To Make You Smile by Blue-kisses

Chapter One

To Make You Smile

Title: To Make You Smile (the Eminem song, Mocking Bird was playing and that part was playing in my head for hours so here!)

Rating: PG

Summary: Kagome protects Sesshomaru, but he wishes to rid himself of her haunting persona, soon, it becomes so complicated that the end is so happy! Enjoy.

Chapter One: A King without a Kingdom

All health had befallen him, destroying his pride, for wasn't the king supposed to be the healthiest of them all? With no energy, no power, he was nothing. Soon, his enemies had taken his lands, and almost even his life.

Ragged and worn, the king of the west made his way to the only place he could think of; his brother's camp.

His brother wouldn't kill him, he wouldn't have the chance to, not with the miko around. She was to nave and ignorant to realize what the world around them was truly like.

He arrived in the camp, bloody and half- dead. All was quiet as he stumbled and began to fall, but something stopped his fall. He peered down into the blue eyes of the miko. She apparently had run to catch him, and now, she was supporting every ounce of his weight, armor and all. His respect for her rose a few notched.

Leaning heavily upon her, he was sure she would collapse soon, already her breathes were ragged and heavy. Vaguely he heard his brother's demand to let him go, but the miko, although he was sure, was tired and holding up his weight, was consistent and relentless, and soon his brother slinked away angrily.

The miko Kagome, motioned for the monk and slayer to help her and with Kagome's instructions they managed to hoist Sesshomaru onto a cot, in which he was confused for it rolled out. Before he fell into a fitful sleep, he heard her whisper:

Sleep well, Lord Sesshomaru


Small images danced across his vision. What they were he did not know, all he knew was he was dreaming.

The fact that it was a dream slipped his mind or perhaps hid behind his mind, he couldn't be sure, all he was sure of was that he was heaven with women flooding his line of vision. But not just any women, beautiful women.

Soon, only one was singled out from the other women, the miko Kagome. She danced before him in a series of sensual movements, and all he could do was watch, with his fingers itching to touch the pale velvety looking skin, or to run his fingers through her raven tresses. The desire for her burned in him.

Suddenly, he's vision of her began to fade, fading away until he was jerked away from her, right when her hand had come to grasp his cheek.


His body jerked up right and he soon found himself panting, sitting in the travelable cot the miko had produced for him.

Although his wounds weren't completely healed, he stood and left. Just left, leaving nothing behind except his blood.

The miko was haunting him and he now, wasn't sure if she were alive or dead. He saw her everywhere he went, whispering his name gently in the wind. But soon the images of her soon faded from the real world and even his dreams.

Weeks turned to months and he, the lord of the west was once again a king with a vast kingdom, but he found it wasn't enough. She was still there, lingering with her lily scent floating around him.

The miko entered his dreams once again, with her face glowing with happiness and love. He became obsessed with her, but he never went out to find her, lest she be there. He wouldn't know what to say, at all.

More months passed and his yearning for the miko grew stronger and often he caught himself peering out a window, hoping to catch even a glimpse of her, no matter what, he never saw her, for all he could see was his palace courts, with his army training below.

Soon though, word came of a traveling miko. The one that he had been searching for for so very long. He learned of there great victory over Naraku, and he was pleased to hear that Kagome held the completed Shikon-No-Tama.

Sesshomaru went to met them for his time had finally come...


Kagome remembered the day she had found he was gone. She had felt horrible for weeks, feeling he had left because of her. She only hoped he hadn't died, but her hopes were restored once she learned that he had regained his kingdom. She had been so happy or in a lack of better words, she had been ecstatic. Kagome had jumped around, twirled Shippo in her arms, anything to show her happiness.

Inuyasha had huffed and jumped into a tree while Sango and Miroku shook their heads in confusion, they would have liked to know what was wrong with their friend. Shippo, although not sure why his Kagome was happy, planted a smile on his furry face and giggled as she twirled and whirled him around.

The messenger of the note, a servant of Sesshomaru could only stare as he watched the miko bounce around in happiness at his lord's return he immediately ran to deliver the message to his lord.


Never had he seen Kagome act in such a way. He would have never believed her reaction if he hadn't seen it with his own eyes. His brother's victory was not to be celebrated, not in his group, but Kagome defied every rule of his. First she had hated his brother now she somehow was saving him and happy for his gain? Inuyasha shook his head in anger, for now they had a damn invite to his brother's celebration ball, which Kagome had begged (using the puppy dog eyes mind you) to go...


He watched his guests enter his domain, he waited for her, his eyes glazing by swiftly. Today, specifically chosen for this ceremony, he wore a silver hakama with a silver blue obi.

He felt that his outfit was appropriate, he only hoped his Kagome would dress to impress, for he would be announcing something even she didn't know. The taiyoukai of the south, Lord Kar and Lady Satsuki gasped and his attention went to the entrance, for whatever had caught their attention was something worth watching.

What he saw stunned him, it was Kagome, his Kagome, strolling in, dressed to seduce. She wore a silver blue kimono, which struck him odd, with the western symbol embroidered onto each shoulder. Her raven hair was held in two buns on her head while the rest fell down her back, and he noticed faintly that it had grown much longer, past her knees in fact. Her lips were painted a light pink while her eyes had silver eye shadow.

Sesshomaru felt his guest's eyes on him and a swelling feel of pride swept through him as he noticed her making her way towards him. Kagome grasped his arm, smiling lovingly towards him.


Kagome would never know what had compelled her to enter that shop. It had been a designer shop, where you chose what would be on your clothes, all she knew was that she had paid 500 yen for the blue silver kimono with the crescents on each shoulder.

Next thing she knew, she was holding onto Sesshomaru's arm, smiling up at him, and she'd never felt so complete.

She knew that every youkai and human in the room was watching them, trying to decipher why they did not know about this human miko holding their lord's arm. She knew that Inuyasha wasn't here, not with her, but with Ayame. She felt happy that he'd found her, they were perfect for each other. Both had the same fiery spirits and not to mention the overly tempered attitudes.

Sesshomaru tugged her towards the stage, ready to announce what he wanted. It was something he needed to do, but at the edge of his mind it was shouting, 'Rejection!' He feared she would reject him, but he kept moving, determined to have faith in her.

The crowd quieted as they noticed the couple upon the stage. "Your attention, I would like to make an announcement."

A deep breath later and he'd announced what he had waited for, "I'm taking Lady Kagome here as my mate."

Kagome gasped, her head spun in so many possibilities, he wanted her, he actually wanted her! She spun towards him, with the biggest smile upon her face.

Her arms were thrown across his shoulders as she embraced him, crying into his hakama. This was the happiest day of her life.


That had been so long ago since maybe a year or so? She and him had mated and now had one child, not including Rin or Shippo. They had Serenity. A beautiful hanyou, with her father's silver hair, but strangely, Inuyasha's golden eyes. She had pointed ears and the only indication that she was hanyou was her parents. This greatly pleased her father and Kagome just shook her head. Ayame had happily assumed the role of Aunt as Inuyasha did only as Uncle of little Serenity, or Ss as her nickname went. Sango, who Koga had taken as a mate, took the roles as God parents. Something Kagome had been happy about.

Sango, this summer was expecting a child and Kagome's happiness that her friend had found someone that made her happy. Kagome always knew Miroku was to lecherous for her, now Miroku, what ever did happen to our favorite little monk?

Well, he had found a special someone himself. A girl named Satsuki, someone Kagome greatly liked, and considered a sister, she and Satsuki had a relationship much like Sango and her.

Satsuki was royalty in a way, a human of course; Miroku could never life with a youkai, for reasons unknown. Maybe to cute, no never. Satsuki we may never know, but she was beautiful with silky black tresses unlike Kagome's blue black ones, hers only feel just past her shoulders.

Maybe, one day they would continue their quest to hunt the shards and defeat Naraku. One day when their family had grown...

The End


I hoped you liked my one-shot, it's kind of short, but I like it, There was only one line of words and that's Sesshomaru's announcement. Eh, I hope it wasn't to boring for you. I probably won't get any reviews for this one but hey, I had fun writing it!

Oh, I'll understand if you don't like it, but if you do, do you think I should make a sequel? I dunno, it sounds fun, but, just tell me what ya think.


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