Angel and Devil by Wolfen Blood

bloody days

Chapter 1

Blood, that's all I saw, was blood. It dripped from trees, it covered the once green grass and the mountain before me, it seemed like the snow at its' peek turned a crimson color, blood running down its slope like an avalanche, what has happened to my life?

Oh, what has happened to my manners, I'm Kagome, I live in a village near Tusgua, around 1608 in Japan, or what was known as the feudal era. My village was attacked by demons, my family was slaughtered and also the whole village. I somehow managed to escape this horrible fate that had befallen my village and that's were I am now.

I crawled on my hands and knees across the blood-covered ground, the memories of the slaughter flashed across my mind, and my body trembled. How was I supposed to escape this pain that racked my own blood-covered body and the pain that would forever plague me now that I have no family, no friends? My raven hair cascaded from my shoulder, as tears slid down my cheek and onto the ground, my tears mixing in with blood, blood of my family, blood of my friends. Why did this happen to me?

I finally reached the end of the field, my fingers sticking together from the blood that seeped though every time they touched earth. I entered the dark forest, I knew that this was the territory of the feared Taiyoukai of the west, but what do I care if I got killed? It would be much better then remaining in this darkened land, were I would be forever lost, forever without someone to tell me that it would all end up okay.

Collapsing to my side on the forest floor, panting hard, I shut my eyes tight, desperately hoping that when I opened them again it would all disappear. But to no avail, I opened them to find the same place, the same aches and pains that still coursed though my figure. Why don't I just kill myself right now, choke myself until I could not breath, cut myself until I lost the last drop of my lifeblood. It seemed all too simple, I could end it all right now, But why didn't I? Instead I lay there trying to hope that his would all end. Before closing my dark blue eyes I caught sight of golden eyes staring down at my blood-saoked body. I waited for it to pass but it remained were it was, The cold eyes softened for what seemed like half a second only to return to its' normal cold stare.

'Leave me to die,' I thought, 'leave me to except my fate.'

As if sensing my thoughts it turned to leave but my body tried to follow, only I wasn't able to rise. I whimpered at the loss of company, quietly crying to myself, wanting it to come back to keep me company while I wasted away my life. Just to have somewhere here with me would be enough to keep me from insanity until I finally pasted on. Even if no words were exchanged, it would just be nice to be next to someone alive, be able to feel the heat from its' body.

Just as I was about to except that it would not return, I saw the silver figure sit down next to my motionless body, the same golden eyes that I saw not to long ago stare at me. Sighing contently, my breath rustling the grass, I closed my eyes.

"Thank you." I said quietly, not caring if it heard me or not.

Falling deeper and deeper into unconsciousness I finally fell into a slumber not knowing when I would awaken.

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