The Seduction of Mr. Taisho by Rinseternalsoul

The Seduction of Mr. Taisho

The Seduction of Mr. Taisho

By Rinseternalsoul

**Disclaimer: I don't have any affiliation with Rumiko Takahashi or her anime, Inuyasha. This is written for fun, not profit.

Summary: A/U Taisho Sesshomaru finds that his star student, Higurashi Kagome, wants more than the average high school education. She wants him, and when Kagome decides that she wants something, nothing will stand in her way.

A/N: The character's are a bit OC here, but it was written for hentai fun, so please forgive that little quirk.

***This was originally part of The House of Lemons by TheHentaiHarlots, a collection of one-shots written by myself and SilentDeath.


"Open your books to page 225. Today we will be going over World War II," Sesshomaru said as he added the title to the chalkboard. He turned around and quickly allowed his eyes to roam over his class, making sure that nothing was out of order. His eyes came to the front row where she sat. Higurashi Kagome. She smiled at him then, with those big blue eyes. She was such a lovely young girl. She was always cheerful and hardworking. The epitome of a 'good little lady'.

What a joke.

Sesshomaru returned her smile with a smirk of his own. Kagome appeared to be the picture perfect teen, but he knew better. He knew that beneath all of those genuine smiles and modest blushes, that Kagome was vixen. She was a temptress, and she had her sights set on him.

May Kami help him.

It was hard to resist the girl. As her teacher, it was simply taboo to even consider taking her to bed. If an affair between a teacher and student were ever discovered there would be dire consequences. It simply could not happen, but that didn't stop her from trying, and Sesshomaru was finding it harder and harder to turn away from her calling.

He moved to his desk and took a seat. He flipped through his book to page 225 and then looked up to the waiting class. His breath hitched in his throat when he looked toward Kagome. She smiled at him warmly; innocently. His eyes drifted lower to her long shapely legs. Her green uniform skirt had risen up high on her thighs and her legs were apart just enough for him to gain a peek at her white panties. The blood began to rush through his system, addling his brain for a moment, sending him into a haze of lust and confusion.

He realized that he had gone comatose for a moment, and shook his head, dragging his rebelling eyes away from the tempting vision. He looked back up to her eyes, and he knew that she knew. The sparkle was there, telling him her secret. Telling him that she had done this on purpose. He tried to ignore the hardening of his cock, and focus on the lesson plan. It was almost impossible, knowing that he had only to look and he could see her barely veiled core. His whole body felt hot. How could he allow this little temptress to shake his very foundations? He was a grown man for the love of God!

After instructing the class through the first portion, he set them to completing the first set of questions at the chapters mid point. He rose to walk around, offering his assistance to those who were in need. She never called him over during these times. She was too tactful for such as that. No, Higurashi Kagome was also too smart. She had no need for his assistance. Her marks were always at the top of the class and she simply didn't need his help. This almost annoyed him.

He walked down her isle, stopping to assist Ayume with a couple of questions. After he was satisfied that the girl understood he continued toward his desk. Just as he stepped up to Kagome, her pencil slipped to the floor. She wasted no time in retrieving the object and in doing so she 'accidentally' brushed her head against his upper thigh. He stilled. Frozen by this 'innocent' contact. She immediately looked up and flashed him an apologetic smile.

"Gomen ne, Taisho-sensei," Kagome whispered sweetly.

"Hn," was his stoic reply, however this took great resolve to achieve. Beneath the mask of indifference his body raged for her. It raged from the intimate brush of her silken hair against his leg. It throbbed with the need to take her, to dominate her, to make her scream. He walked stiffly back to his desk and took a seat. He released a hard breath that had been stuck in his chest. This girl was going to drive him mad.

Once more he looked over the class, finding them working diligently. Even Kagome seemed deep in her work. The only sign that her mind was on other things was the fact that her legs had spread ever so slightly farther apart. He found it hard to breathe, and promptly loosened his tie just a little. His long silver hair, pulled together in a low thong, now felt too long, and too hot; stifling against his neck and back.

Her inner thighs were so creamy smooth. They looked so soft and inviting. He wanted nothing more that to rub his cheek against the tender flesh. The little white triangle, hiding her young womanhood, was hypnotically teasing, calling to his baser instincts. He found it impossible to look away.

"Taisho-sensei?" Hojo interrupted. "Sir? Are you well?"

Sesshomaru grunted and looked up to the boy, thankful for the forced distraction. He took in a long breath and released it, trying to recover his good sense. He nodded to Houjo and accepted the boy's paper, before turning back to his lesson plans. This was insane! He had to get a grip on himself. He was a grown man, after all. He could not allow this whelp of a girl to affect him so. Thankfully, this was the last class of the day, and he could finally be free to go home and relax. Tonight he would take a long hot shower and possibly even treat himself to a stiff drink.

The bell rang, and Sesshomaru refused to look up. His class filed out of the room chattering loudly amongst themselves. He did not notice that anyone was left until he heard something hit the floor. He looked up to find that the object of his current despair was still present. She was facing away from him, leaning over now, as she had dropped something onto the floor. He watched her, as if in slow motion, bend over to retrieve the item. Her skirt rose up, barely covering her backside, as she reached down. He inwardly groaned. How could he do this? How could he continue to be tortured every day for the next month by this sexy little trollop?

He was tired of playing these games.


She turned to him then, with a look of complete innocence on her face. "Yes, Taisho-sensei?"

"You will stay. I have need of you."

She smiled and nodded, before stepping up to his desk. "What is it that you need, professor?" She blushed prettily just for him.

He allowed a mischievous smirk to grow on his face. This game would end today. He would call her bluff, and when she realized that he played for keeps, she would back off and let him be. "I wish to speak to you in private, Kagome. Please lock the door." He gauged her reaction, and found himself satisfied with her look of surprise. He thought she may protest, but she did not. He watched as her hips swayed while she walked to the door. She locked it and returned to his side. He looked up to her and she smiled.

This girl would learn not to toy with a man. "I have need of some extra curricular work from you, Kagome. Are you willing to accept this assignment?" He asked. His smooth baritone voice had taken on a sensual tone that proved his true lust for this young onna.

"Of course, sensei. Anything, for you," Kagome replied.

'Hmm', he thought. 'Perhaps she will not frighten so easily?'

He cleared his throat and leaned back. It looked like he would have to be a bit more direct. "Do you find me attractive, Kagome? Do you want to touch my body?"

She blushed a pretty shade of crimson. He smiled as he watched her reaction. She twisted her body a little as if she were shy. It was an enticing sight. She put her index finger in between her teeth and nodded like a child. Kami. He wanted to devour her.

"Do you want me to touch you, Kagome?" He asked, noticing that his voice had taken on a rough sort of quality. His damn cock was throbbing in the tight confines of his slacks, and he wanted to free it. He waited for her answer, and much to his surprise she again nodded her head. Her eyes looked innocent and bright, as if she were discovering a new and wonderful game.

"Come here, Kagome," he ordered. She stepped up, between his wide spread legs, and for the first time, he touched her.


He slid his large hands up her sleek legs as he stared into her eyes. He could see her breathing increase in pace as he caressed her baby smooth legs. He held in the groan that threatened to escape. For a moment he pondered that his plan was going sour. This was not what he had planned to happen at all.

"Do you want me to touch you all over, Kagome?" He asked through labored breaths. Again she smiled lightly, shyly, and nodded her pretty head.

Sesshomaru was both happy at her answer and devastated. He wanted her to say no, and slap his face. He hoped that she would run from him and never tempt him again. But she didn't.

He slid his hands upward, rubbing over the curve of her hips, pulling her skirt up and giving him a view of those pretty little white panties. Kami, she was so inviting. She smelled do fresh. He wanted to bury his face in her folds and taste her essence. He allowed the skirt to slip through his hands and continued upwards until he slipped them under her shirt to graze over her smooth flat stomach. Upwards, slowly, his wondering fingers roamed, until he cupped her lace covered breasts in both hands. He thought that she would fall, as her knees became weak. He pulled her forward and she fell into his lap, straddling him, pressing her thinly covered heat against his aching, swollen manhood. He groaned and rested his back against the chair. This girl was going to be his undoing.

The halls had grown quiet for some time now, and Sesshomaru felt sure that all present had gone home, leaving him alone with his little vixen. Alone to his fate. He looked up to her blue eyes full of wonder and excitement. "Do you want me to kiss those pretty full lips of yours, Kagome?" Her nod was all he needed. His hand slipped up around her neck and he pulled her to him.

So soft and fresh. Like purity on a spring day. He caressed those full pink lips with his own, and nibbled lightly at her bottom lip until she opened up for him. He slipped his tongue in to fully explore her secrets. She moaned against his intrusion and touched her tongue to his. The kiss soon became demanding and frantic as his hands grabbed her ass and pulled her body hard against him. He ground his hips upward, rubbing his throbbing member into her wet heat. His pants were growing uncomfortable and he needed to be free of them.

Sesshomaru gasped in surprise when he felt her tiny hands pulling at his pants, undoing the snap and unzipping the fly. A small part of his brain was screaming how wrong this was, but the other part was relieved to be free of the confines. He pulled away a little and licked at her jaw and traced kisses to her neck. He nipped and nuzzled the soft flesh there as her slender fingers wrapped around his turgid length.

"Get up," Sesshomaru ordered. Her face fell, and she looked confused, but quickly obeyed his demand. Once she was up he stood to his full height, which towered over her own. He pulled his tie over his head and opened his shirt. He then reached over and pulled her shirt up and off of her, baring her creamy skin for his delight, then took his seat again.

Perfection. Not a blemish could he see. Her youthful skin was tight over her slender frame. Her breasts, hidden behind the shear lace of her bra, were pert and full, but still smaller than that of a woman's. Not fully developed. He wondered if he was the first to touch them? Sesshomaru leaned forward and rubbed his smooth cheek against the taught skin of her stomach. "Mmm.... you are so soft, Kagome. So soft."

He pulled away and looked up to her again. She was smiling warmly down at him. So beautiful. He reached up and unclasped her bra. She let him, with no resistance at all. It fell to the floor, forgotten, as he stared at her round breasts. Her dark tawny nipples were hard and he reached up to rub them between his fingers. Her head fell back and she moaned softly. The sound of it sent shivers through his soul.

He traced her body and kissed her twin peaks, he lapped at the hard little nubs and nipped at her neck. She moaned and whimpered under his attentions. Sesshomaru was completely under her spell. She leaned down and kissed him hard with those soft lips of hers. He returned the kiss with fervor. Their breaths were coming in fast deep pants as they explored each others body. She bit him, and he gasped. She bit him again, and his heart raced. Her tiny nails scratched at his flesh and he loved this erotic punishment for his sins. Her teeth trailed hard little nips over his chest and Sesshomaru groaned as she licked the pain away. Kami this girl was no virgin. She couldn't be. She knew exactly what she wanted, and she liked things rough.

She pulled him until he stood and she grasped the waistband of his pants, pulling and tugging until they slid down. She made sure to take his boxers as well, leaving her teacher standing nude for her appraising eyes.

He watched her staring at him. She licked her full lips. "Do you like what you see, Kagome? Do you want to touch me here?" He reached up and grasped his heavy erection and squeezed until it turned purple, then released. She looked up to his honey golden eyes and nodded with a smile. He sucked in a breath as her hand reached out and traced feather light fingertips over the tip. He then watched in amazement as she fell to her knees, looking up at him for approval. "Do you want to suck it, Kagome? Do you want to put this in your sweet mouth?"

"Yes, please," She asked softly. Sesshomaru nodded and said, "You may." She grasped the base in her tiny hand and pulled the bulbous tip into her mouth. He hissed his pleasure as her wet heat surrounded him. He watched her, as she licked him like a lollipop, before popping the head in again. She sucked him deeper and deeper until he was hitting the back of her throat. She pulled him in deeper and deeper still. Her other hand cupped and fondled his sac. Sesshomaru couldn't remember ever seeing anything more sexy than Kagome on her knees sucking his dick deep into her mouth. He thrust forward and she gagged a little, but didn't let it stop her. She seemed to gain strength from it, and continued on. Harder her little tongue swirled over his flesh as she forced him deep into her throat. She gagged several times and pulled away, leaving a stream of thick mucus to join her lips to his tip. She smiled, with teary shining eyes and dove onto him again. She couldn't fit but a quarter of his length into her throat, and her hand worked feverishly on the rest. He closed his eyes and let his head fall back, reveling in the intense sensations. The sounds of her wet suckling were music to his ears.

He could feel his release coming on and reached down to pull her away. She whimpered in protest, but he would have none of that. "Now, now, Kagome. You must listen to your sensei." He looked down at his manhood, which stood up, wet, hard, and red, full and throbbing. He looked up to his sexy student. "You have done very well, Kagome. I think that you deserve a reward."

He pulled her around and bent her over, face down on his desk. He pulled her skirt up, revealing those sexy little panties. He reached to the waistband and peeled them down slowly, revealing the pale round flesh of her ass. He inhaled deeply as he slid them down, lower and lower until they dropped to her ankles. Her creamy buttocks were nicely displayed for his attentions. He took a seat and scooted forward spreading her legs easily.

He reached up and rubbed the smooth flesh before kneading it in his palms. Sesshomaru slowly traced her crevice until he reached her dripping core. She moaned as he slipped his finger through her wet folds. He rubbed the little nub there and she squirmed. Her panting breaths grew frantic as he expertly circled it, massaging it, until her moaning grew to barely concealed squeals of rapture. Her climax came quickly and she shook beneath him as he slipped a long finger deep into her quivering core. Kami she was tight and hot. Just waiting for him to fill her up. "Did you like that, Kagome? Did you like it when I rubbed your hard little clit?"

Through broken speech, and hard, drawn breath's, she answered, "Yes, Taisho-sensei., but I...want more."

He chuckled and leaned forward, whispering into her ear, "I teach this class, Kagome. You have spoken out of turn. You must now be punished." He enjoyed her little gasp. He stood up, keeping one hand on her back to hold her in place. He picked up his wooden ruler and popped her on the ass. She squealed and whimpered. Sesshomaru gauged her reaction and found that she seemed to enjoy it, so he popped her again. "Do you like this, Kagome? Do you like to feel the pleasure mingles with pain?"

Her breaths were faster now and she groaned out, "Y... yes... Taisho-sensei..." He smirked and popped her again. He then traced the pink lines of his punishment with his fingertips, before leaning down to replaced his fingers with his tongue. He lapped over the rising whelps and kissed her soft round flesh. She moaned beneath him. He pulled away and popped her again, and again he traced the red mark with his warm tongue. "Yes, Kagome.... I think that you do like this, very much." He pulled his fingertips away from her wet core. The fluids were now running down her thighs.

He tossed the ruler down and flipped his vixen to her back. He then took his seat between her widely spread legs. Her wet little pussy glistened before him and his mouth began to water. He looked up to find her staring at him. He reached behind his head and released his hair from the leather band. It fell like a thick blanket over his shoulders. Sesshomaru smiled at his student and said, "I want to taste you, Kagome. Do you want me to? Do you want me to suck on your tender flesh?"

"Yes.... oh yes, Taisho-sensei," Kagome gasped.

He smirked and leaned forward, running his tongue over her feminine lips. She groaned and wriggled before tangling her fingers in his hair. He applied a little pressure and his tongue dipped into her slit, grazing over her swollen bud. He sucked it into his mouth and she cried out. Sesshomaru licked and sucked on her nub until Kagome was writhing frantically against him. She bucked her hips into his face and he lapped up her flowing juices. She came hard, thrusting her hips upward as he sucked and teased her clit between his teeth. Her fingers pulled at his long hair as the final waves pulsed washed over her.

He pulled away, licking his fingers while he stared down at her flushed body. Her dark hair was pasted over her sweaty brow. Her eyes were half open and watching him as she attempted to catch her breath. He smiled and pulled off his shirt to wipe his face. He then reached up and grabbed her hips pulling her toward him hard. "Now, Kagome. I'm going to fuck you. Do you want me to fuck you, Kagome?"

"Gods... Yes! Please," she cried.

Sesshomaru reached down and guided his swollen member to her entrance. He slid the velvet tip through her folds, teasing her, watching her face. She wanted it bad. It was written all over her. He wanted it too, and to hell with the rules. He positioned himself at her core and shoved hard, burying himself into her with a hard grunt. She cried out, an animalistic sound that made his body crave more. He held still for a moment, loving the feel of her tight, slick, channel surrounding his length. "Kami..." He hissed through clenched teeth. "You are so hot." His composure was shot to hell. Nothing mattered now except this exquisite heat, quivering around him. He pulled out and buried himself in her again. This was heaven. His long strokes tortured them both as he withdrew and slammed back into her depths. The sounds of slapping flesh joined their grunts and moans as Sesshomaru pounded into Kagome. Her body shook with each thrust, making her breasts jiggle nicely. He watched them dance, then turned to her face. Her expression was one of ecstasy. She tossed her head from side to side. Tiny sounds of passion grew to heated cries.

He placed her calves upon his shoulders and freed his hands to roam her body. He teased and pulled at her nipple while he traced her face and neck. Lower, his hand moved as his thrusting increased. He found her swollen jewel and began massaging it. She was close, and so was he. He could feel her muscles clamping down on him. It was almost more than he could take. "Ahhh.... Kagome.... come for me....," He called through ragged breaths.

Her climax hit hard and she shook with the force of it. Her body convulsed uncontrollably while sweet tears flowed down her cheeks. He reached up and grabbed her hips and began a hard pounding rhythm. She screamed and he loved it, as he forced himself into her tightness. "Yes Kagome! Fuck me! Fuck your sensei's.... big... hard... cock!"

"OOHHHAHHHHAHHH SESSHOMARU!!!" Kagome screamed as her tiny body shook with yet another orgasm. Sesshomaru couldn't stop it if he tried. Her tight heat was too much for him, and he quickly pulled out. He threw back his head with a powerful grunt before his seed shot out of his body, coating her flat stomach with his cream. He gasped for breath as the last of it was pushed out, and then he looked down on his little vixen.

"Did I pass the assignment, Taisho-sensei?" Kagome asked with a lazy smile.

"Hai... Kagome. You passed with flying colors." Sesshomaru answered in a deep husky voice.

The following day Sesshomaru watched as his last class of the day entered and took their seats. He watched as his little vixen settled down, flashing him a brilliant smile. He stepped to the chalkboard and wrote the days lesson, then turned and took his seat once more. He glanced up to Kagome and found that once again her knees were spread just far enough to give him a view.

Sesshomaru almost swallowed his tongue when he found that today his little vixen chose to leave her sweet folds free of panties altogether. He could see her glistening netherlips, bared for his view. Sesshomaru looked up with a brief, tiny smile, and said, "Higurashi, I have an important extra assignment for you today. Please remain after class."

Kagome returned his smile with a mischievous gleam of her own. "Yes, Taisho-sensei."

Staying after class had never been more fun.

The End


A/N: I've wanted to do this one for a long time. It has plagued the back of my mind for months. I hope you enjoyed it! I think the next one will be a little more naughty than the one's I've been doing lately. I am feeling the need to be bad!

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