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[Take 1]

The crisp morning air gently enveloped two entwining forms laid entwined in an unconsciously heart-warming pose. The chill air blew gently upon them, drawing the two unknowingly deeper in each other’s embrace, as if Mother Nature was silently encouraging her children further into the arms of their lovers. Smiling gently upon them, the sun’s delicate, soft fingers seeped in from the window to massage their shivering muscles, relaxing them in the other’s hold.

Slowly, one of the two was coming to their senses. Eyelashes fluttering to adjust to the rays of light, she groaned. As sleep finally released their hold on her brain, she dimly registered the facts that beside being dizzy and a bit sore, there was someone besides her.

Why and who could possibly be besides her?

"What the hell?!"

And Kagome went rigid.


Two months ago, Kagome was still headfirst in love with her teenage friend and crush, Inuyasha. He was everything in the world to her, and at his very word, her heart would very much break out of its own will. She loved him with all her heart, gave up so much to keep him happy before and after they started dating, and the only thing she asked in return was for him to not hurt her. That, and to wait.

She was still not ready to have sex yet.

But Inuyasha did not seem to notice. Oh, how much he had changed! Where had her Inuyasha go? The one she fell in love with? The one who was unsure of himself, finding fault in

everything he did or was, but still remained true to his own desires and identity? The one that made sure she had the best and worried for her, loved her, even though he would often times deny it? Her heart was broken, but so was her will.

It all happened so fast, she didn’t even know when he started to change.

When Inuyasha began to actually really care about how he looked. When he started to actually care if the other females in the room turned their heads to see him. When he began to slowly attempt to flirt back when others came to him.

When Inuyasha began to blush when Kikyo was near.

She never noticed until too late. She knew her best friend had always had a crush on her boyfriend. So did Inuyasha. It seemed perfectly natural for Kikyo to flirt with Inuyasha. And seeing to the fact Inuyasha was slightly aware of her crush, it did not bother Kagome when he made attempts to make her feel less uncomfortable with them dating. In fact, she was felt guilty in a way: Kikyo had been through a lot, and looked towards Kagome as her confidant. It seemed almost wrong to date Inuyasha, knowing that Kikyo adored him. That is, before

she began to notice they were a bit ‘too’ comfortable.

That is, before she found them together behind a bookshelf, making out.

And even then, she assured herself, it only happened because Kikyo lost control. Inuyasha didn’t provoke or encourage it. He wouldn’t.

Would he?

She found herself, more aware of their closeness to each other. It was almost, intimate. Without touching. She began to notice how Inuyasha would do simple things like holding the door for Kikyo, but totally forget and slam the door in her face. How he would ask what Kikyo thought, but not herself. How she often felt like a third-wheel.

But again, she refused to admit the possibility of Inuyasha cheating on her. It wasn’t too hard, because when they were alone, he’d be the same Inuyasha she fell in love with.

Except he seemed to like to express his care physically a lot more than he used to. Up until the point where Kagome had to tell him, more than once, that she was not ready.

She didn’t want to have sex with him with these doubts. She didn’t want to regret it. She needed to know he loved her.

But he didn’t listen. He got frustrated and took her against her will, except Kagome did nothing to stop it except weep and beg. In the end, she just laid there motionless, tears streaming

down her face.

And that was how Sesshoumaru found her. Literally. Seeing as to the fact it was perhaps the first time he ever talked or even acknowledged her presence when in his company.

It was him, who tore Inuyasha off her sobbing, but dead body when he found them on the floor coming home from work. It was him who demanded an explanation, but then never gave Inuyasha a chance to explain seeing that the evidence was already laid out before him.

He kicked Inuyasha out of the house.

And got her a blanket.

He already had a pretty good idea of what happened. What else could it be? The poor girl was trembling and crying from pain and betrayal, while Inuyasha was shaking and screaming from ecstasy and pleasure. He empathized her.

He understood her pain.

And he allowed her to sob on his shoulder, covered in nothing but a blanket. Simply because he knew. He had known and saw how much she had given to help Inuyasha. How much she loved him. How recently Inuyasha tended to stray away from her side and allowed the his newfound acceptance get to his head; An acceptance that Kagome helped him to achieve. How Kagome shrugged it off, and still welcomed him back to her arms when everything let him down. And he knew how Kagome had resulted to this broken, empty shell of tears she now was. So he let her cry.

That was the moment Kagome’s life went through hell and back again. Because it was in that moment, where their mere acquaintance of family developed into a mutual friendship. Where Sesshoumaru would look after her, giving her advice for her own good. Like dumping Inuyasha.

But she couldn’t. She still loved him. Besides, he said he was sorry.

And so she forgave him. Only, was now more uneasy than ever. And therefore, seeing as to how she can’t much talk to Kikyo or Inuyasha about her troubles, she turned to Sesshoumaru. He became her confidant. Her anchor to sanity. And for a time, all was well again, at least, as well as it could have been.

At least, until she caught Inuyasha and Kikyo together again.

But not simply making out.

They were having sex.


And no matter how much she wanted to deny it, how much she wanted to hear Sesshoumaru tell her it was alright, it wasn’t.

Because they both knew as soon as they found out, it couldn’t be a mistake.

You need two to tango.

During that time, Kagome found her hell, and her angel. If it weren’t for Sesshoumaru, she would never have managed to do the right thing. She would never have managed to stay

alive even. He was the one who managed to convince her though she must break up with Inuyasha, it was not the end of the world. She had much to live for, and Inuyasha was not worth a minute of it.

And during those two months, their friendship grew, though he would never admit it. In reality, he didn’t do anything really. He would just sit there, let her talk and cry, and then guide her with an unchanging, but soft, voice. And though it may not have seemed that he cared, she was able to tell he was far more patient and caring towards her than others. And to her, it was the only thing left for her.


Because she fell in love with Sesshoumaru.

And it was because of this, that after the desperate kiss he gave her when she found him slightly drunk and upset in his room, that they are now together, in bed. She couldn’t have resisted him, even though it was wrong and that Sesshoumaru was not in his right state of mind.

Besides, it was the only thing she could do: allow him to express his unhappiness in whatever form to take part and lessen his burden at the moment.

And it was the only time he allowed her to repay his kindness and comfort for the past few months.

She did not think she would regret it. But the look of disgust and the days afterwards would sure made her feel like she should have.

For unknown to Kagome, she did not step into the hells of hell just yet.

And this time, her angel does not seem to care anymore.





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