hostage by lunar blood rose



By: Alyssa Granger

Kagome stood there with a blush on her face she was being held hostage? naked. Her friends were trying their hardest not to look but failing miserably the demon had over taken her and Sango when they where bathing and the battle had dragged to where the where no a little ways from the spring.

She pitied her friends Miroku looked livid his hands systematically tensioned and relaxed and the prayer beads that bound the kazzana fire blazed in his eyes. Inuyasha look like his was stuck in between murderously enraged and completely and totally helpless it seemed as if his best friend and little sister were on the verge of dying. Sango was on the verge of collapsing guilt plagued her face and eyes determination was etched in to every muscle of her being. Shippo was giving in to hysterics his mother was in danger and there was nothing he could do without hurting her.

?Look at them all in arms trying to save you because you can?t even save your self? the demon whispered in to her ear, horror struck her as she realized the truth in that declaration ?oh dear gods don?t hurt them through me please? she pleaded ?oh don?t worry little one I have no intention of hurting them. You see this little exercise was to show them their weakness. I desire above almost all else is to see that hanyou asshole on his back with his neck slit and I know your little group desires the same as I so I shall help them out and still get out of this alive? the demon said calmly ?oh how do you suppose your going to do that?? ?Simple I will give you a once in a life time opportunity do you want to never be in this sort of situation again?? ?Yes of course I don?t want this to happen again I don?t want to be in this situation in the first place but as we can see how THAT on turned out ?? ?are you sure?? ?Yes damn it now what has that to do with any Th...??

?Good? was all the demon said before reaching behind her and stuffed a vial in to Kagome?s mouth while the demons other hand held her nose until she swallowed then the hands went back to where they where Kagome?s friends nearly charged ?what the fuck did you do ass hole? Inu yasha bit out ?something hanyou something and if the exterminator comes one step closer I will gut her like a fish and have no qualms with it?

Kagome gasped as the potion hit her stomach and spread from there it felt like her very veins where on fire she panted out ?i?i?it?h?h?hurt?i?it?h?hurt?b?b?bad? ?really? the youkai purred in her ear taking her left hand that had rested against her stomach using the hand that was around Kagome?s throat it slit it?s own wrist and put it to her mouth it murmured in to her ear ?then drink this and make it all better? and shove it?s wrist past Kagome?s lips allowing the blood to flood her mouth she swallow reflexively?once ? twice?three times the blood flowed in to her body the fire left her blood but the heat did not it sheared her nerves and torched her sense making her feel raw as if a fine layer of skin had been taken off

?Watch for me I will watch for you, you are strong you will survive the sickness? the demon whispered in to her ear ?be well little one? then it shoved her towards the group and sprinted off getting away from the chaos that ensued


Inuyasha caught her and then nearly dropped her like a hot stone ?we have to get her to a healer quick she?s burning up I swear by all that?s holy if I ever see that damn demon again I will kill it? then he tucked her in his arms and took off heading back to the village.

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