Galaxy Gladiator's by Rinseternalsoul

Galaxy Gladiator's

Galaxy Gladiators

By Rinseternalsoul

**Disclaimer: I can only dream of having the money that Rumiko Takahashi makes off of her anime, Inuyasha. Me? I'm just a non-profit fanfiction author who adores the show and loves to write smut.

A/N: This one-shot was originally part of The House of Lemons, a collection of Inuyasha one-shots written by myself and SilentDeath via our pen name TheHentaiHarlots. After a few of my lemons from THOL were nominated here on SS, and I had a couple of requests for them to be posted here, I figured what the heck. Since is down and you can't read them there, I will post a few of them here. Have fun!

Summary: Suddenly snatched away from the final battle with Naraku, Kagome and Sesshomaru are thrust into a violent inter-galaxy competition. There they meet Lord Anubis, a fellow galaxy gladiator. Together they struggle to win the bloody battles orchestrated by a manipulative alien race in order to return safely to Earth. Sess/Kago/Anubis

A/N2: When I started getting requests for a lemon between one of my character creations, Lord Anubis of The Portal and As Death Gives Life, I was inspired immediately. He is so much fun to manipulate to my sick desires. So, here it is, a one-shot per the request of Luvspanky and Jbella.


Naraku was attacking both Inuyasha and Kikyo with furious intent. Huge slithering tentacles shot forth from his monstrous body faster than the two could defend. Inuyasha cut through dozens at a time with the Kaze no Kizu, and Kikyo purified clumps with each blast of her sacred arrows. It still was not enough.

Kagome watched in horror as a tentacle sliced through Inuyasha's thigh. His blood splattered from the wound and he howled in pain. Kikyo too, cried out as a sharp appendage ripped through her left shoulder. Miroku and Sango were struggling themselves with the attack of Naraku's swarm. Kirara tore through the attacking demons with razor sharp fangs and claws while Shippo ducked behind a boulder after sending out a blast of Foxfire.

The young girl from the future turned her head to watch as Lord Sesshomaru dodged, flipped and slashed through the writhing mass. He was doing well, but not well enough. If something didn't give soon, Inuyasha would be dead.

Kagome pulled another arrow from her quiver and notched it before taking aim. She focused with her entire being, reaching deep and pulling forth the strength of her very soul. She could do this. She knew she could.

Sesshomaru was aware of the miko's sudden rise in power. It pulsed against his flesh making the tiny pale hairs on the back of his neck stand on end. It tingled and did the most unexpected things to his body. He was momentarily distracted by the unusual reaction, but quickly realized his mistake when hit with one of Naraku's bothersome tentacles. His anger flared at the insult to his person, as his royal blood was spilled, and retribution became his reason for the moment. He turned on the filthy vermin and sent a blast from Tokijin.

She released, and the taught string of her bow 'thunked' loudly, as the glowing fury of Kagome's purification arrow streaked through the courtyard toward the dark hanyou. The moment it was set free from her grasp a flash of electric blue light nearly blinded her when Sesshomaru's voice called out Dragon Strike! The two blasts tore across the land upending soil and rocks, heading toward the hideous form of Naraku.

Simultaneously they hit and the impact exploded with enough force to send them all flying backwards. Kagome braced herself for the inevitable impact of her body, but another light flashed, again blinding her. This time with a dark green glow. The impact never came, and instead, she found herself standing on her own two feet, blinking away the blindness.

Instinctively she made to step forward as her vision became clearer, but suddenly realized that her feet wouldn't budge. "What the heck?" Looking down she found that she was standing in the middle of a slightly raised round metal platform of silver and white. "Huh?" Hearing growling sounds, she looked up quickly to scan the immediate area.

It was pretty obvious that something really weird had happened.

Standing around her, on matching platforms, were a menagerie of creatures. Each of them looked as disoriented as she felt. Her breath hitched in her throat as she caught sight of Inuyasha's half brother, Lord Sesshomaru. He was looking at her with acknowledgement, anger and confusion. The moment passed and they both looked away to further assess the situation.

There were, perhaps, twenty five captives, most carrying some type of weapon. They ranged from a tall, extremely thin, lizard-like creature, carrying a long oddly crafted sickle, to herself, a human girl wielding one bow, four spare arrows and one stainless steel dagger that was purchased last year at the Tokyo Mall. Oddly enough, it struck Kagome that she could understand the grunting speech of the closest creature. He was wondering if his brother-in-law was responsible for this. Upon closer inspection she came to the conclusion that she could understand all within ear distance. How could it be possible? Many of the creatures were obviously not from the planet Earth. How come they all speak the same language?

"Listen up, Worms of the Galaxy! You are here for one reason and one reason only, our entertainment!" A male voice announced with a blaring echo.

A bevy of vicious snarls and angry shouts drowned the echoing sound of the announcer's voice. Suddenly a jolt of electricity sizzled from the floor of the platform that she stood on and Kagome screamed as the pain shot up her body. She fell to her knees and steadied herself with the palms of her hands. She shook her head in an attempt to regain her senses, then looked around, to find that many others were also on their knees. Lord Sesshomaru, however, remained standing and looked at her with a hint of concern.

Kagome shook her head again, trying to shake off the after effects, because she was sure that she did not really just see that. Again she looked around and found another male looking at her. His eyes were the clearest blue that she had ever seen. He was tall and lean, wearing odd looking armor. His long black hair flowed down his shoulders and was held in place by a golden crown on his head. His features were chiseled to perfection and over one eye was the purple mark of a long slender diamond with a small teardrop hanging from the bottom tip.

He was beautiful. And his aura flared with shimmering power.

In his eyes she saw a flicker of... something, and it made her heart race. Kagome looked back to Lord Sesshomaru and found him staring at the dark haired male as well. He was just as magnificent as the other male. Like light to darkness, Sesshomaru's pale moon kissed hair fell in a silken wave down his lean tall form. He was armed in his battle gear and holding Tokijin in his large elegantly clawed hand. His cheekbones were high and smooth, painted with captivating magenta stripes. The crescent moon of blue on the middle of his forehead was a sign of the House of Inu, and it gave him a look of mystery. Kagome felt the shine of his golden eyes locked upon her own dark blue. He seemed to be conveying a silent message to her.

Again he looked to the dark haired male and the two nodded. They both turned back to her and then she understood. It was a temporary alliance, and Sesshomaru had seen fit to include her. Kagome mouthed "Arigato" to the taiyoukai and readied an arrow. Things were about to get messy.

Again the booming voice was heard, "Your purpose is to battle that which we set loose upon you! The last three standing will be released and returned to the exact moment and place of your removal. Your return will follow a two day stay here on the battle planet Lueme. The others... will not be so lucky. Those of you that live will be enslaved as galaxy gladiators until you either win, or die."

Kagome's heart nearly stopped completely. Enslaved? Forever taken from her family and friends? As soon as the shock of this passed, anger set in. Kagome stood up and stomped her foot down. By the Gods! She had traveled Fuedal Japan for two years fighting through impossible situations with horrible enemies, just to get sucked into these jerks own personal life sized game of dungeons and dragons?! What the hell?!

Sesshomaru watched with interest as the miko that traveled with his brother stood and stomped her foot. He had been witness to this particular humans temper explosions in the past, and it was always a sight to behold. He glanced to his newfound ally and found him watching the mortal girl with interest. Turning back he raised one delicate brow as the girl placed her hands on her hips and turned a brilliant shade of fuming red. The rage came out in the form of her voice as she shouted. "You bunch of JERKS! What gives you the right to interrupt our lives and expect us to jump around like your own personal group of puppets?! You better release us, or your gonna regret it!"

Lord Anubis could not stop the smile that curved over his lips. This human wench was feisty. Pretty too. Her tiny waist curved above the swell of womanly hips and slender shapely legs. The costume she was wearing did little to hide the girls soft smooth skin, and the way she held her weapon made it clear that she could be a dangerous opponent.

Kagome squeaked, when amazingly, the announcers voice was directed at her. "Quite mortal female! We have the means and the power to do as we like! Each of you were chosen for your unusual strength and prowess in battle. If you wish to be released, you will fight for the privilege to be bestowed upon you!" The sound of cheers rose from an invisible audience. Kagome blinked and looked around, hearing the deafening roar of thousands of spectators surrounding her, but could see nothing except clean shining metal walls.

Her attention was suddenly drawn to the huge panels sliding soundlessly back to reveal large dark passageways. Suddenly a roar of sound deafened her as the enemy poured into the ring. Kagome felt terror run up her spine, but she embraced it, absorbed it, and harnessed it for her use. The 'thunk' of her bowstring sent a pink flaming arrow burning through at least a half dozen of the green scaled ogre beasts that came running out. They screamed in agony as the purification turned them to ash.

The magnetic hold on them was released, and Kagome ducked and rolled onto the cold stone floor below. By the width of a hair, she missed getting pounded by a giant hammer.

Sesshomaru sliced through the enemy with practiced ease. They fell to his sword, as well as his claw. Unfortunately, as far as he could tell, they were highly outnumbered by these things. It did seem to be in their favor though, that the beasts battle skills were not the best. It was frustrating, and he had an idea that things would only get worse. From the corner of his eye he caught sight of the miko. She had abandoned her long distance weapon in favor of shining metal dagger. Her purity pulsed over her form, through her arms and centered on the weapon in her hand. Each thrust hit home and sent the attacker to its death in a blast of pink light. He found it mildly interesting that she knew how to fight hand to hand at all. He had never seen her do anything except shoot the bow.

His attention was once again drawn away as he sliced the heads from two demons approaching him from the front. In one move he arced the sword to complete the slice, taking the head of the beast behind him.

Anubis growled as he blasted through a mass of screaming vermin filth. Blue electricity sizzled from his fingertips as it zigzagged over the arena to fry anything in its path. He felt the approach of an attacker from behind and he turned, slicing through the midsections of two more green beasts. 'How pathetic. These fools insult the skill of this Anubis, by sending such pitiful opponents!'

The numbers seemed to continue, but they valiantly fought on. Sesshomaru, Anubis and Kagome managed to form a triangle to protect their backs. Each of them were extinguishing the attacking creatures in dizzying numbers, but both Anubis and Sesshomaru could feel the strength of the human girl beginning to wane. Although her blasts of purification were sending shivers up the spines of the males nearby, they could find no fault in her. She was definitely holding her own, for now.

Then, it seemed as if the battle ended just as quickly as it had begun. Kagome was breathing heavily, as she looked around her. Carnage lay everywhere. Many of the creatures that were once her fellow captives were now dead and maimed. She had managed to get away with only a gash to her forearm, and a few minor scratches. Nothing serious. A glance to her companions proved that neither of the males had a hair out of place. She sighed heavily and rolled her eyes. "Do you guys every look bad?" She huffed in frustration.

A velvety smooth chuckle was her answer and Kagome looked over to the dark haired male. If possible, he was even more perfect than before with that smile slashed over his handsome face. The smile lit up his eyes and they sparkled with a glint of silver light. Kagome clamped her open mouth shut as soon as she realized that she had been gawking like an idiot.

The white haired dog demon at his side watched as the girl turned a brilliant smile on their temporary ally. It was simply breathtaking in its open sincerity. "Hello. I am Kagome." She nodded her head toward the taiyoukai, figuring that he would never bother to offer and said, "This, is Lord Sesshomaru. We are from a place called Japan on the planet Earth."

Sesshomaru grunted, but made no effort to add anything to the miko Kagome's introduction of them both. He had no need for such formalities, as he had no intention of remaining in the company of these individuals any longer than necessary.

Anubis nodded to them both and replied in a deep smooth tone, laced with a hint of underlying amusement. "I am Lord Anubis of Egypt, also of the planet Earth. It is such a shame to meet such a beauty under such ugly circumstances." Anubis then gently grasped the ladies hand and pulled it to his lips. He placed a soft kiss upon the back of her hand, and Kagome was sure that she turned several shades of red.

The reprieve ended much to soon as the doors slid open to release another enemy into their midst. Kagome raced to the side and gathered several of her spent sacred arrows. After fast examination, they appeared none the worse for wear, so she slipped two of them into her quiver and notched the third into her bow.

A mass of short furry creatures came pouring out with snarls of rage. They were fast for their size and wielded long sharp claws and glinting fangs. At first she thought they were mindless creatures, but one of the larger ones up front halted the progress with a wave of his thick hairy arm. He made some strange noises and the mass of them charged forward. Kagome gulped at the numbers and released her first wave of purification, hoping like hell that it would work against these new beasts.

The force of her power swept just over the beast's heads, incinerating them simply by proximity. Dozens of the furry menaces were exterminated with one shot. Sesshomaru, as well as all the others, watching in amazement as the small mortal female took out a vast chunk of the enemy.

Now, thinking that these were weak opponents, the participants relaxed a bit, but that would be a grave mistake for most. While the power of Kagome's purification quickly destroyed the evil little monsters, they were nothing but fierce in battle. Nothing worked on them quite like the decimation from the miko. It was as if her power sought out the darkness that seeped through their veins.

Sesshomaru slashed, snarled, and fought with everything that he had as he strove to maintain the upper hand in this battle. These beasts possessed superior speed and claws as sharp as razors. Twice already he felt the bite of their talons slash through his flesh. Anubis was sending blasts of power outward, turning the beasts to burnt piles of ash, and those who came close felt the cut of his claws as he struggled to keep control of the battle before him. He received several minor wounds, mostly to his legs, by these spawns of hell, and found that he owed thanks to the girl for saving him from several more by blasting away those he could not handle.

Sesshomaru noticed that the miko had no more arrows, and was now using her blade. Thankfully her efforts with the bow pushed their numbers to manageable levels. Several times he found himself lashing his whip out to snap one of the pests attacking her in two. It was almost impossible for a mere mortal to keep up with their speed.

Instinctively the males blocked the female between them, as she began to lose much of her strength. She had more than done her fair share, and their protective instincts quickly kicked in. Between the males, Kagome lashed out swiping with her right hand and kicking out at the same time with her foot. One hellish fur ball disintegrated and one flew back with an audible 'oomph'. She noticed pretty quickly that her partners were pushing her between them, and it felt a little comforting to think that they were willing to protect her. Although it was a bit annoying. They hardly gave her any room to move in order to help.

When it ended, the three of them stood amongst the dead, breathing hard and now feeling the onset of exhaustion. The mortal girl was barely standing now, since her body had exceeded its limit. Sesshomaru searched the mass, looking for further threats, but found... nothing. Nothing was left standing, except them.

"Congratulations to the warriors of Earth!" The voice boomed amidst the roar of the cheering crowd. "You three have won your freedom!" Hearing this, Kagome gave up that last ounce of strength and collapsed in a heap between Inuyasha's hated half brother and a strange sexy male from the deserts of Egypt.

She awoke when the trickle of water was poured over her head. Kagome blinked away the haze of sleep, and the sting of water in her eyes, to find three odd looking... pale females with three eyes each, washing her naked body. She blushed furiously and tried to push away, but the group of them were down right persistent in their task. Finally she gave up and let them have their way with her. The water was softly scented and left her feeling very clean and relaxed. With assistance she stepped out of the hot water and was immediately wrapped in a huge fluffy cloth. She was led to a bench where the three servants pulled her hair up in a loose bundle of wavy curls. Then they proceeded to dress her.

Kagome held up her hand and shook her head with a definite 'no'. The outfit was ridiculously small! The bikini-like top was glittering silver and very tiny, barely even covering the dark circle of her nipples. The bottom was no more than fancy panties, with a slip of cloth attached to the front and back which gave it the appearance of being a skirt, but the slits up the sides hid nothing, and the backside would leave a large portion of her round cheeks hanging out. It came with matching shoes that had a slight heel and a ribbon of shimmering silver that was obviously supposed to wrap up her legs. No way. No how, was she wearing that thing.

Kagome groaned in utter humiliation as she was escorted into a dining hall wearing the tiny silver thing. The guard at her back poked her with the stun rod that he carried, making her 'eep' and pick up her step. She spotted Sesshomaru and Anubis already seated with guards surrounding them as well. The others in the room were like nothing that she had ever seen before. Their skin was blue and they were tall and lean with red blazing eyes. Kagome felt her own skin crawl as the many eyes turned to watch her approach.

Sesshomaru felt his gut clench when the miko was brought into the hall. The past two years of seeing her scantily dressed in that odd short kimono did nothing to prepare him for the sight of her tonight. The shimmering cloth did nothing to hide one ounce of her flesh, and what was hidden, seemed to be further emphasized by the skimpy design. Her soft womanly curves were a feast for the eyes, that is, if one chose to look.

Anubis was now deciding that this unexpected trip was perhaps worth his time after all. The mortal girl, Kagome was approaching in a tiny little slip of an outfit. Nothing was left to the imagination. With each stride that she took her hips moved with her slender legs to push the little skirt open revealing even more of her smooth flesh. The motion of her body made her full round breasts jiggle delightfully, and he thought how very much he would like to further explore them.

"Greetings, warrior princess. Welcome to the feast in your honor," stated a male as he stood and motioned to an empty chair. Once Kagome was seated, between Anubis and Sesshomaru, the male alien began to speak again. "You may call me King Appka and this, he gestured next to him, is my Queen, Kirahomakesh."

Kagome was caught off guard with these greetings. Did these people think that she would just brush this whole thing away and forget the fact that they had kidnapped her, taken her from her friends, and placed her in danger by sending armies of creatures to kill her? Ha! Not likely. However, it would probably not get her home any faster if she argued her point, so instead he clamped her angry words down, looked at the two and gave them a curt nod. "The name is Kagome, and I am not a warrior princess."

The King narrowed his eyes before giving a nonchalant nod. It seemed that he was unaccustomed to being corrected.

The dinner was served, and though Kagome was starved, she was hesitant to eat the food placed before her. She looked hesitantly to her two Earthly comrades. They were both sniffing delicately at the meal. As if on queue the King stated in a booming voice, "Eat up, warriors. Do not fear, the food is safe for your consumption."

Sesshomaru chose to refuse the food, though he detected no poisoning. He simply did not wish to partake of a meal amongst these brazen fools. He noticed the miko looking at him expectantly and nodded his head. "It is safe to eat, miko." She smiled brightly at him and proceeded to consume her meal. Lord Anubis began to eat, but not because he hungered. It was mere curiosity, really. He wished to know what these odd items tasted like, and soon found that several dishes were rather pleasing to the palate.

The King noticed Sesshomaru surveying the room, checking the exits and assessing the guards. "Lord Sesshomaru, It is in your best interest to accommodate us for the time being. An attack on us at this point would not be in your favor, for we hold the only key to returning you to your homeland. Should you attack, our deal is off, and you will not be returned to Earth as was agreed."

Sesshomaru growled, but remained seated. As much as he would like to slice the flesh from their very bones, the King was right on that count. This strange place was not his world and he had no way to return without their help. Begrudgingly he accepted his temporary fate.

When the meal was over, the guards escorted them from the dining hall. Anubis had no true complaints at the moment, as he found the tiny silver outfit of his companion to be even more appealing from the rear. Her hips swayed and the swell of her bottom bounced ever so slightly with each step. Personally he was happy and content. Good food, and a delightful view, what more could he ask for?

They were led into a room. One room. One room with one large bed. The walls were mirrored. Even the ceiling was mirrored, and there was no other furniture in the room. On the floor was a pitcher of clear liquid, that Kagome assumed was water since there were three glasses beside it. The door slammed and Kagome jumped around to find that she was now left in this room alone with Sesshomaru and Anubis. "Geez. The least they could have done was provide us with separate rooms," Kagome grumbled as she made her way to perch on the edge of the huge bed.

Sesshomaru paced around the room slowly before leaning on the wall near the bed. This situation seemed to get stranger and more frustrating by the hour. Kagome untied the winding silver ribbon and slipped the glittering shoes from her feet, before scooting up to rest her back against the wall. She bent her knees, bringing them under her chin in a vain attempt to cover some of her nakedness. Being in a such a small room with two overpowering males did not do much for her self-security. Anubis glanced at the lovely mortal girl sitting on the lonely bed, looking all the world like she wished to curl up into a ball and disappear.

Unbeknownst to the three, just behind the mirrored walls, there stalked a tall lithe female, studying them with a deviously wicked smirk on her slender blue face. "Mmm.... these three will provide quality entertainment. The males, they are fine specimens, and the female, a true warrior, but she holds such an air of youth and innocence." A throaty laugh escaped her dark lips as she stepped closer to the figure of the girl on the other side. "Though innocent her soul may be, her body is ripe and full." The tall female groaned as she slid her long fingers over her chest, down her flat stomach, to the apex of her thighs. "I wonder how she tastes?"

Her mate watched her display of sensuality with a grin. He could feel his staff harden as he swept his red eyes over her swaying figure. This was their reward. He and his Queen took their prize at their leisure, choosing to watch those that were deemed worthy. The stress of organizing the capture of the gladiators was most taxing, as was the flood of travelers who settled upon them in order to view the battles. Though it was a dangerous game they played, stealing fierce alien warriors to fight for them, it was well worth it. The revenue grossed sustained their entire planet's population. No one there worked. Everything was imported from other worlds. The entire planet depended on the Game to survive.

The most recent battle had brought them three highly intriguing gladiators, all possessing great power and skill. Two male inu youkai, as well as one female human. A most odd ménage à trois, but one that had his lovely Kirahomakesh positively oozing the mating hormone of their people. The tall midnight blue King inhaled deeply of the call, and his blood began to burn for her. It was time for their champions to begin their performance.

Just above the mirrors, so tiny that they remained un-noticed by the three gladiators, were numerous small metal spouts. Spouts, that were now releasing an odorless and colorless gas. A gas that was designed for just this purpose.

Kirahomakesh watched with great expectation, as the human girl shifted to lay back on the bed. Long dark lashes fluttered over her large soft blue eyes. Sesshomaru, the pale inuyoukai stiffened visibly and then turned to the girl. It was obvious, as he lightly sniffed the air, that he had scented the females budding arousal.

Sesshomaru suddenly felt strange. His body grew hot when he glanced down to find the miko doing a most uncharacteristic, as well as utterly erotic, thing. Her tiny hand slid between the apex of her smooth thighs to stroke the thin slip of silver covering the soft petals of her womanhood. The moan that came from her throat sent his own heated blood racing trough his veins, and much to his shock he found that his member was beginning to grow thick and heavy. One glance to Anubis, and he was sure that the dark haired male was experiencing much of the same. His eyes were glued to the sight of the girl stroking her core with one hand and cupping her breast with the other. Only the whites of her eyes could be seen as they rolled to the back of her head. She then pushed, arching her pelvis as she began to rub harder.

Anubis tore his eyes away from Kagome and looked to the white haired inu by his side. Lord Sesshomaru was panting slightly, and his face appeared a bit flushed while watching the girl pleasure herself. This inu was a fierce warrior, and a beautiful product of their species. He found himself following the smooth curve of his neck and wondering what the soft pale skin just behind his ear would taste like. Absently he reached down and rubbed his hand over his throbbing erection, before turning to watch the girl continue to writhe about as if she were in a state of sexual frenzy.

The Egyptian prince glanced again to his male companion to discover that Sesshomaru was beginning to disrobe. He watched as the demon dropped the coverings from his upper body, leaving only the ballooning silk pants on. His chest was chiseled to perfection, evidence of his hard work and dedication to achieving perfection. The pale taiyoukai then crawled above the girl and buried his face in the midst of her chest whispering, "Kagome..."

Kagome was lost to what was right and what was wrong. Carnal pleasure was the only thought in her mind. Her body was on fire with need. The need to be touched, caressed and filled. Every cell seemed alive and begging for attention. Her hands moved of their own accord, seeking her aching wet heat, but nothing quelled the burning need. She gasped when Sesshomaru settled atop her, whispering her name for the first time that she could ever remember. It rolled off of his tongue, deep and soft, making her shiver in delight. He buried his face between her breasts and she groaned as his long warm tongue snaked out to lap around the underside of one pert mound.

Anubis wondered, for a brief moment, if these two had been lovers? He also wondered if they would be adverse to his joining in their fun. His swollen erection ached so badly that it was becoming rather painful to bear. Soon, his concern for etiquette was only a brief issue in the back of his mind as the cloud of heat pooled through his belly.

To hell with it. He was going to join whether they liked it or not.

Kagome opened her eyes to lazy slits seeing the Egyptian prince, Anubis, approach. He moved up beside her, like a wild animal stalking its prey. He then leaned down, taking possession of her smooth tender lips. It was a possessive taking of her mouth, sending liquid heat pooling to her lower body, making her moan into him. The passing thought, that he tasted like an electrical storm, fresh and dangerous, caressed her hazy awareness.

Kirahomakesh never removed her eyes from the erotic scene being played out before her, while she slid over the form of her mate. His warm moist kisses traced a burning path over the long slender column of her neck. Watching always set her body on fire. It was a drug; an addiction; a taboo act of voyeurism while experiencing her own carnal bliss.

She watched the dark haired male slip from his dark garments, carelessly tossing them to the floor. His lips quickly returned to claim the girls. Kagome was her name. A human female possessing mysterious inner powers. Kagome's body moved of its own accord as the pale demon suckled her breasts. The dark tawny tips hardened as he lightly pinched and nipped at them before pulling them fully into the warm cavern of his mouth.

Through the high definition sound system she could clearly hear every grunt, every moan, and every feminine whimper. The males were emitting a deep thrumming rumble from their chests that both stirred her blood and fascinated her. She rubbed her heated core against the hardness of her King as she watched Sesshomaru move from the girls' breasts to her womanly entrance. It took no prompting for Anubis to take up the worship of her twin mounds while Sesshomaru sought a more heady delight.

Kagome moaned as she entangled her fingers in Sesshomaru's fine silky hair. "Ahhnn, Ses...shomaru." He sucked her tender nub into his mouth and held it captive while flicking it with his very flexible tongue. The ripples of pleasure sent her pelvis arching into his face. The warm sucking of her breasts added to the act causing her to loose control. Kagome cried out as she reached her first climax, then Sesshomaru released the swollen bundle of nerves and lapped greedily at the gift of her essence.

Anubis raised his head to watch the beautiful sight before him. Kagome shook violently with the force of her orgasm. Her tiny, curvaceous frame tossed about, making her breasts dance and his mouth water. He watched her face as she lost control leaving those full pink lips gasping for each breath. Those lips. He became hypnotized by their glistening softness. He wanted to feel her. To feel her mouth on him.

Kagome looked up to Anubis as he knelt beside her. He reached out to caress her far cheek, gently nudging her head toward him. In his clawed hand he grasped the full hardness of his manhood, stroking its length, and never removing his ice blue eyes from the image of her sweet lips. "Kagome, open your mouth. Take me inside of your wet heat." His voice was deep, the smoothness now riddled with pent up passion.

Something was not right, but for some reason she just couldn't manifest the mental strength to figure out what it was. The warm softness of male tongues and mouths were all that she could focus on right now. Long probing fingers expertly entered her slick channel to caress an explosive spot and all suspect thoughts then flittered from her mind with a moan of pleasure. She opened her mouth, inviting the desirable dark haired inu to invade her warmth.

He watched her take him into her mouth. She opened wide for him and he took full advantage, though his girth barely fit in the narrow passage. He held his breath as she sucked the velvet tip in and then traced her soft tongue over the tiny slit in the end. He pushed further and filled her more completely until her luscious lips were stretched tightly around his width. "By the Eye of Horus, woman you are driving me mad with your teasing little tongue," Anubis growled, then pushed forward until he could go no more. Her blue eyes stared up at him lazily as she sucked and licked his throbbing, aching flesh.

Sesshomaru caressed Kagome's breasts, hips and thighs lightly with his claws while he watched Anubis fill her mouth. The male was the epitome of lean muscular perfection. His skin, not pale, but tanned from the desert sun. He flexed his hips, pumping his staff into her sucking mouth and the sounds of their moans and grunts served to heat his blood to boiling. He watched the muscles of the male ripple over his chest, and he had the urge to touch the skin there.

Anubis gasped when Kagome sucked harder and faster, just as Sesshomaru began to trace his hand over his chest. He turned to look at the male inu and held his golden sultry gaze with his own. Dry lips called to his wet tongue and he smoothed over the parched flesh. This act seemed to stir something further in the pale taiyoukai who shifted to taste the skin of his broad shoulder. A shiver raced up his spine as the male's deadly fangs nipped and scraped over his flesh, while his clawed hands traced erotic patterns over his marbled chest and abdomen.

The Egyptian Lords hand moved to grasp the pale muscular thigh of his aroused companion while Kagome sucked harder on his swollen length. Their panting breaths mingled with gasps and grunts as the three lovers sought to please one another. Sesshomaru arched his hips, rubbing his throbbing cock against the male in an attempt to ease his own discomfort. He traced a path of licks and nipping kisses over his shoulders before tearing himself away. He could not wait any more.

Anubis resisted the urge to hold Sesshomaru in place behind him. The warmth of his body had felt very good, and as much as he hated to admit it, it was rather arousing to feel the evidence of his need pressed against his backside. His mind was a blended mixture of hazy pleasure and fleeting questions, that just did not seem that important right now. So he returned his full attention to Kagome.

Sesshomaru shifted the miko's legs apart and tested her readiness by slipping a long finger into her hidden treasure. He smirked when he found it utterly dripping, and brought the bounty to his lips for another quick taste. Sweet. He could devour her every day and never grow tired of her secrets. He slid the bulbous velveteen head through her slick folds, eliciting a few very sensual sounds from the miko, while coating his member with her nether juices.

"Are you ready for me miko? Are you ready for this Sesshomaru to fill your aching core?" Kagome's groan was a muffled sound of rapture when he buried himself with one hard thrust. "Nnnggg.... tight," he muttered through clenched teeth. He pulled her thighs up closer, reaching a new depth and making her grunt. Anubis growled his pleasure as the vibrating sound engulfed his hard aching length. He reached down to run his fingers through her soft hair as he watched her devour his sword with her mouth.

Sesshomaru shook his head, sending long strips of pearly iridescence flitting around him. Kagome's gripping wet heat was almost more than he could bear. He withdrew, and reveled in the quivering tightness of her channel before slamming back in. Her small body was rocked beneath his harsh pounding. His animalistic grunting filled the room to mingle with damp slapping flesh and Kagome's muffled moans. Briefly, words that sounded much like his own passed through his mind... 'I will never stoop so low as to rut with a mortal' . His golden eyes flew wide, but the clenching heat of the dainty little female overwhelmed all thought and it simply did not seem important anymore.

Anubis reached out and caught the bulk of Sesshomaru's loose hair, pulling it into a bunch, and leaving it to trail over his shoulder. Leaning forward, he slowly traced his tongue over the smooth skin of Sesshomaru's neck, although the action did nothing to distract the taiyoukai from his course. He watched as Sesshomaru rammed his thick length into Kagome's core and he inhaled deeply of her sweet spicy aroma. Anubis thrust harder into her tender mouth, loving the way her tongue worked over his velvet flesh.

"Uhhmmm..." Kagome moaned as the eager males filled her. Their harsh pants and intense eyes were proof of their pleasure. Pleasure gained from her own mortal body. It gave her a sense of power, to know that she could bring these to fierce youkai Lords to such a frantic state.

"Turn her over," Anubis ground out through an especially pleasurable tingle of sensation. Promptly Sesshomaru and he withdrew and flipped Kagome to her hands and knees. Sesshomaru slammed his fullness back into her depths and Kagome screamed her praise. Anubis positioned himself so that she could easily continue her ministrations to his staff before leaning forward to roughly pull Sesshomaru's head closer to his own. He used his free hand to trace the smooth contours of his pale face while grasping his hair tightly. Sesshomaru growled and it served to stir his youkai to life. The beast had taken notice of the pleasure being wrought on its master and now wished to play this game too.

Sesshomaru watched the blue eyes of Anubis beginning to swim with silver and his own beast roared his challenge. He wanted freedom to take control, and Sesshomaru was willing to give it to him. Golden eyes swam with crimson as his fangs burst through his gums to new lengths. Both inu's were growling and snarling, as razor sharp claws grew longer while rapture remained just out of their reach.

Kagome felt the rise in jaki and the flare of demonic auras as her lovers began to transform before her eyes. For a brief moment she thought to feel a little fear at her current situation, but as soon as it entered her mind it fled. The molten liquid coil building in her gut was become an intensely painful pleasure, and all she could think about was feeling the spring release. Anubis pumped his thick manhood into her mouth and she lapped at the tiny salty droplets of stray juices. He was big, and so was Sesshomaru, and at the moment that made her very happy.

Sesshomaru grasped her hips tightly, impaling her soft wet heat onto himself with wild abandon. The beast growled and snapped, "Good bitch! Yesss.... Take this big demon cock!" Faster and faster he rode her until he moved with youkai speed. Kagome could do nothing except hold on to Anubis' thighs, slip her mouth from around his girth, throw her raven head back, and scream her climax to the heavens. "AAAHHHHHH!!!! KAMI!!!!" Her tight quivering passage milked Sesshomaru's throbbing, pumping rod until he joined her with a roar.

Anubis' own beast gnashed its fangs as it watched the inu take his pleasure. He then moved around behind Sesshomaru and stroked his smooth flesh while the beast receded and the pale taiyoukai gasped for each breath. The Egyptian raked his elongated claws over the tight stomach muscles and enjoyed the shiver from the other male. He gave them time, allowing Sesshomaru to sooth the girl with languid kisses over her moist salty flesh, while he grasped the thighs and muscular derriere of the male before him.

Sesshomaru leaned forward and took possession of Kagome's sweet mouth. He kissed her long and hard, sliding his tongue inside her warmth to tease her own. She moaned into him just before he pulled away. Her eyes were glassy and barely open. He leaned to her ear and licked the delicate round shell before whispering in a husky voice, "You have done well miko Kagome. This Sesshomaru has truly enjoyed your soft yielding body. Now, however, you will pleasure another."

Sesshomaru pulled out, and Kagome whimpered as his deflating warmth was lost to her. Her soft cry of despair did not last long, before Anubis filled the void. Her breath hitched in her chest with a gasp as he thrust his full thick length in completely to press at the mouth of her womb. His rhythmic thrusting pace equaled that of Sesshomaru, as his inner demon sought its pleasure. Through a voice now gruff and bestial he asked, "Do you like this, bitch? ...Do you?" He grunted through panting breaths as his end drew near. The beast was in a frenzy of want and desire, pounding into the soft folds of this small human woman. "Scream for This Anubis, Bitch! SCREAM!" His thrusts slammed into her, rocking her entire body until she could do nothing but scream, and scream she did. Wave after wave consumed her as her body once again shook in orgasmic release. Anubis rode the wave as well, allowing her tight slick sheath, quivering around his length, to pull his seed from his body. He threw back his head and howled his conquest for all to hear.

A sly smile worked over Sesshomaru's face as he watched the silver-eyed demon spill his thick cream. It was a most enjoyable experience indeed. The miko held a true gift for the pleasure of a man. Her body seemed to thrive on their demonic attentions. Right now, he was spent, but he vowed to taste the delicacies of her flesh again very soon.

The pale taiyoukai moved to the side of the miko and pulled her close, inhaling deeply of her jasmine scent mingled with the masculine odors of sex. She snuggled into his chest and Anubis lay on her opposite side. The three of them needed a time of rest.

"YES! OH FUCK ME HARDER! OH!!! My LORD!" Kirahomakesh screamed as Appka rammed into her core. Their rapture exploded sending them both spiraling into bliss.

Through panting breaths, Appka laughed. "You know My Queen, that we must return these pets of yours, no matter how much you wish to keep them. That is the rules of the Game." Kirahomakesh sighed heavily as she settled next to her mate. "Such a pity too. I really liked them. They were simply exquisite."


Inuyasha blinked, trying to shield his eyes from the blinding flash of light generated from Tokijin and Kagome's purity arrow. He grunted hard when his body hit the ground just past Kikyo. Quickly he jumped over her fallen body and tried to spot Naraku, hoping that the bastard was finally dead. When the dust cleared he was appalled to find the son-of-a-bitch still breathing, though missing a great portion of his body. He turned to Kagome, who looked like she was thoroughly shaken. 'The poor girl is probably afraid and exhausted,' he thought as he watched her stumble forward strangely.

'Wait.... what in the hell is she wearing?'


Anubis looked around him, finding himself standing over the charred remains of his latest conquest. He shook his head, sending long shiny raven hair swaying about. He was back! Just like they said. Right back where and from when he was taken. He turned and looked to the East longingly. Slowly, a mischievous smile curled his lip, making his ice blue eyes sparkle, and then he said, "This Anubis shall pay a visit to Japan." In a flash of blue light, he was gone.


The Shikon was working against them. Naraku seemed invincible with the jewel in his clutches. He just would not fucking die! He manipulated the power of the almost completed Shikon to pull himself back together and regenerate at an unbelievable pace. Inuyasha was so wounded now that hope for winning this battle was slipping away fast.

Sesshomaru and Kagome were the only ones still able to fully fight, and the two of them were giving Naraku hell, but it just wasn't enough. Inuyasha growled in frustration as he sliced through a new set of appendages sent his way. Kikyo lay behind him, alive, but unconscious, and all he could do was try to keep her that way. Kagome screamed and he turned his head in horror, expecting her to be ran through, but found that she had only been surprised when Sesshomaru grabbed her, saving her from such a fate.

He narrowed his eyes as he watched the way his half brother touched the scantily clad miko. Something about it made him... pause. He found it strange. Sesshomaru had never made a move to assist her before.

Suddenly a bright ball of blue light crashed from the sky and Inuyasha feared the worse. If this was more of Naraku's damn shit, then they were in big trouble.

Anubis landed and quickly ascertained the situation. His lovers were battling a hideous creature with all their might. This wouldn't do at all. How could he have a good rut with this bastard distracting his Kagome and Sesshomaru? With a heavy sigh, he sent a fanged smile and a charming wink to the miko in question. She stood frozen, staring at him with an open mouth, and suddenly the most wonderful image of his manhood slipping between her lips flashed through his mind. The regal Sesshomaru stood at her side with one dark thin brow raised in question. So distracted were they, that the two of them were almost pummeled by a tentacle before Sesshomaru reacted to save them.

Anubis flipped his long ebony hair back over his shoulder and flexed his claws, cracking his knuckled in anticipation. It was time to free up some time for his newfound companions.

Kagome gasped when she spotted Lord Anubis moving into battle stance. Naraku screamed his rage at the interference, but Kagome welcomed it with open arms. She shouted to Sesshomaru, "Now Sesshomaru! Hit him with the Dragon Strike!"

Inuyasha watched in open mouthed amazement as Sesshomaru, Kagome, and the newcomer all released a well timed attack on the evil bastard. The explosion from the impact knocked them all to the ground. This time when he sought out Naraku, he found nothing except ashes and the dark swirling shine of the tainted Shikon Jewel. Kagome walked over on shaky legs, followed closely by Sesshomaru and the odd new ally. She picked it up and it flashed to a brilliant pink. The miko smiled brightly and then Sesshomaru pulled her to him and kissed her hard.

"What the FUCK?!!" Inuyasha stammered. He stumbled forward, using Tetsusaiga to lean upon, but Kagome and the bastard were already walking his way.

Kagome stopped with Anubis and Sesshomaru at her sides, and tossed the purified Shikon no Tama to a surprised and angry Inuyasha. He picked it out of the air as she said, "Here Inuyasha, hold on to this for me will ya?." She looked to each of her companions with a smile. "I have something to do."

Miroku and Sango limped to the hanyou, and little Shippo peeked from behind them. Kirara and Kikyo, who had just came to consciousness, sat on the ground staring after the retreating figures of Kagome, Sesshomaru and a new inuyoukai. The entire lot of them cocked their heads to the side in astonished wonder.

Miroku coughed and then said, "Hm... it appears that Kagome has made some new... friends."

From beside the monk, Sango mumbled, "What in Kami is she wearing?"

Miroku shook his head with a lecherous grin. "I do not know, but I hope that she wears it more often."

After a loud 'Kurplunk', the monk, who had managed to stay conscious and fighting during the entire battle with Naraku, fell to his back with a noticeable large red bump on his head, completely unconscious.

Shippo turned to limp away, muttering, "That idiot. He'll never learn."



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