Back 400 Years by Rouge Summers

Changes in Time

Kagome looked at the well house as she stood at the top of the steps to her Family shrine. She hadn't been here in four years. Four long, torturous years. Swallowing, she made her way to the well.

'Nothing has changed since the explosion.' She thought as she slid open the door. 'Nothing has changed since the last time I went through it.'

"Kagome?" A voice called from behind her. She turned to see her new little sister running toward her, barely four now.

A small lighting her face, Kagome leaned down and picked her up. "Hello, Kanna. How has my little sugar been?" Kagome asked smothering the girl in kisses.

Squirming and giggling in her arms, Kanna answered, "I've been good! But Momma made me eat all of my peas. They're nasty!" She had the face to go along with the story.

Laughing, Kagome set the girl down and looked back toward the well, her memories turning sad once more. She hadn't wanted to be seen by anyone, she had just wanted to jump into the well, see if it still worked. To go back forever if it did.

"What's wrong Sissy?" Kanna asked tugging on Kagome's jacket.

"Nothing Kanna. Why don't we go inside and see what Sota is doing?" Kagome asked walking out of the well house and closing the door.

"He's medi...medicating?" Kanna said, looking up at Kagome to see if she was right.

"Do you mean meditating? I see. He's taking this whole thing seriously, isn't he?"

"Not really." A deep voice said from in front of her. Kagome looked up to see Sota walking toward them with a bright smile on his face. He was 18 now, finished with school, about to take over the duty as Head of the Family, and soon to be married. A bit of a heart throb that was for sure.

Kagome smiled and said, "How is it coming?" Kagome asked hugging her little...but bigger older brother.

"Fine. Actually, I need to talk to you Kagome. Something important has come up in some of the ancient scrolls grandfather keeps below the house. I think you need to see them. But I'm afraid," Sota said looking pointedly at Kanna, "We must talk alone."

Kanna stuck out her tongue at Sota before running into the house to find her dolls. Sota gave a soft sigh, shook his head, and then turned back to Kagome. Her expression was unreadable.

"Kagome?" He asked softly, touching her.

"What has happened Sota?"


"I was meditating when I had a vision, which isn't so out of the ordinary now. I seen the Feudal Era Kagome. It was beautiful, just like you described, but I saw a demon. From what you have described to me, I believe him to be Sesshoumaru. He was...weeping." Sota began as he pulled some keys from his pocket and opened up one of several vaults in the basement.

"Weeping? Then it couldn't have been Sesshoumaru." Kagome said crossing her arms and leaning against the wall closes to the door.

"Well, he was standing above a grave with another demon. Err, Shippo? The grave was a large stone, and the name read, 'Rin.' Sesshoumaru didn't stay long, he barely cried really. A few tears, no sound, and left, leaving Shippo there alone. And he was crying." Sota continued, pulling out a box Kagome has never seen before.

"What's that?" Kagome asked.

"Something that is going to change everything forever, I'm afraid sister. You know how time works, you are not suppose to change anything, right? Well, it's changed." Sota said, unlocking the box with another set of keys.

"What are you saying? Are you saying that I changed history by accident?" Kagome asked.

"No, InuYasha did."

"How did InuYasha change things? He went to hell with Kikyo!" Kagome spat, suddenly pushing away from the wall. "He wanted to die with his old lover, and unless hell spat him out, his ass should still be there."

"That's the thing Kagome. Kikyo should have never have been reborn, so to speak, and InuYasha should not have went to hell. It's all wrong."

"What has happened then?" Kagome asked, now somewhat interested.

"Well, Grandpa and I found these scrolls that he or I have never seen before. But Kagome, they are written by the hand of Sesshoumaru. It tells everything from after the day you left. His first words are you basically promising to come back and visit all of them. And you never returned. He wrote your story Kagome. Everything you did in the Feudal Era is here."

"Wow, sounds like I've become the guys obsession." Kagome teased.

"You have. He's still waiting for you. Kagome, Rin died, it's true. It's all here. She married Shippo, they had no kids, because Rin was barren. A side effect of Sesshoumaru sword, the Tensaiga. Rin didn't blame him though, and she was happy. But she got older and older. But Shippo never left her side. Then, she died, an old woman mind you, at nearly one hundred years of age!"

"That's amazing." Kagome whispered, picking up one of the scrolls and glancing over it. Indeed, she had become Sesshoumaru's obsession it would seen. She glanced at the latest date on the scroll and nearly dropped it. "Sota, this last message was written yesturday!"

"What?" Sota asked, taking the scroll and looking at it. "That's impossible! Sesshoumaru couldn't be alive! He disappeared from history about one hundred years ago!"

"Disappeared? Disappeared doesn't mean dead. Demons live to be hundred or even thousands of years old! The Lord of the North was nine hundred years old when I met him! But back to this, what does it say?"

"I've caught your scent Miko. And now I come for you. Rin died, not from her age, but because her Oka-san did not return." Sota said, setting the scroll down. When he looked up, Kagome was gone.

~Well House~

Kagome ran as fast as she could toward the well house and threw the door open. She had to correct her mistake. She had been so selfish for not returning, and now Sesshoumaru was this evil thing that he truely wasn't.

'How long did Rin and Shippo wait? Wait for me to return and be their mother again? I feel so horrible, and I've been selfish. I didn't want to return because of my feelings for InuYasha. He hurt me. I can say that now without hate or sorrow. That he took my heart and threw it to the ground, but I know I am better now that he isn't here. Now I can think clearly.' Kagome thought as she stared down the well.

She slipped her hand into her pocket and felt the jewel there. She had protected it all this time.

"History said it disappeared or that it never existed. Much like the demons. It was all myth." Kagome whispered as she put it around her neck. "They were wrong."

"Very." A voice whispered in her ear.

Kagome whipped around to see Sesshoumaru gazing down at her with dead eyes. No emotions, nor the coldness that was usually there. No light in them what so ever. They looked like the eyes of one of those Clay Pots...or Kanna.

She gulped and said, "I'm returning Sesshoumaru. I'm going back now, to see Rin. To stay if I have too."

"Isn't it late for that?" Sesshoumaru asked cracking his knuckles. "The explosion made a difference in time Kagome. In fact, if you jumped in, you would end up on the day that Rin took her last breath. Tomorrow would be her funeral. Amazing, isn't it?"

Kagome gasped and went to step back, only to fall into the well. She screamed as the last scene played in her mind, Sesshoumaru was coming after her.

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