Fated Destiny by Suicide

The Beginning of the End

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Unspoken words, Unshed tears

Jagged swords, Silent fears


"Die Naraku!!!" A silver-haired hanyou yelled as he sped forward with a large transformed blade.

"His demise shall be brought by me, Inuyasha," A white form rushed past the boy in red and unsheathed his own sword.

"No! I'm gonna kill him!" growled a wolf demon. A shard of the sacred jewel stuck in each of his legs.

At the same time, a girl in a short green skirt drew a holy arrow and aimed.

Within the clearing, a taijya and a monk destroyed hundreds of demons as their comrads went to slay their greatest enemy.

At the edge of the clearing, a lifeless woman drew her holy arrow and also aimed at the pulsing flesh of Naraku.

From afar, a boy with a sickle chain and a small shard in his back watched the slaughter in concern. His eyes moved from the pulsing mass of darkness to the taijya.

Near, but unknown, a girl in white held a large mirror looked at the scene with no emotion at all.

Deep in a forest, a child kitsune and a young girl sat nervously with a two-headed dragon and a muttering green imp.

* * *

The three youkai streamed towards Naraku, each releasing their most powerful attacks. A the same time, the two raven haired females let their arrows fly and entwine with the three male's attacks.

A scream of anguish rang through the sky. Dark pieces of fleash dropped onto the ground, writhing and becoming motionless.

The raven-haired girl who wore a green skirt rushed forward into the gore and poked around the pieces of flesh, searching for something.

At last, she cried in content, and plucked a black, incomplete jewel from the carcass of their enemy. Immediately, the jewel turned to its original lavender color and glowed in a pure light. The girl took several other shards from a small bottle that hung around her neck and fused them with the larger piece of the jewel.

"It's gone! My wind tunnel is gone!" Miroku exclaimed, hugging Sango close. She pushed him away.

"That's great houshi-sama!" Sango laughed.

"Yeah!" Kagome agreed with Sango. She then turned to Kouga.

"Kouga-kun, I need your shards now please," Kagome asked with a business-like tone.

"Kagome, we just destroyed Naraku! Aren't you happy?" Kouga asked, a bit disappointed.

"Of course I'm happy! But because I have a responsibility. My quest is not yet over. I must collect all of the sacred jewel shards. Your's are no exception," Kagome answered in an annoyed voice, knowing Kouga is just trying to prolong the unavoidable.

Sighing in defeat, Kouga removed his shards and handed them reluctantly over to Kagome. She took them with a smile and fused them with the almost-complete jewel.

"Now I just need the one in Kohaku's back," Kagome said with a weary sigh, "Sango, you know that this must happen. I'm sorry."

"It's ok, Kagome. It'll probably be best this way," Sango said with a sad smile.

The two fell silent, listening to the others cheer and ramble about how they defeated Naraku.

Kagome turned to the others, "Alright! We've defeated Naraku! Let's go celebrate!"

Right on cue, Jaken, Rin, Shippo, and Ah-Un entered the clearing. Rin ran to Sesshoumaru, clutching his leg as a childish grin spread from her face. Shippo climbed onto Kagomes shoulder and cried his worries away.

Jaken and Ah-Un stood beside Sesshoumaru as the Lord distangled Rin from his leg.

"Alright people! Let's go already! I want to have time to cook up a feast!" Kagome announced, and smiled brightly.

Everyone, including Sesshoumaru, went to clean up and to make camp.

* * *

After everyone had feasted upon Kagome's delicious cooking, the group went into a deep slumber, exhausted from the day.

Kagome lay awake, thinking of her complicated life.

A rustle of leaves caused her to rise from her warm sleeping bag.

As the cold night's air stung her skin trough her pajamas, Kagome stepped forward the inspect the orgin of the sound. A miko stepped out from the shadows. She closely resembled Kagome, yet was far different from her.

"Kikyo," Kagome whispered. As she went on to speak, Kikyo turned and walked back into the forest. Kagome followed wordlessly, for she knew Kikyo wanted her to follow.

As they wandered through the forest, Kagome shivered in the cold night. Her bare foot trudging through the rough forest floor. Sticks and stones made her wince as her feet pressed down upon them. Finally, they arrived at the Goshinboku tree and stopped.

"Kikyo, I wish to thank you for assisting the defeat of Naraku today," Kagome began.

"There is no need. Kagome, what are you planning to do when the jewel is complete?" Kikyo asked, getting straight to the point.

"I... don't know," Kagome replied, a look of despair in her eyes.

"Kagome, I know you love Inuyasha, but I need him more. Please Kagome, when everything is over, let him choose," Kikyo said with such passion that it shocked Kagome to the core.

"Of course, Kikyo," Kagome met Kikyo's eyes with a smile.

The Undead priestess smiled sincerely and walked away.

Kagome looked after the priestess. Everything is changing so fast, thought Kagome, Why is this happening? But she knew, for it was the beginning of the end.

* * *

"Kagome," Inuyasha called, "what's wrong?"

"Nothing, Inuyasha," the girl replied.

"Where did you go last night? I saw your sleeping bag empty," Inuyasha asked.

"...I couldn't sleep, so I went to take a walk." she replied uncertainly.

"Well, you still shouldn't do that. Even with Naraku gone, there is still danger. Remember, you are carrying the Shikon. There are many youkai out there who desire it," Inuyasha lectured gruffly.

"I know that. Thank you for your concern Inuyasha." Kagome gave him a smile.

"Keh! I wasn't worried about you! I was worried about the Shikon! After all that work getting it from Naraku..." Inuyasha trailed off when he saw Kagome's face.

There was a serene look upon her face, a small smile graced her features. She knew very well that he was just covering up what he meant. A feeling of sorrow grabbed her chest and she gave him a sad smile.

"I know, Inuyasha, I know."

* * *

Deep within a forest, a young boy ran tirelessly, a determined look shone within his eyes.

On top of a tree, a girl sat quietly, peering into a mirror, watching the boy run. A single tear slipped down her cheek. A light breeze caressed her snow-pale skin.



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