Blinded To Your Touch by Shavona


"Mom!" Kagome called as she was about to leave the house.

"Yes Kagome" answered her mom from upstairs.

"I'm going now I should be make in a few days," Kagome yelled back up stairs.

"Ok dear just be safe, you hear!" her mom said as she went to the top of the steps to see her before she left.

"I will mom," Kagome said as she looked at her mom and then left.

Her mom though to herself,"That girl...she's always going off there. She never has time for her family any more. Maybe I'll talk to her about it when she comes back."

Fuedal Japan

Kagome climbs out of the well and looks around. The sun is shining so bright that Kagome has to turn her face away to avoid it. She climbs out of the well completely. As she walks toward the village where Inuyasha and the others are she hears something in the bushes. She stops and looks around for a min. She calls out, "Hello is anyone there?" Kagome stops and sees the bushes move some more. She backs up some more holding her right hand behind her. All of the sudden Kouga pops out. Kagome falls to the ground.

"Hey there Kagome," Kouga says walks over to her to help her up.

Kagome lets him help her up saying,"Oh my gosh you scared the living day out of me, what are you doing here anyway?"

"Oh I was just around tracking a demon that had a piece of the jewel shard." Kouga answered her with a grin on his face.

"Oh I see," Kagome looked at him.

"Well I better be off now, it was nice seeing you again Kouga," Kagome said as she began to walk off.

"I suppose your going off to that dog face Inuyasha, well you know that he isn't even worth your time I don't understand why you even bother with him," Kouga said as he watched Kagome walk off. Just as Kouga turns his back he hears Kagome scream. He lashes back around and sees demon of some kinda holding her down to the ground. Kouga run to her but the demon is much faster than him. Before he is even to the half way point of where they are the demon has disappeared with Kagome.

Kouga runs to the villiage to go find Inuyasha.

One the other hand the demon has took Kagome far off to some swamp area where she has never been. Though the one who took her was a demon he did not a appear as one. He was quite handsome in fact. He was tall, had short white hair, and blue eyes of the midnight sky.

" name is Ishoromu." the demon introduced himself.

Kagome stared at him for a while, "I'm Kagome,"

"That is none of my interest, you have something I want. And I want it now" Ishoromu said as he pick Kagome up by her neck. She kicked as she picked her up higher in the air. Ishoromu threw her into a tree.

Kagome ghasped for air as she said, "I don't have it,"

"So be it.. but considering I know that you do have it than I will torture you until you give it to me," Ishoromu snickered with excitement. Kagome blinked and when she opened up her eyes he was right there. He grabbed Kagomes neck again, this time digging his claws into her. Kagome could hardly let out a scream. A cry fell down from her right eye. He pushed her away. Kagome looked at him trying to play off as being brave but she knew as well as he did that he could smell her fear.

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