tokyo high by blueinferno

Chapter One

Tokyo high

Things to know before reading: right well this is sort of a cross over with be blade except they are either demons or miko's and I'm only using the characters I don't own them!! Only some are my OC. No flames plz! Hope you enjoy the first chappie.

Summary: it's a kagome/sesshoumaru everyone's at high school and in the same groups as they were in middle school can they learn to love each other? not good at summary's ocs and Beyblade xover


Kagome:17 Sesshoumaru:19 - demon years 500 years old in my story

Rin:14 Rei:16

Miroku:17 Sango:17

Megan:17 Inuyasha:17

Tyson:17 Ellie:17

Ayame:16 Kouga:17


Maria:17 Brooklyn:18

Kagura:17 Hiro:18


Pairings: Kagome/Sesshoumaru, Rin/Rei, Ellie/Tyson, Megemi/Inuyasha, Ayame/Kouga, Sango/Miroku, Ellie/Kai, Maria/Brooklyn kagura/hiro, Tyson/kikyou


Popular group A.K.A the white roses: Kagome Higurashi (miko), Sango Anchee (human *demon exterminator) , Rin Marsden (human), Kikyou tian (Miko), Megemi Hearn (Megan for short)(hell hound demon), Ellie Tobin (snow leopard demon),

Maria Wong (human)

Outcasts *feared group* A.K.A the nightmares:

Inuyasha Takahashi (hanyou dog demon), Miroku Terada (monk), Tyson Kinomiya (fire cat demon), Kouga Amano (wolf demon), Kai Hiwatari (black leopard demon *fire*) , Naraku Rieko (hanyou *spider*), Brooklyn (vampire),

Rei Kon (neko-jin)

Powerful and rich group A.K.A the cold-blooded:

Sesshoumaru Takahashi, Jaken Waken (toad..), (A/N: lol had to put that) Kagura Orchid (wind sorceress),Hiro Kinomiya (ice cat demon)(A/N: lol don't kill me! I didn't know what else to say),

The rest of the people in the school are just your average teenager! Or as average as a demon or miko can get. Lol

Chapter one

Tokyo high

The entrance door's to the school were thrown open as 'the nightmares' walked through, some with cigarettes and some winking at a few fainting girls.

Inuyasha Takahashi and his crew made their way through the corridors of their school, everyone making sure to move out of their way.

You would have thought Inuyasha would be with his brother in the cold-blooded crew, but he was more of a outcast sort of person, and everyone who knew him, knew that.

"Yo dude incoming at your right the 'white roses' have made their entrance" said a sneering naraku.

Inuyasha smirked as he saw his long term girl friend Megemi.

Kagome was staring off in space thinking of a certain taiyoukai she had been in love with since they made their crews. She never told him thinking he would laugh and insult her.

"hey kagome what you thinking about?" asked Sango, Ellie was talking to Megan as usual and Rin and the rest of the girls were talking amongst themselves.

"*sigh* well you know I like Sesshoumaru, well I just can't get over him." Kagome said. Sango had a worried look on her face but before she could ask anything else, Sesshoumaru and his crew walked through and past them, Rin smiled and run up too Seshoumaru "hey sesshoumaru-sama" and hugged him, of course Sesshoumaru didn't respond. "Rin" he said lowly.

Rin sighed "I don't know why you get embarrassed you've looked after me since I was 7!" Rin said.

Sesshoumaru sighed and looked at the young girl,

Him, himself was 19 and shouldn't be in school but his father wanted him to stay to watch over his brother.

Before he could say anything else he heard all the girls whispering "oh isn't that sweet I think she's the only one who see's the good side of him" and then he picked up a hushed whisper that he had to strain his demon hearing to.

"Guys! don't make fun of him he's totally nice the way he is!" "oh don't be stupid Kagome you know he's cold and heartless" he heard Maria say.

He growled "women if you don't stop that useless gossip about me I think I'll kill you" Sesshomaru calmly.

The girls gasped he heard them! Better yet he heard Kagome!.

Sesshoumaru saw the realisations on their faces, he smirked and looked at Kagome "thank you Kagome and are you going to come to shikon exclusive club with your friends? I know the people who work there we will meet all of you outside the club do not worry I can get us in" with that he strolled off past a gaping Kagome.

The girls giggled "Kagome I think someone like's you!" said Megemi eye's glinting mischievously.

Kagome gulped as they all walked threw to their first lesson.

(A/N: today im gonna skip school I hate it and nothing special is gonna happen so I will go straight to when they are getting ready)

The girls where all at Kagome's mansion getting ready.

"Wow Kagome you look...........stunning!" Sango said all the girls agreeing with her.

Kagome blushed "thanks guys you all look great as well" she said.

Kagome was wearing a red silk halter top with a black leather mini skirt and black high heels, she had black eyeliner, red eye shadow, natural looking lip gloss and her hair was down and curly.

Rin was wearing a pair of white jeans and a midnight blue top with blue flat sandals, she had

Natural lip loss on and her hair down and straight.

Megemi was wearing a black top which showed her back and a black mini skirt with a slit at the side,

She had on pink lip gloss and black eyeliner, her black hair was up in a high pony tail and she had black high heels on.

Ellie was wearing a blue belly top and a light blue mini skirt with dark blue high heels, her dark blonde hair came around her waist and she had peachy lip gloss on.

Sango had a pink skirt on with a pink top, black eyeliner and lip gloss, her hair was up in a pony tail.

Kikyou was wearing purple trousers with a violet top and sandals, her hair was in a bun and she didn't have any make up on.

Maria had her bubble-gum pink colour hair in to buns at each side of her head, her purple eyes were outlined by black eyeliner, she had a pink tank top on with a pink skirt and sandals.

The girls admired each other "right you ready to show those guys?" Ellie said they all nodded and got into two cars, ellie went in her car with Megemi

Maria and Rin, while Sango took her car and Kikyou and Kagome went with her.

The girls got to the club to find all the boys waiting for them, even though they where all in different crews they still where really good friends.

"hi so were are Kagura and Hiro?" Kagome asked Sesshoumaru, "they couldn't come it ws their anniversary they wanted it alone" came Sesshoumaru's bored tone.

Kagome nodded and they all walked in, Tyson and Ellie making sure to stay away from each other as they had just broke up when Tyson and Kikyou admitted their love for each other, Ellie was upset but she didn't hold a grudge because she just wasn't like that.

They all got a table and Tyson, Kouga and Kai went to get drinks, Megan was sitting next to Inuyasha and Ellie, she saw Ellie eyeing Kai with curiosity.

"So when was you going to tell me you had the hot's for Kai Hiwatari?" Megan whispered making sure the demons couldn't hear with their ears.

Ellie blushed "I....uh....don't know what you talking bout Megan-chan" Ellie said nervously.

Megemi smirked but left it alone.

When the boys came back everyone went to dance and somehow Maria got Brooklyn to dance with her, Ellie got enough courage to ask Kai to dance with her and he said yes, Sesshoumaru and Kagome was left alone.

Kagome looked at Sesshoumaru nervously "so Sesshoumaru do u want to dance?" Kagome asked,

Sesshoumaru looked at her, he nodded his head and they made their way to the dance floor full of body's swaying to the music.

They started to dance swaying with the beat, after a couple of minutes they both lost themselves to the music and let their body's take control.

(Megemi and Inuyasha)

Megemi and Inuyasha was dancing and watching Kagome and Sesshoumaru with big smirks on their faces "how much do you want to bet they will be going out by the end of the night?" Megan said.

"by the rate Sesshoumaru's hands are going I'd say they'll be making out in 5 minutes" Inuyasha said snickering.

Megan smiled when she saw everyone else, they were getting really intimate, she sighed at last they were all going to get together.

(Ellie and Kai)

"wow look at Sessy and Kags go!" Ellie said still dancing with Kai. Kai looked away from Ellie's face and at the couple, he smirked.

"so why don't you have a girlfriend your obviously not unattractive?" Ellie asked a blush going on her pale face. Kai smirked smugly "well no girl has caught my eye that wasn't 'free' now I know a girl who is free who did catch my eye" Kai stated matter-of-factly before he swung Ellie around.

"oh, really? And who might that be" Ellie asked nerves raising. His hot breath next to her ear wasn't helping, she scolded him in her head for being to sexy.

"you" he said.

(Sango and Miroku)

While everyone else was getting touchy Sango was hitting Miroku for being such a perv and grabbing her arse to much!

Of course he would always say back "but your 'arse' as you put it is simply delectable.

As Megan predicted everyone had gotten together last night. and After awhile it started getting late so everyone decided it was time to go, everyone was in high spirits for the next day of school at Tokyo high.

(A/N: right *thew* that took longggggggg lol hope you like it the first chappie is a bit boring ill admit but do not worry it will get better much better and no flames! Plz

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