Drama of an Online World by ~*Nova Demoness*~


He was bored, which lately had not been much of a surprise. It was the same thing over and over. Defeating the lesser demons, slaughtering innocent human villages and pillaging the hordes of great dragons... Such things tended to become second nature after a while.

He knew he was powerful and feared. He knew how the game worked, how the codes were upheld and how those who went against the laws were punished. He also knew that at the rate things were progressing, a new and exciting mission would not be possible.

Which meant that, in turn, he knew he would need to find a new source of entertainment.

What he didn't know, however, was that this new source would be just around the corner...

* * * * * * *

She'd been going around the game's many locations for the past seven months, just getting to know the newcomers who seemed to join at a frequent rate. That was really all there was to do, she'd done nearly everything else. For one of her esteemed status at least.

She had defeated several of the strongest demons twice over, she'd rescued damsels and escorted royalty through the treacherous jungles of their country's into the next.

She'd even been to the spirit world a couple times, on orders of course. You couldn't go to the spirit world without either consent or with orders from one of the higher ups. A very forbidden thing to do, especially when your body can be possessed by one of the lesser demons or dark priestesses. Very dangerous, especially so with her body. Trained to kill and destroy, ask questions as when went if any presented themselves.

But she knew all that, she'd been playing this game since it came out, and she couldn't even think remember when that was. Time just seemed to drag on when she wasn't in this world. And that's when you knew you were addicted. Of course, she'd been addicted since she first started playing.

The action, the adventure... So different from the real world.

But now that she had done nearly everything, what else was there for her to do? Was she going to quit, leave the game forever, or until a suitable update could be made? She didn't want to think about that, the last update was... Weak. That's what some of the others had called it, but then, they weren't new to the game either.

She needed a challenge. Something, anything! Someone strong and courageous, preferrably male. Maybe that would alleviate the boredom...

* * * * * * *

End of Prologue... >.>

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