Bindings of the blood by Shadow15*

Revealing the Truth

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Chapter One

Revealing the truth

"Tadaima!" Kagome yelled as she stepped into the house. "Momma, where's Souta and Grandpa?" "They are out of town for the weekend." Katsuki replied as she came into the kitchen to greet her daughter "Kagome, I have something to tell you, so let's go sit on the couch." Katsuki said. "Okay momma." Kagome chirped as she followed her mother into the living room.

"Kagome, I don't know how to tell you this, but I'm not your real mother. You were placed in my care when you were a baby. I was waiting for the right time to tell you and with your birthday so close, I decided that the next time you came home, I would tell you. You were left with us almost seventeen years ago, and we took you in and loved you as if you were our very own. Your birthparents left a note and I would like you to take a look at it." Katsuki said, handing Kagome a folded piece of paper. The note that was attached said:

Please take care of our darling daughter Kagome. She is the child of a miko and a shadow inu youkai. The spell on her that makes her look human will stay for sixteen years and will end upon the eve of her seventeenth year.

You have our love forever, our precious little girl,

Lord Hiro and Lady Midoriko of the Eastern Lands

"You age like a human until you reach 17. After that, you should age slower and have fast healing abilities, and basically be better at everything." Katsuki said. She glanced over at Kagome for her reaction.

Kagome's eyes got really big. She couldn't believe what her mother had just told her

"How could they get to the future at all? They shouldn't have been able to get here." Kagome whispered in to the quiet room. Katsuki looked at her with watery eyes replaying vicious, devastating memories played in her mind. "Our grandfather was fighting a battle that he couldn't win. He was thrown in the well when the dragon youkai knocked him out. When he awoke, he discovered that he was in a new world by the smell and the sights. He was sitting on a bed and a young woman was tending to his wounds. She was highly disliked so no one would believe her. Just to make sure, he recited a spell that would erase her memory. He was grateful for her help and that he could still cast this spell with his magic that he knew. He walked out of the house and saw the well that he fell down. He walked to it and looked down, gazing into nothingness. He could not see the bottom but he jumped down anyway, hoping that he would be back in familiar lands. It did take him back to his era but drained him of some important powers. He lost his abilities of telepathy, stealth, and changing into his true form for twenty years. He received his powers back slowly over the course of a year. They really weren't the same as they were before. As to how your parents got here, our grandfather told Hiro about the well. Hiro decided that the future would be the best place for you so they had Jaken take you there so I could take care of you until you were ready to come back to the eastern lands."

"You're crazy!! I'm crazy for believing what you said. Me, a demon and a miko!! Mama, there are no such things as youkai mikos." Kagome said softly while looking at Katsuki.

"Kagome, calm down, sweetie. All of the things I told you are true. It's not crazy and it's not a made up story!" Her mother said calmly. "You aren't going to believe me but I am also a miko. I can sense both a pure aura and a demonic one when I look at you." Katsuki explained.

"Calm down, Calm down? That's all you have to say!! I'm supposed to be a miko and you say I am a miko and a demon!? I'm a disgrace to the mikos and to the demon's!! I am each side's worse enemy!! Can you handle that!? I am just going to stay with my friends. Perhaps they can tell me what to do with a mother that thinks her daughter isn't hers and that she is the real daughter of the legendary Midoriko and the Lord of the Eastern Lands Hiro Higurashi!! And why do you have the same surname as the Lord of the Eastern Lands? I don't sense any demon in you. You can't be demon!!!" Kagome said eerily calm, her confusion mounting by the minute.

"You can't go to your friends Kagome. They would notice that something was wrong with you. Since it is now close to midnight, you are starting your transformation. Kagome, be proud of your heritage, don't say that you are a disgrace, you are a rare kind of immortal demon, like the foxhound is. I have the same surname a Lord Hiro Higurashi of the Eastern Lands because I am his sister. You thought I was your mother when you were little because my brother told me that I look exactly like Midoriko, just demonic. I am a demon Kagome, You just can't sense the powerful masking spell on me." Katsuki said with a tint of irritation in her voice.

"Being the sister of the Eastern Lord has its perks you know." Katsuki said, wryly. I can teach you things that you would need to be able to do when you are demon. I could also teach you demon etiquette and things you are not to do in front of royalty." Katsuki suggested.

"You really should take my advice, Kagome. This advice will help you in the future. The regent is ruling the Eastern Lands right when you are trying to get your rights as Lady of the Eastern Lands, you have to fight the regent Akira. Be careful, the regent is very skilled in fighting. Trying to fight him with magic is not something I would recommend. He is very skilled in counterattacks against magic. You should stick with physical attacks. He is very weak if you use stealth and sword attacks. If you decide to train, I will teach you everything I know that would help you in defeating the regent." Katsuki offered.

"You could look up more about Midoriko to see if my story is true Kagome. We have many diaries that Midoriko and Hiro wrote in. The diaries are all true. I know my brother's and Midoriko's handwriting anywhere! You still can choose not to believe me, the only way to know if I am telling the truth is to wait it out and see it for yourself." Katsuki said softly.

"What!!!!!!" Kagome yelped. "What am I going to tell Souta? He's probably going to tell everyone that he has a demon for a sister and make me go to his school for show and tell to prove it!! I'm not going to be trained by you, I will do this on my own!!!" she said as she clenched her fists. She looked at her surrogate mother with pure horror and shock. She was dreading to hear what she had to say.

"You can't tell Souta anything Kagome. I have to tell him when the time is right. He needs to be older before I can train him. I will respect your wishes and not train you. I wish you the best of luck when you fight the regent Akira." Katsuki said as she wiped her eyes. Damn it, she was not supposed to cry.

"I can't come back here after I change into my true form. With my luck, grandpa will try and purify me when I walk through the door. I am going to spend the night here, but I am leaving in the morning. I will not be coming back and I would like for you to tell Souta and grandpa that I love them and will miss them." Kagome said as she stood up. She turned to the stairs and began to walk towards them. Suddenly, a thought struck her and she slowly turned to Katsuki. "Wait a minute...I turn seventeen tomorrow!! Oh kami, everybody's going to freak!!" Kagome squeaked. This was just not her day.

Kagome rushed up to her room to sit there and let all of the information she just learned to sink in. She was dazed and shocked at what her aunt had told her. She couldn't even think of what her friends in the feudal era would say. She would just have to wait and see. "Hopefully, everything will turn out alright. I hope that they don't discriminate me for being a miko and a youkai. I just hope that Shippo will talk to me." Kagome whispered and snuggled into her bed. She knew that she wouldn't see this bed after tomorrow so she sighed sadly and closed her eyes.

"Everything will be all right Kagome. You'll see that very soon. You will be powerful just like your parents. I just hope that you will realize that." Katsuki whispered as she went into her room to check on Kagome. She walked over to her bed and covered her with her blanket. She bent over and kissed her forehead. "Sweet dreams. You will remember us. I'll make sure of it." Katsuki whispered and walked out of the room with a sad smile on her face.

Tadaima- I'm back

Inuyoukai- Dog demon

Kami- God

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