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Chapter 1 – Naraku's Trap

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Naraku's Trap

Kagura snickered when his back was turned. He just couldn't simply kill the idiot's. Oh no, that would be too easy. Naraku's trickery and incessant games were exasperating. The hint of a smile curved her ruby red lips. One day, his own foolishness, would lead to his demise.

"Kagura. Might I ask what is so amusing?" Naraku asked, with his deceptively smooth, calm voice.

'Damn' the bastard doesn't miss anything. She swiftly turned to her master. The monster that birthed her into this hellish existence. In a haughty voice full of fraudulent confidence, Kagura said, "I was simply thinking of the turmoil, your plan is sure to induce."

Naraku raised a delicate eyebrow, portraying his suspicion of her words. No matter. The wind bitch was of no concern to him at the moment. He was well aware of her wish to be free of him. A wish that would never come true, of course. Not as long as he held her heart as ransom for her continued obedience. Maybe later he would hold it in his palm, giving it a nice fresh squeeze, just to remind her of her place. For now, though, he had to focus on laying out his plan to be rid of the preverbal thorn in his side, Inuyasha, and with him, that precious little miko, Kagome.

Kagome. Her name was melodic on the tongue. He cursed the bitch. Her image continuously danced in his mind. His dreams were plagued by her. His body seemed to ache in longing for her. She was HER reincarnation. She even looked like her. He both wanted her and hated her with every writhing cell in his body. She was a powerful enemy, with the purification strength of Midoriko herself. It was a shame he couldn't have her. Her actions and spirit proved, beyond a doubt, that she would fight until her death against being tainted by evil. Such a pity. If he couldn't have her, then no one would.

She is the guardian of the Shikon No Tama. The Jewel of Four Souls. The one thing that Naraku cherished more than the priestess herself. He gazed with fascination at the huge portion of the gem in his palm. The blackness of his own aura mingled with traces of light, giving the stone the appearance of having swirling mists trapped inside. 'Fascinating.'

Naraku reluctantly pulled his gaze from his treasure, and returned to mapping out Inuyasha's demise. The plan was complex, but he was confident it would work. The ancient ruins were hidden in the most remote of territories, which would be an added bonus. The rough terrain would keep other fools from risking life and limb just to get a piece of this Naraku. Sending out his scent would only draw those most desperate to face him... Inuyasha and his little group of misfits. The monk and the slayer would be easy prey, once Inuyasha and the girl was out of the picture, thus ending the most severe threat to his person. Hell, he may even let the two of them live, for a while, in order to bask in their sorrow at the loss of their comrades. 'Mmm... delicious torment'.

Finding the ruins was sheer good fortune. Never had he expected one of his minions to uncover such a prize, but with his own eyes, or through the eyes of his saimyoshou, he witnessed an awesome and mysterious display of power. His insects of hell were returning from a mission, when one of the saimyoshou flew between the twin arcs of the ancient ruins. Were it not for the tiny puff of smoke remaining, the insect would have disappeared without any one being the wiser. The smoke alerted the ever-watching eye of Naraku, to the strange disappearance of one lone insect. It took only the loss of three more saimyoshou to assure Naraku of what he had found. A destructive devise beyond his comprehension. One by one his test subjects disappeared in a puff of smoke. He was absolutely giddy with the discovery.

It had not taken long for Naraku to realize the potential of this fabulous weapon. Finally a way to rid himself of Inuyasha. 'Glory to the underworld, for this Naraku will use this weapon to be rid of that dog, once and for all.'

"It's all in the timing, my children. I am confident that you will not fail me. A distraction must be used to pull the attention of that infernal houshi. Kanna will accompany us, but only for backup. Kohaku will distract the demon exterminator. Do not kill them. I have decided to let them suffer a bit longer." Naraku released a chilling chuckle, before continuing. "I will be accompanying you on this little adventure. I, myself, will lure Inuyasha and the girl into the weapon's range, and just before she is destroyed, I will relieve her of the shards around her neck. A fail-proof plan."

Naraku turned to the demon child of glimmering white. "You Kanna, will stand aside during the final battle, in case something were to go awry. I will place the hive of saimyoshou in your hands, to be released in case the monk gets out of hand. Do not interfere, otherwise."

Kanna nodded slightly, and replied in an eerie, soft voice, "Yes, master Naraku."

"Kagura, do not fail me. It is imperative that you keep the other's busy. Are you capable?" Naraku asked in a velvet voice dripping with sarcasm.

Kagura felt the flare of anger, but refused to be goaded by this demon spawn from hell. She spat her answer, "The monk and slayer are useless against the wind."

Naraku sat back against the wall. His dark laughter vibrating against the barren walls of his castle. "Good. Tomorrow, we will be rid of that half-breed dog and his faithful little wench."

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