Loves Surprises by Eternal Kenmei J.M.

The Meeting

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Loves Surprises

Chapter 1: The Meeting

' Oh I have to hurry up or I'm going to be late.' Kagome thought as she quickly packed up her suitcase. She had knocked her alarm clock off of the nightstand in her sleep so the alarm decided to pay her back by not ringing.

She was going to be late for her flight. The plane would leave at 3:30 but it was only 2:26.

She was headed out to a dorm school in America. Her mother had been a little suspicious at her for wanting to go away but she accepted Kagome's explanation that the jewel was complete, for it hung around her neck, and she wanted to bring up her grades. Also that she couldn't concentrate here she just wanted some time alone to gather her thoughts.


~Author POV~

'Oh I'm so bored and this movies just bleh what am I going to do.' 'Half an hour left to go maybe there's more information on the school in the extra brochures I bought. Let see' searches through bag 'ah here it is' looks through brochures. 'Wow look at all things to do I can't wait. I can finally get away from all these demon distractions.

There's nothing more I can do back there do back there. Nothing.' She sat for a while in steady silence thinking over the events while a lone tear slid down her cheek. She quickly wiped the tear awhile. "No more tears I've shed enough as it is" She whispered quietly to herself.

~Info. POV~

In her travels Kagome had gained a vast spiritual power even now thanks to that power she could see something even Inuyasha could smell. She had seen at least 12 demons so far with this new power. She could see right through the concealment charms.

The demons never seemed very interested in killing humans they didn't even mind being touched by one. Demons have grown a lot more tolerant of mortals in the last five hundred years.

~Normal POV~

The plane had finally landed. As soon as Kagome got off the plane she called a cab to take her to her school. The cab arrived soon enough and she was off. When she saw the gorgeous school grounds she gasped in amazement.

The sight she saw hypnotized her there was so much to see. The grass was lush and green. The grounds were kept in great shape. There were people all over the place studying and talking. There were quite as many demons as were humans. But this didn't bother her for she was use to it. She got out of the cab and paid the fair.

She lugged her heavy suitcase to the administrations office. She went up to the front desk and saw a kind looking young woman sitting behind the desk. She had light brown hair and was wearing a blue uniform like suit. She also had a pleasant smile.

"Good morning my name is Allison Edwards how may I help you today."

"Hi I'm Kagome Higurashi and I'm a new student. So I need my schedule and rooming assignments." She said with a heavy Japanese accent. The woman smiled and typed some keys on the computer. The printer started and printed out several sheets.

"Oh it seems we have miscalculated the amount of boys and girls in this school. I hope you don't mind sharing a two-bedroom dorm with a..." She looks at the papers "Mr. Sesshomaru Takahashi. He's one of our more trusted students on campus. It also indicates here that we informed your mother of this and she has assured us that this will be no problem with you. Miss Higurashi?"

Kagome had stopped listening at the name Sesshomaru. 'What a coincidence.' She thought. She was thinking over this when she someone say her name.

"Oh huh."

" Will that be okay with you?"

"Oh yah sure thank you." The woman handed Kagome a set of her room keys and the papers she would need.

She walked around the grounds for a while looking for living quarters C. She finally found a building with the letter C on it. She walked into the building and look down at the paper. "Lets see second floor room 500" she said so she looked for some stairs.

When she got to the door she hesitated for a minute 'what am I worried about the possible thing is he could be a jerky nosy know-it-all.' She decided just to use the key and be as quiet as possible. No such luck. The door was suddenly flung open and some guy came stomping out muttering about obnoxious brainiac tutors.

He didn't even acknowledge her presence. She peeked in the room and saw someone with a book in front of his face. So she couldn't get a good look at his face.

She quietly knocked on the door to make her presence known. He didn't even glance up so she walked in and closed the door. She was about to yell at him for his rudeness when he said, "State your business here or leave immediately," in a cold voice that sent a shiver down her spine.

She walked up to and said, "I'm your new roommate or did someone not inform you I was to arrive today." She said in an equally cold voice. He finally looked up and when he did she almost gasped for the person before her looked exactly like Sesshomaru. But she kept her cold façade on. She did not say a word until he spoke again.

"Very well your room is the one door to your left and you shall respect my privacy as I will respect yours. Am I clear?" She looked at him before answering with a simple nod and headed to her door.

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