melody, until he felt his own release looming near.

A deep, guttural growl built to a crescendo until he roared ferociously to the heavens as his seed spilled forth into her hot, milking, depths. With each hard pump of his youkai heart more of his essence filled her womb, and the beast reveled in the ecstasy from this onna. He collapsed to her body and sank his long fangs into her shoulder, ignoring her pained cry and drawing her sweet blood into his mouth. Her miko power tingled and sizzled against his demon tongue and he delighted in the erotic feel of it. He loved the way it slid down his throat. Soon his body felt alive with the whisper of her power flowing through his veins. It was marvelous, and exotic, and something that he would never, ever, want to lose. He pulled away, and licked lovingly at the wounds, careful to seal them with his healing saliva. She whimpered daintily as he did this, and it made him smile.

Sesshomaru rolled to the side and collapsed, completely spent, with the taste of her still lingering on his lips. "You are mine now Kagome, and I will never let you go."

Kagome lay silently, drifting in between the world sleep and consciousness. She heard the softly spoken words uttered by the taiyoukai, and found that they didn't frighten her quite as badly as they would have before.


The prince's roar shook the encampment and every one near knew of the conquest that had just taken place. Inuyasha laughed, and his father silenced him with a sharp look. Something about that trumpeting call from his eldest son made him pause in question. He had been near when Sesshomaru had lain with females before, yet never had his son released his triumph with such a feral proclamation. It almost reminded him of the time he first bedded Izayoi, Inuyasha's mother.

The old demon smiled fondly, for a moment, thinking of his human mate, before shrugging it off for now. He had work to be done, and lands to conquer.


The morning came much too early for Sesshomaru. He moved his limbs slowly, wondering at the ache in his muscles. His onna whimpered beside him, and fluttered her long lashes to peek at him. He leaned in close and nuzzled the mark on her neck before whispering, "I will have water brought to clean you, and food. You will remain here and await my return." Kagome sighed and nodded, before drifting back to sleep. He watched her for a moment, still amazed at what had happened.

He had discovered a pleasure that surmounted anything in this life, and he had marked her as his own. He cursed himself for the lack of control, but what was done was done. He simply dreaded telling his father what he had done, for how many times had he called his father a fool for taking Inuyasha's human mother as his mate? Oh yes, father was going to pay him back now ten fold.

With a heavy sigh Sesshomaru splashed some water on himself and wiped it away with a fresh cloth. He then donned his clothing, armor and swords, before stepping out into the morning fog. His guards smiled brightly at him, with blatant humor. It was obvious that their lord enjoyed his rut very much by the sound of his release the previous night. The taiyoukai ignored them and headed to his father's tent. He swept inside and found Inuyasha had beaten him there. He withheld the growl of annoyance, and strode up to his father, who was seated on a cushion before a large map of the territories.

"Ah my son. I assume that you have released the stresses from your body and are once again ready to divide and conquer?" Inutaisho said jovially.

"Hn." Was Sesshomaru's stoic reply.

Inuyasha grinned from ear to ear. "So now that you're finished with the bitch, I can have a go at her!"

Sesshomaru rounded on his younger brother in the blink of an eye. Inuyasha never saw it coming and gasped as his feet left the ground and the poison claws of his half-brother dug fiercely into his neck. Sesshomaru was snarling viciously while Inuyasha's feet dangled high in the air.

InuTaisho was shocked at Sesshomaru's reaction to his brother's taunts. "Sesshomaru! Release Inuyasha at once!"

Sesshomaru snarled once more, before conceding to his father's demands, but as he did so he issued a warning to his 'little' brother. "Insolent whelp! That 'bitch' you speak of is now the mate of this Sesshomaru! Touch her, and I will rip out your heart, have it grilled, and serve it to her for her supper."

The audible gasp of shock from his father and brother did not go unnoticed. Neither did the round of laughter that followed. InuTaisho slapped his bent knee and said, "It seems my warrior son has finally been conquered himself! And by a human hime no less!"

He motioned for Inuyasha to bring the sake and cups. The hanyou poured three cups of the warm rice wine and passed a cup to his father, then Sesshomaru. His father raised the cup for a toast. "To the victor goes the spoils! Drink up my sons, for the House of Inu will never be the same!"

Jiendo (The End)


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