Which One? by Deadly Teardrops

Chapter 1

Which one?

Rating: NC-17

Warning(s): Nakedness, blood, language etc...

Disclamer: Once a upon time, there was a girl wanted to own Inuyasha and co, so she made a wish for a shooting star and Santa Claus. She waited and waited, but nothing happened. Then, one beautiful morning,

she got a letter from Santa; Dear Yura, I can't give you Inuyasha and co, because the belongs aready to Rumiko Takahashi, but I can give you Sesshomaru phusle, how's that?


It was night. The moon and stars above a beautiful night blue sky were shining brightly. The forest nearby a small village was unusual quite, only wind and waters were making their own noises that were almost not to be heard by a human ears.

"Come back here you pervert!" Suddenly a female voice rose up somewhere from the forest breaking the silent that had claimed the forest for a while.

"Sango, I swear I wasn't watching!" A male voice yelled.

"Yeah right! And cows can fly!" Sango mumbled loudly enough to let the male hear it.

"Actually they can, you see, if you are---"


"Itai!" The male yelped in pain as female's boomerang hit his head.

"That serves you for good Miroku! Now, I'm going to back over to the hot spring with Kagome... AND... IF I find you peeking us again, I promise Miroku, that your dead will be slow and painful," Sango hissed, after those words she headed back where her friend was waiting for her.

~~~~ At The Hot Spring~~~~

"You beat Miroku badly?" A young teenager girl asked from her friend as she returned from beating Miroku.

"Yes. I'm going back to the village, are you coming?" Sango asked as she took her bathing things from the forest floor.

"Nah, I'm staying here for a while," She answered, closing her eyes and leaning against a big rock behind her, smiling dreamly.

"Okey Kagome. See you at Kaede's later," Sango smiled as she walked back to the village humming quietly.

"Sure," Kagome smiled, ducking deeper into the hot water and starting to replay what had happened that day.

'Hmm... Miroku broke his arm as he was fighting against Naraku's puppet this morning, so that may mean we can get a little break from shard hunting. Maybe I can do some of my homework,' She thought, not sensing someone watching her nearby, ' I wonder, why Inu-Yasha seemest to be so snappy after that Naraku puppet came... he was as moodly as always those "secret" night time meetings with Kikyo... I wonder if they met last night,' Kagome thought feeling a little sleepy.

"Inu-Yasha is stupid if he thinks that I don't know his meetings with that dead lover of his," She thought out aloud sighing and shaking her head sadly.

Her eyes snapped open suddenly when she heard water nearby her making a sound, sounding like someone had jumped in the hot spring. She looked around through the foggy, trying to see if there was someone else, but noticing no one. 'Imagining,' She thought sadly, shaking her head again and closing her eyes and going back deep in her thoughts.

'*sigh* I really hope that there would be not so many fights with so many youkai's and hanyou's all the time because the Shikon no Tama... I wish there could be more time for me and others...---' Her thought were cut by the feeling a warm body next to her. She opened her eyes, but noticed someone's hand covering her eyes so she could not see the person next to her body.

She felt panic rising quickly inside her. She wanted to scream, she wanted to yell for help. But she couldn't somehow. Maybe it was partly because of the fear, but when she found her voice it was shaking by the fear.

"W-w-who a-a-are -y-you?" Kagome asked almost whispering as her voice was shaking badly.

"Just someone," The voice whispered softly. The voice sounded so familiar to her, but she couldn't get a clue who's it was.

"What do you want?" She asked, almost angrily.

"You," It whispered to her ear, nibbing it softly as the figure ordered her close her eyes while he put blindwood on her. She did what it said and closed her eyes, feeling someone putting something almost like silky to cover her eyes.

"Why? Who are you? Are you someone I know?" She asked still in a little fear.

"Because I want you.... and yes, you know me... dear Kagome," He whispered putting his hands on her shoulders and pressed his lips against hers, stealing her first kiss. Kagome gasped. The kiss was soft, yet not too soft. It was full of need, passion, helpless and something more that Kagome couldn't recall as the person kissed her. His hands found their way down from her arms that felt like fine and expensive silk.

"Kagome," He whispered gentenly as he started to kiss down her jaw line. She tasted like heaven, yet, it was more wonderful. "You taste good," He whispered against her cream colored skin as he licked softly her neck, making her shiver.

"Please... don't," Kagome whispered feeling something warm and wet starting to ran down from her eyes.

"Why? Don't you like it?" He asked gentlenly rubbing his hands on her arms like trying to make her feel warm at the cold weather.

"No... Who are you?!?" Kagome repeat feeling like a huriccane was breaking and yelling inside her.

"I can't. You'll scream if you know my name or see me... It has always been like that," He whispered.

Kagome thought. She knew only very few people whom when she saw, she would scream for in fear, but she didn't know who it could be.

"Could you give me at last a clue, please?" She asked kindly.

"No," He whispered, "Now shut up," He kissed her lips again with a kiss that was full of need and passion.

After the kiss, his lips softly nipped her neck, making her shiver again by the feeling. His kisses continued downer her body, towards her milky breasts. He stopped there, taking one of the nipples in his mouth, starting to suck and lick it, making her shiver more.

"What's wrong? Are you cold?" He asked still whispering.

"No, and could you stop whispering. It's not like everyone is around listening,"

"I can't do that. You will reconise my voice if I do that," He whispered.

Kagome sighed. Why he just couldn't tell her who he was?

"Listen. If I promise you that I won't scream. Will you take this thing away from my eyes or at last tell me who you are, please?" She asked, closing her eyes and telling herself she should had gone with Sango back to the village.

"You'll promise?" He asked.

"I promise," She nodded.

"Very well then," He whispered, taking the blindwood away around her eyes. It took only few moments for her adjust to the night's light.

Kagome looked at the speaker that was standing so close to her. His fine build body shone by the moon light as it hit on his body. Her eyes gazed his golden ones that were showing many emotions behind them. Without her noticing it herself, she gasped. Particly in fear and particly for the handsomeness of the man.

He gave her a little smile, before he kissed her cherry lips, "Why are you with him? Why you can't be mine?"

He asked from her sounding sad and lonely.

"What do you mean?" She asked in shock to hear him speaking to her that way.

"I want you to be mine. Not someone's else," He told her with a voice hint of loneliness as he kissed her and nibbed her bottom lip hungry.

"But why?" She asked still in shocked coz his gentle words.

"Because... I.... Aishiteru," He whispered making Kagome almost faint.

"You WHAT?!?" She asked as she almost fainted by his words.

"I love you Kagome.... More than anything else in this world," He repeat kissing her again wrapping his arms around her small body.

"I...I thought demon's don't love... Y-you said it by yourself!" Kagome said in suprise.

"I lied... To you and myself... I tried to lock these feelings away from me but somehow I couldn't. That's why I'm here... Because I love you," He told her.

Suddenly Inu-Yasha's voice yelled somewhere for Kagome. It made both of them jump in suprise.

"I should go now before he comes... I hope we'll meet again, Kagome," He whispered, kissing her quickly to her cheek before he walked to the fog of the hot spring, disapearing and leaving very suprised Kagome behind.


Sango ran over to her friend worrily as she saw Kagome walking back to the village still shocked expression on her face. Her hand was touching her lips and her mind was replaying the sense over and over again.

"Kagome! We were worried of you! What took you so long?" Sango asked.

"He kissed me," Kagome whispered so quietly that Sango almost missed what she had said.

"Who kissed you? Inu-Yasha? Miroku?" Sango asked.

Kagome looked up to her friends' brown eyes, "He told me he loves me," She whispered again. Sango noticed that Kagome's whole body was trempling, "Kagome what happened to you?" Sango asked as she noticed Inu-Yasha and Miroku walking towards them.

"The one that you last expect to have feelings towards you comes and tells that he loves you," Kagome mumbles.

"Kagome?" Miroku asked waiving his hand front of her face.

"He loves me," Kagome whispered again.

"Who?" Miroku asked looking at Kagome then Sango who was just shaking her head.

"The enemy," Kagome whispered softly and started to walk again. She went inside Kaede's hut, cuddling inside her sleeping pag, feeling suddenly really tired.

The others looked at Kagome in a question as they followed her inside the hut. Sango walked next to Kagome looking at her and asked again what was she talking about but no answer came.

Kagome closed her eyes feeling the sleep catching her, then she fall a sleep leaving bunch of puzzled people look at her in a question what had she been talking about....


Kagome woke up before the sun had even cracked up to the sky, feeling a need to go back to the clearing.

Quickly, she took her bathing stuffs and headed to the hot springs to take a bath after checking that everyone were still sleeping.

Shippo had woke up when he had felt Kagome getting up from the sleeping pag, but pretented to be still sleeping. He cracked one of his brown eyes open to see Kagome leaving from the campside. 'Where's she going to this early at the morning?' He thought and decided to follow her but when she saw her baithing stuffs he decided to leave it be and rolled back to sleep about candy dreams.


Kagome leaned against a cool rock, closing her eyes, sighing a deep. 'Thank god others are still asleep,

I need some time alone and think things out of my mind,' She thought smiling.

A bush rustled nearby the hot spring.

She quickly opened her eyes and scanned the area, seeing no one. 'It was just a wind,' She thought and ducked deeper in the water.

Suddenly she heard a battle noises coming from not far away, she opened her eyes and quickly jumped out of the warm hot spring, drying herself and putting her clothes on.

"I already told you! If you lay your fingers on her I'll kill you!!!" A familiar voice yelled.

"She is my woman you dog-turd!!!" Another familiar voice yelled back.

Kagome walked over to a clearing that was opposide director of the hot springs and the camp. As she walked over to a battle place, she sweatdropped and sighed as she saw who where fighting.

"What are you guys doing?" Kagome asked, putting her hands on her hips.

Both of the fighters stopped and looked over to a place where Kagome was standing, looking really pissed off.

"Kagome! Tell that dog-turd that you're MY woman!!!" Koga yelled.

"I don't see the marking on her shoulder, wolf-boy," Sesshomaru smirked.

"Oh yeah! So what! I saw her first!" Koga growled.

"No you didn't. I saw her first!" Sesshomaru growled back.

"Shut up dog-turd!"

"Shut up yourself motherfucker!"



"uncle fucker!"


"cross dresser!"


"Wimpy wolf!"

"shut up!" Kagome yelled.

"Naraku lover!"

"Naraku fucker!"

Kagome sweatdropped and sighed taking a deep breath, "SHUT UP!!! BOTH OF YOU TWO!!!"

Both of the youkai's winched in pain by the volume of Kagome's voice, holding their ears.

"Now!!! First Koga; I never agreed to be your woman, mate or whatever! Just friends! Second Sesshomaru;

I haven't agreed with you anything neather, so STOP fighting!!! I'M NO ONES!!! Got that?!?" Kagome yelled angrily, eyeing both of them.

They both nodded.

"KAGOME!!! WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU WENCH??!?" Inuyasha yelled from the campside.

"Oh god!" Kagome mumbled.

"Another dog-turd is coming this way. He'll be here in five minutes," Koga said.

"Kukukuku! What we have here? Koga, Sesshomaru and.. oh.. the miko, Kagome, was it?... Yes..." A man with a baboon pelt smirked as he walked to the clearing.

"Oh my god, could this get any worse? This isn't my lucky day," Kagome mumbled.

"Naraku, you bastard. What are you doing here?" Koga growled.

"I heard something funny yesterday, kukukuku, so I decited to come and see myself if the rumors are true,"

Naraku smirked.

"What rumors?" Kagome asked.

"Oh, it was about you and Sesshomaru... Nothing that you hear everyday, miko," He smirked once again.

Kagome felt her cheeks burning, 'He couldn't have saw us at the hot springs, oh god no! Please!'

"What do you want Naraku?" Sesshomaru asked, his poker face once again on, showing no emotions on his face.

"Kukukuku! Nothing much," He laughed and suddenly started to chant something acient spell.

Kagome felt her body starting to burn as she fall down on the ground, "AAAAAAH!!!!" She cried, feeling tears in her eyes.

"Kagome!!!" Both, Sesshomaru and Koga yelled and tried to ran over to her but their bodies stayed still.

"Naraku!!!!" Sesshomaru growled.

Suddenly the three of them; Kagome, Sesshomaru and Koga, were lifted up from the ground. A black light surrounded three of them few minutes before they fall down hitting on the ground and going uncoincious...


Inuyasha arrived to the clearing with Sango, Miroku and Kaede, seeing three bodies laying on the ground.

"What the fuck happened here? And where's Kagome?" Inuyasha asked and sniffed the air, catching the familiar scent.

"Naraku!!!" He growled.

"I sense strong magic here," Kaede told them.

Suddenly Koga groaned and opened his eyes, "Ughh! My head," He mumbled and got up to sitting position.

"Where's Kagome, wolf?!?" Inuyasha gowled as he stormed over to Koga.

"She's right... there..." Koga said pointing an uncoincious youkai girl, laying near Sesshomaru.

"You're telling me that, THAT youkai girl is Kagome?!?" The hanyou asked in a question.

"What youkai girl? I didn't see any youkai girl when me and that other dog-turd were fighting, only.... Kagome?" Koga asked not believing what his eyes saw.

The youkai girl opened her eyes and looked around holding her head in pain, "What happened?" She asked quietly more to herself that the others who were watching her.

"What?" She asked as she saw Koga and Inuyasha watching her like hey have never saw her before.

"Kagome?" Koga asked.

"Yes, Koga-kun?" She asked.

"What the hell did Naraku do to you?" He whispered.

"What?" Kagome asked but ignored him soon as she heard Sesshomaru's growl.

Quckly she got up from the ground and walked over to Sesshomaru who was sitting on the ground and holding his head in pain.

"Don't go near him! He will kill you!!!" Inuyasha suddenly yelled.

"Shut up!" Kagome snapped as she sat beside Sesshomaru.

"Hey, are you okey?" She asked.

"Yeah, I think so. How about you? Did naraku do... Kagome? Is that you?" He asked as he looked at her, not believing what he saw. Sitting beside him was a beautiful inu youkai. She had long, curly brown hair and most bluest eyes that he had ever seen. On her both cheeks she had two red stripes and on the forehead she had a birthmark like tattoo of two red roses.

"Yes, it's me. Why do you guys keep asking that?!?" She snapped.

"Because... you're youkai," He whispered.

"W-what?!?" She asked her eyes wild.

"Go to look over to that riverbank, and you see what I mean," He told her.

Kagome got up and walked over to the river and looked at the image that the river showed her. She gasped

softly and touched her face, ''I am youkai... But.. how?'' She asked as she turned around to Koga and Sesshomaru.

"Naraku," Koga answered.

"Kukukukuku! yes, It was me," The familiar man with a baboon pelt laughed as he looked at the group of people smirking evilly.

"What did you do to her?!?!?" Sesshomaru growled.

"Should you ask what I did to you three?" He smirked.

"What?!?" Koga asked.

"Kukukukuku! I made the little miko youkai just to bluff you two. Kukuku, you are so stupid! I placed a spell on you three. You can't harm each other nor be no more than 50 feets away from each other. Have a nice day! Kukukuku!" Naraku laughed and disappeared with a miasma.

"Am I wrong or is there something between Kagome-sama and Sesshomaru-sama?" Miroku whispered to Sango who nodded in agreed, "I was thinking the same thing,"


Kagome sat between Koga and Sesshomaru after they had strated to fight again. The three of them were sitting outside Kaede's hut, around a fire place in silent. Kagome had refused to speak with neather of them until they had learned how to behave.

The others were talking inside the hut, even Shippo, who had decited to be inside as long as the two male youkai's were near. Kaede was trying to think what kind of spell Naraku had used on the three of them.

"Hmm... Houshi?" Sango asked quietly.

"Hm, yes Sango-chan?" Miroku answered.

"You remember yesterday when Kagome came back from the hot springs and she was in shock?"She asked.

"Yes, I remember, what about it?"

"Well... She told somebody kissed her, right?" Miroku nodded.

"Aa, do you think that Sesshomaru-sama was...?" He asked rising his eyebrown.

Sango nodded, "Yes,"


Kagome looked at the stary sky as she sat under a tree not far away from Koga and Sesshomaru- who both were sitting on a tree. 'Who did I get myself in to this mess? *sigh* And how can I break this damned spell?!?' She thought and laid down to the ground yawning lightly.

The tree on her left rustled as Sesshomaru jumped down from it's branch landing next to Kagome.

"Are you tired?" He asked almost whispering. Kagome nodded as she gazed him between her half closed eyes.

"Then sleep," He told her smiling a soft but small smile.

"Hai *yawn*," She smiled back and closed her eyes but opened them again when she felt her body being lifted from the ground, "What the--?"

"Shhh, just sleep," Sesshomaru told her as he placed her on his lap wrapping his arms around her waist.

She nodded being too tired to protest and as she closed her eyes once again, falling a sleep...


Sango and Miroku looked at the two youkai's behind a bush. Both of them were smiling as they had saw Sesshomaru lifting Kagome to sleep on his lap.

"They look really cute together, don't they houshi?" Sango smiled.

"I must agree with you Sango-chan," Miroku nodded and looked at her for a while before asking, "How come you don't never sleep on my lap?"

"Because you are hentai and you would take that as a change to grope me," She answered.


Inuyasha looked at Sesshomaru and Kagome as they sleep. He felt hurt, angry and jealous. 'Why she is with my half brother? Did he cast a spell on her? Does she like him or me?' He asked from himself.

He had saw the same as Sango and Miroku and saw a smile on his brother's face as he spoke with Kagome. 'She is MINE! Not that bastard human hater's!He is just using her to get my sword! Is she blind or just too stupid to see that?!?' He growled quietly and ran off to the woods to kill something.

''I HATE YOU SESSHOMARU!!!!'' He growled, 'you always try to take everything that's mine away from me! My sword and MY Kagome!!! I HATE YOU!!!'


Sesshomaru opened his eyes and smirked as he heard his brother's growling, "And I hate you too, little brother," He whispered so quietly that human ears couldn't hear him..


The morning came quickly. The sun was just started to rise up to the sky and flowers around a two lover alike youkai's opened up to bloom for the new day.

Kagome opened her blue/-gray eyes and yawned quietly as she looked up to the sky to see the cloudless blue sky. She smiled and took a deep breath of a freah morning air.

"I see you are awake," Kagome was startled as rich voice came from behind her and she felt arms around her waist tighten.

Kagome looked at the speaker and blushed as she saw Sesshomaru smiling a small smile for her, "Good morning, Sesshomaru," She said and tried to get up but his arms hold her back.

"And where you think you're going?" He asked with a smirk.

"To take a bath, do you mind?" She asked sarcastly.

"Yes I do," He replied.

"Oh, and why's that so?" She asked rising her eyebrow.

"Because," Sesshomaru anwered with his cold mask indifference on.

"Take your dirty hands off my woman, dog-turd of the western lands!" Came a growl not far away from two of them.

"I'm not your woman Koga!!!" Kagome growled back without noticing it herself.

"Are you saying that you're that bastard's woman then?" The wolf prince asked a little hurt in his voice.

"NO!!! Not yours nor his!!!" She snapped and stood up as she felt the arms around her loosing it's hold on her, "Now, I'm going to take a bath, ALONE!!! If I see any of you spying on me I promise that I'll get a prayers beads for both of you and make you both SIT down painfully! Got that?!?" She growled.

Both of the youkai's nodded and sweatdropped as Kagome stormed out of their veiw, but not far because the 50th feet rule.

A loud ears hurting growl could been heard on the Inuyasha's forest from furious and angry Kagome...


Half an hour later Kagome sat in the hot springs with two other youkai's, muttering how she was going to kill Naraku when she next time saw him. She sweared she was going to hunt the sick bastard and cut his balls off with sharp sword while he was still alive and then making him eat them.

Kagome was not happy.

No, she was not happy for Naraku turning her into a youkai and making a bond between two most annoying youkai's on the whole universe; Sesshomaru and Koga.

She growled startling both of the male youkai's making them stop for sending death glares for each other and turn their gaze to the female youkai other side of the hot springs.

"You should clam down Kagome you're just waisting your energy," Sesshomaru stated.

"Shut you," She half mumbled and half growled to him.

"For once that dog-turd is right, Kagome. You should save your energy for hunting Naraku down,"

Koga nodded.

"Just shut up both of you!" She growled and duck herself lower to the hot water.....


Not so far away from the Inuyasha's forest and Western lands stood a castle of miasma. Inside the castle, in one of the master's rooms a hanyou sat on the floor looking at a white mirror what a little white spirit youkai held in her tiny hands.

"I see they are planning to hunt me down, tsk, tsk. Little do they know that I know their every move they'll make," The hanyou smirked.

"Naraku-sama, the breakfast is ready," A boy dressed in youkai exterminator costume told to the hanyou and bowed deep.

Naraku nodded and dissmissed both of the kids away and walked out of the room with a smirk on his face,

"Plan whatever you want with your friends, dear Kagome, but your plans will never work. I'll know your every move," He said and then started to laugh his wierd 'kukukukuku' - laugh...


Inuyasha sat on a god tree deep in his thoughts when he suddenly smelt a scent of dirt and bones nearby.

'Kikyo?.... What are you doing here?' He thought and leap down from the tree running to the bone eaters well only to see the dead miko jump down in to the well.

'Kikyo? What are you planning?!?' He thought and followed the miko to the well...


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