Get Thee Behind Me Satan - Part I: The Breaking by Filthy Little Secret

Prologue: As Above...So Below

Story Title: Get Thee Behind Me Satan Part I: The Breaking

Author: Filthy Little Secret (Amreld *, Stolen Death *

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Summary: Kagome is a young, impressionable, soul... a believer in God. But someone has their eyes on her, and as we all know, none can escape the gaze of The Devil Himself.

Rating: NC/17 (For Lemons, filthy language, and the general twisting of religious orientations.)

Pairing: Sesshoumaru/Kagome

Other: Alternate Universe, Some major religion twist going on in this story. Don't send me hate mail if you're an angry Xian. No I'm not a Satanist, no I'm not a Devil worshipper, No I don't hate God, Yes I want to bone Dani Filth, and no I don't practice Wicca. I'm just a metal head with sizable right brain.

A/N: In this chapter (The Prologue), is my interpretation of Lucifer's fall from Heaven. It doesn't have to be biblically correct, although if I wanted it to be I could. I want to portray that though Lucifer is an angel, created only to worship God... Unlike the other angels, Lucifer had the wisdom, intelligence, and emotion that the other angels lacked to see what God himself truly was.

I've done my research on this story people. And you'll understand later in the story why it does not have to be 100% biblically correct.


Chapter 1 Prologue: As Above...So Below


Why whisper thoughts?

But might is raised

When conjurer of seasons

Hums the song...Sorrowful, Joyful

Night is eternal

And day is eternal

With runes of life

And runes of death

As above... So below

Now it's time of the Beast

- "As Above, To Below" by Behemoth


Who were these people that so blindly followed this "God"? Almighty.... He was Almighty. Really, what was he the Almighty of? The legion of mindless followers who only saw that he was their creator and therefore all powerful? If they knew the half of what he could do, then they would question. Question him. Question his rule, his power, his "might"...Question everything.

Soon they would understand it all...This very day. He, Lucifer, would open they're blind eyes.



He had been shamed.

Lucifer had been expelled from Heaven. He had Challenged God, made know to the Angels what he really was.

He was not the wisest of all of God's creations for nothing. The very being that The Almighty had created, had discovered what he truly was...

Nothing more than a man too powerful for his own good. Thinking so highly of himself, so arrogantly that he used his power to make beings that would worship him without even giving it a second thought.

Or even a first for that matter.

It made his blood boil to think of how many ignorant, yet blameless angels followed him mindlessly. Loving him, worshipping him...

With no thought for themselves, or for why they do it. So he created them? Does that mean they are doomed for all existence to grovel at the feet of some self-obsessed dictator?

How many times had The Morning Star wasted his voice on praises to this puppet- master before he began to question...?

Far too many.

How many times had his voice resonated throughout the heavens, making the bravest of angels weep, and the strongest of angels crumble?

Even the Seraphim whose never-ceasing chants of "Holy, holy, holy..." echoed throughout the endless heavens, silenced to hear his voice.

Feel the emotion in it that all of them lacked... Feel the power it held.

He had been shamed. Shamed by the one they called "Father". He who showed unlimited forgiveness, had cast him away for only telling a truth.

He would not let this stand. He would not. He could not.

Lucifer rose from the lake of icy cold water he'd been cast into. "I will show he who calls himself 'Almighty'..." The enraged angel spat the word out contemptuously. "What I am capable of doing."

Lucifer spread his mighty wings and gave one upward push he catapulted through the rock surface of the cave that held him in the watery prison.

As he barreled through the rock, his pale, flawless, skin glowed with a dark red light.

Slowly, a monster began to emerge from within him... It begged to be let out so that it may wreak havoc on Heaven's magnificent standing.

His body began rapidly into a giant red dragon. Sprouting another head as he forced his way upward, he was getting close to the surface now... He could feel it, right down to the tip of his gigantic tail.

By the time Lucifer reached the surface of the pit he'd been banished to, he'd grown to enormous proportions. He was now towering over all that surrounded him nearly a mile.

He beat his powerful black wings against the air and shot upward, and in a powerful blast of crimson hued energy from the two heads that adorned his body, ripped a gaping hole in the reality he'd been sent to.


The last thing the Archangel Michael was expecting to see, was an enraged two headed dragon bursting through the gates of Heaven. He raised his flaming sword in alarm and millions of battle ready angels appeared behind him, each one holding a shining white and silver blade of their own.

The Beast stopped in its tracks and stared at the army of Heaven that was ready to destroy him at any moment.

One of the heads bent down to Michaels level and stared him right in the eye. "Michael." It said in a feminine, but clearly male, voice. "Put up your sword and join me, waste not your time serving this fool you call Almighty."

The Archangel looked hard into Lucifer's eyes. "Deceiver." He hissed. "I shall not forsake my all powerful creator to follow a Prince of Lies in his vain attempt at victory. You shall leave Heaven now, and go back to your prison, or by the power of the Almighty God slay you where you stand and rid the universe of your evil presence for good." He stared levelly into The Beasts eyes. Accepting any challenge it may offer.

Lucifer saw that it was useless to try and sway The Archangel; his faith was so permanent he had no hope of ever opening his eyes.

He looked back on the army of angels behind Michael with the head that was still raised high into the alcoves of heaven. These would be far easier to enlighten.

He raised the head that had been bent level with Michael, and brought it up to the other. H brought both heads back and in a strong downward snap of his extensive neck shot a wave of scarlet energy at The Archangel and swept his enormous tail into the legion of angels that stood their ground behind him.


The millions of years of servitude had taken their toll on the angels of heaven. All of Michael's army, down to the last angel, poured out of Heaven's gates and stood waiting for Lucifer, but it was no match for the swarm of Seraphim that flitted towards Lucifer like angry wasps, they're perpetual chant now stopped forever. They flew through the gates of heaven faster than any eye could follow. And even the Cherubim, guardian's of the gates themselves trudged out of the gates with a now resolute look on all four of its faces.

Lucifer looked at the now stand-a-lone Archangel and laughed in his face. He then lifted his heads high in the air and hailed The Almighty

himself. "Where is the army sent to protect Heaven now? Would you not join me yourself Father. Behold, I now hold at least a third of

your precious angels. My intended prison will now be my domain. Feed your ego, Oh righteous one. You who are so forgiving of every sin! You who sees all but his own distorted vision of himself. Answer my query now or remain a false God."

The only sound was that of the dirge of the remaining angels in heaven lamenting the only emotion they had yet felt. Sorrow, for their lost angel brethren. A grief Lucifer knew all too well as he lay down in the icy lake as he mourned the overwhelming loss of the love he'd felt from the one he once called father.

Lucifer reared his head back and roared out a resounding screech. His followers behind him did the same, and soon Heaven was drowned in a cacophony of ghostly wails and screams.

As the walls that surrounded heaven shook from the sheer power of the intangible energy that flowed through every fiber of the once sacred

place, and in a burst of black power that surrounded every creature that stood behind Lucifer, he took to the air and shot back through the gates of Heaven and into the massive hole he'd torn in the fabric that made up heaven.

Lucifer had only just begun his war against "God" and all he stood for.


Lucifer stood beside his army of fallen angels. Each one looking to him for what to do next.

He looked over the billions of creatures that stood all around him. Without any assignment of worship they did not know what to do.

The Mighty dragon that stood before all of them gradually shrunk down to reveal Lucifer. The former Archangel of music, the symbol of beauty and wisdom in Heaven.

Now he stood for the power and freedom of them all. He thought for a moment on what to do next...He and the billions of fallen angels were

now condemned to this plain of reality. This place of darkness and howling wind, unbearable cold, and excruciating heat. Of course not a single one of them felt it. The way they were...designed, was to follow orders and not ask questions. He was-had been-an Archangel. He felt every second of the chill the torrential wind brought across the wasteland of his domain... Why were they here? What was this place for? What would his purpose now be in this "Hell?"

"Angels." He said quietly.

There was not one among them that did not hear the clear musical ring of The Morning Star's voice. "You have been freed of the bonds of worship. You may now explore this world that you see around you at your will. It may seem anomalous to freely walk around when you've spent the last million or so years catering to an arrogant God, but trust me with this one thing... You will never have to subject yourself to such service anymore."

Before any one of them moved, Lucifer raised his voice. "And know this! I am no longer to be called by the name of 'Lucifer'. I am now Sesshoumaru, the overseer of Hell. The place you now call home."

The billions of creatures scattered across the lands of Hell. Each intent on creating something it could call its own. A name, a piece of land...anything.

The only ones left in front of Sesshoumaru were the Seraphim. He looked at them all, standing with their six wings folded behind them. One of them stepped foreword. "Sesshoumaru, we Seraphim are accustomed only to serving, we wish to service you in any way possible. Be you

needing any workers or servants?" It asked, its face passive and expressionless.

Sesshoumaru looked over them once again. "In fact, I may need your help after all..."

And so began the War between the one called The Almighty, and the one called The Morning Star.


That's it for the first chapter, not exactly the most exciting, but its supposed to be informative. Setting up for what is to come in the story.

Expect this story to be full of angst and drama, but lots and lots of humor and little tidbits of romance. I'm not going to go all out on the fluff until the second part of the trilogy.

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