An Eternity of Youth by Bluemonkey

Part I: The Fountain----Chapter 1


'The legend of the fountain of Youth is known through out the world. Juan Ponce de Leon was the first to make it to the land where the fountain of youth is located. He was killed by natives of the land soon after. Juan Ponce de Leon had failed to find the fountain, but I shall not. My crew and I will find it and we will live an eternity of youth'

Chapter 1

Sesshomaru Tashio was the captain of the most feared pirate crew on the seven seas. They were all strong and they were said to fearless. But that's where the worldwas wrong. The men on Sesshomaru's crew all had one common fear. Their fear was weakness. They didn't like the idea of being unable to protect themselves. They didn't like the idea of growing old and vulnerable. That is what brought the toughest crew ever known together. They wanted to stay young forever.

Sesshomaru stood with Midoriko at the stern of the ship, Shikon no Tama. Sesshomaru had his long black was pulled back into a high pony tail. As he glanced over at Midoriko his brown eyes filled with warmth and he couldn't help but smile.

Midoriko was the daughter of a powerful king. She had runaway from home to be with Sesshomaru soon after they met. She was also a well trained priestess. The spiritual powers she had were rare and many of he people looked to her for strength, so her sudden disappearance had the kingdom in a frenzy. At the palace she had her life planned for her and she hated it. Aboard the ship she felt different, which was a reason she chose to be with Sesshomaru At sea, she was free. Midoriko closed her eyes and let ocean breeze blow through her long dark hair.

"Captain" One of the crew members said from behind the couple, "we've arrived."

Sesshomaru nodded and walkedwith Midorikoto where the entire crew stood eager for instructions.

"After years of searching and stealing fromgovernment ships we've finally found the ultimate treasure!" He yelled out to them, "Today men, we become immortal! Today we become gods!" The crew cheered excitedly.

Sesshomaru turned to the small cave at the edge of the cove where his ship currently floated. The ship couldn't be seen from the open sea, but that didn't mean the government ships wouldn't find them. They would have to be quick. For some strange reason the king didn't seem to be to happy about his only daughter running off with a pirate.

Sesshomaru led them onto to shore after ordering Midoriko to stay on the ship where it was safe. They took a few small boats into the dark cavern. His brother, Inuyasha, sat next to him on the boat.

Inuyasha looked like his elder brother. He had the same long black hair and brown eyes. The only differences were that Sesshomaru was taller and his hair was a lot smoother than Inuyasha's.

Soon the boats made it to a point where it was too shallow for them to continue work. The crew of 21 stepped out of the boats and into the knee deep water.

"It's cold." Inuyasha commented

"Deal with it." Sesshomaru responded as he began to walk forward

They all walked for what seemed to be hours in the narrow cave with only the light of three lanterns. When...Sesshomaru suddenly stopped walking. He looked down at the dark water around his legs

"What is it?' Inuyasha asked walking to his elder half-brother's side

"The water," Sesshomaru said, "it's warm."

Inuyasha paused for a second, "You're right. How is this possible?"

"I'm not sure."

They decided to ignore the sudden change of water tempature and continued to walk forward, unsure of what lay ahead of them.

"I see light!" A random pirate shouted out.

"Why do you always do that?" Another pirate named Kouga asked. Kouga was one of the strongest members of the crew. He had long black hair that he kept in a low pony tail and black eyes.

"Do what?" The random pirate asked confused

"You always state the obvious." Kouga responded angrily, "It's so annoying. I mean, we can all see the light, we're not blind"

The first pirate mumbled something under his breath, but other then that he didn't respond to the man's comments.

The crew of 20 plus the captain stopped at the end of the cave and the end of the river they had been following. In front of them was a beautiful meadow. There were trees, a waterfall, and a river. Birds could be heard singing and rabbits seen hopping around. Everything seemed so perfect, it was so serene and peaceful. In the middle of the field there was a small pond and in the center of that was a pile of rocks. Coming from the rocks was a fountain of water

"Wow." Inuyasha whispered.

"We actually did it." Some one said

"It's really real." Another stated

"We found it. The Fountain of Youth" Sesshomaru said stepping forward.

Sesshomaru stepped forward and walked into the pond. The water was like ice and yet it warmed him. It was a strange feeling. He walked to large pile of rocksthat reached his waist. He caught some of the water pouring out of it in his hands and quickly drank it before the liquid could slip through his fingers.

The water tasted sweet and as he swallowed he felt as if his very soul was being warmed. The feeling was amazing and unlike anything he had ever experienced before.

His crew watched from the shore as a blue light surrounded him. They couldn't see what was happening anymore. Some were ready to turn back in fear of what was happening to their captain.

Suddenlythe gentle warmthSesshomaru had begun to enjoy explode, it now felt like he was on fire. It was like was being burned alive from the inside. Suddenly the pain stopped. Suddenly he felt nothing. The light faded and his body fell to the ground, weak from what it had just gone through.

Inuyasha ran to his side and helped Sesshomaru to his feet, once his brother was standing Inuyasha backed away in shock. Sesshomaru's hair had become a silvery white ad his eyes were amber.

Sesshomaru, too, was in shock . He looked down at his hands when he felt something sharp piercing his palm. She saw thatno longer did he have normal nails, they had been replaced by animal like claws. Feeling something weird he looked down at his feet to find a beautiful fuzzy white tail. He quickly grabbed the end of it and followed the fluffiness to see to where it came came from him!

One of his crew members stepped forward and handed him a small mirror that he always kept with him. Sesshomaru took i confused. He looked into it and saw that he had strange markings adorning his face. A blue crescent moon on his forehead and two stripes on either side of his face reflected in the piece of glass.

"How do you feel?" One of the crew members asked.

"I feel...stronger." Sesshomaru said slowly, "I feel a lot stronger."

"So it worked?" Naraku asked. Naraku was another powerful member of the crew. Some believed that his power rivaled that of Sesshomaru's. Naraku had long wavy black hair and green eyes.

"Yes, I think it did."

There was absolute silence for about three seconds, nobody moved. Then every crew member suddenly rushed forward to get a drink of the water. Inuyasha, Kouga, and Naraku were among the first ones to drink. The three of them went through the same feelings that Sesshomaru had experienced.

When the blue light faded around them they too found that their appearance had changed.

Inuyasha now had silver hair and amber eyes and two cute little fuzzy ears on the top of his head. Unlike Sesshomaru he had no markings, but he did have clawed hands and fangs.

Kouga's hair remained the same, but his eyes had become a beautiful icy blue color. And he had a long fluffy brown tail and claws and fangs, as well.

Like Kouga's Naraku's hair remained the same. His eyes, thougth, changed to deep red color that gave him the appearance of evil! ((A/N sorry Naraku fans couldn't think of any other way to describe him)). He too, had fangs and claws.

The three of them couldn't help but grin. They could feel their new found power flowing through their bodies.

"Why did it change our appearance? I thought all the fountain did was grant us immortality." Inuyasha questioned thoughtfully as he examined his silver hair.

"That is where you are wrong." A woman's echoed through out the field.

Everybody froze. The owner of the voice was no where to be seen.

"You mortals always do that." The powerful voice continued, "You doubt the powers of the beings stronger then you. You give us limitations."

"Who are you! Show you're self!" Sesshomaru demanded

"As you wish." The voice said, there was a flash of light in sky right above the fountain. When it faded a beautiful woman cold be seen. She had long blue hair the reached her ankles and sparkling blue eyes. She wore a long white dress and shehad a pair of white wings coming fro her back. "My name is Kimi." She said with a smile.

"What do you want?" Sesshomaru asked growling at her

"No need to get upset." Kimi said, "I'm just doing my job."

"What job is that?" Kouga asked

"My job is to aid those who have drunk from this fountain."

"Why? We're immortal. Why would we need your help?" Naraku snarled

"Because you aren't immortal..." Kimi paused for suspense. "You're demons."

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