It's All An Act by kag&sess9515

It's All An Act

Kagome ran with the little strength she had left, in her mind her only goal was to stay a life. Although deep in her subconscious she knew she would never make it. Her body was covered with mud, cuts and scrapes from forcing her way through the thick forest. She cuddled her left arm, which was severely injured and tried not to irritate it further more. Tears streamed down her face and soon mingled with the heavy rain falling down upon her.

Her mind was a cloud of pain and suffering. All she could do at the moment was to keep running and hope to God that someone might come to her much needed rescue, although she highly doubted she'd survive.

'Please someone! Oh God I don't want to die! Not like this' her mind screamed, but what could she do, how could she have possibly known. 'He looked so normal, why is he doing this?' her muscles were aching and her lungs in need of air.

Blinded with never ending tears, Kagome ended up tripping on a root and laded painfully on her stomach. Realizing she couldn't afford to stop, Kagome quickly got up and kept running. Soon she heard a sadistic laughter in the background, it was coming closer, and no it was here, right in front of her.

"So, you thought you could run from me, well think again pretty kiddy" a man with wavy hair chuckled, his voice dripping with malice. "Naraku why are you doing this?"

The man simply grinned evilly and pulled out a gun. "Sorry Kagome, but it has to be this way" with that said a laud sound was heard throughout the forest. Kagome fell limp on the wet muddy ground, her eyes still open, but blind to the world.

"AND.CUT!" (Got ya!!!! ^-^) Yelled the producer as he clapped his hands together in satisfaction. Kagome carefully got up and brushed some dirt from her tore clothes. "Hey sorry about the whole psycho thing" said Naraku as he slowly approached her. Kagome smiled warmly and began to walk off the set. "No problem, after all that was your character" she answered as she waved goodbye.

Truth to be told, Naraku gave her the creeps, especially when he played the evil guy. But hey, what could she do, it was just like her sister said. Just a few rocks along the way to greatness aren't enough to stop you. Yes, her sister said a lot of things.

Just the thought of her brought a frown to her face. Her sister was responsible for her misfortune. Oh how Kagome longed to be a normal teenager, how she wished she could have normal friends and just be free. But noooo! Kikyo just had to drag her into the show bizz with her, not only that, she made her life hell too.

Sighting heavily, Kagome stepped into the bathtub and turned on the radio.

She just wanted to relax, I mean after her death scene she was just so tire and tomorrow would be a big day. She had to start getting to know the two hottest actors ever, or so everyone said. 'Probably just two more stuck up pretty boys oh joy' she thought sarcastically as she closed her eyes and let the warm water work on her tense muscles.

She was suppose to start filming a movie in a month but the producer insisted on the actors to get to know each other so that they'd be more comfortable in stage. It wasn't so bad, that's how she got to know her two best friends, Sango and Miroku, but with what she had heard about these two new actors, she wasn't sure she wanted to get to know them.

Apparently, they were called the Takawaii bothers, and were the best looking guys in the business, but the thing that bothered her the most was the fact that they were so stuck up and thought too high of themselves. Oh well, she would just had to stick it up, after all, this was going to be her first part as a protagonist. She just couldn't le it goes.

After about twenty minutes, Kagome grabbed a towel, wrapped it around herself before stepping to her closet. "Finally, I was stating to think you drowned in the bath tub. actually that's not such a bad idea" Kagome rolled her eyes at her sister and walked right past her.

"Kikyo what are you going here, I mean ruining my life must get tire, why don't you go get someone else" Kikyo pouted and jumped on a couch, "aw but Kagome, you're my baby sister, why would I want to pick on someone else when I have you" "yeah yeah, now what do you want?"

Kagome asked a bit irritated. "I just wanted to let you know that mom got me a part in your film, a big one too, so don't think you'll be the center of attention, and don't for one second think you're going to get those two Takawaii hotties to yourself"

Kagome once again rolled her eyes at her sister's warnings and picked out her outfit before answering. "Don't worry about me, is not like a wanted that part in the first place, and about the Takawaii bothers, you can have them, I'm just not interested in those pretty boys"

With that said, Kagome picked up her clothes and walked to the bathroom, slamming that door behind her. "Brat" sighted Kikyo as she stood up and walked to her own dressing room.


Next day Kagome woke up earlier than usual, she rubbed the sleep from her eyes and changed into some back cargo pants that were low rise, effectively showing a bit of her black thon, a black top that showed a nice ample of her tone belly with the words 'mean people suck' on it, black worn out tennis with punk graffiti on them and for the final touch, she put on a spiked belt that hang loosely around her hips.

After washing up, Kagome walked over to her mirror and applied black eye shadow with purple eye lines. She also put on some lip-gloss and put on her favorite playboy bunny belly ring before walking out. "Uh-uh no way am I going to be seen walking around with you miss funky punk girl" Kagome turned around and gave Kikyo a bore look.

She was wearing a pink mini skirt with a matching top and pink sandals with flowers on them. Her hair was in to buns tied with two pink feathery hair clips. "Likewise, miss white girl wannabe"

"I recent that, but back to your um. Choice of clothing, are you seriously going to go out like that? I mean don't you want to make a good impression, we're talking about that Takawaii brother here!"

Kagome grabbed her chin as if she was in deep thought before answering. ", not really" "why must you be my sister?" Kikyo asked in a dramatic voice while pressing the back of her hand on her forehead. "You know, I ask myself that question everyday" Kagome replied sarcastically as she accepted that toasts one of the maids offered her.

Just then, a woman that looked to be around her thirties busted from the doors and with out sparing the two siblings a glance, motioned for then to hurry up. "Alright girls wrap it up and get into the limo, we have a busy day today"

The woman was about to leave until she got a good look at Kagome. "Oh my, young lady, what do you think you're wearing, go upstairs and change right now" she squealed in disgust. " about no?" Kagome answered as she turned on her headphones.

"Kagome, I am your mother, now go upstairs and change into something appropriate, why can you be more like your sister?" "Mom, she has no time, we're already late" cut in Kikyo. "Fine, but next time Kagome you're not getting off that easy!" Her mother warned as she led the way to the waiting limo.

After about twenty minutes, they finally arrived at the agency, where they saw a white limo, much like their own already parked there. "Ok girls you know the drill, go get your contracts and get two know the new actors, you will be spending a lot of time getting to know them since the scenes you have to do with them are, well, quite heated, so you must feel absolutely comfortable around them"

Kikyo responded with one of her fake smiles while Kagome nodded slightly, but truth to be told, she really hadn't heard a word her mother had said. After all, her headphones were on full blast.

While they were walking up the stairs Kikyo kept giving Kagome what you could only call 'evil looks' as they finally reached their destination. "Kagome I'm warning you, if you do anything stupid or embarrassing, I'll personally make sure you get fire" Kikyo spat before reaching the doorknob. "Oohh! Promise?" squealed Kagome in a childish voice.

Kikyo glared at her before turning the knob. "Kikyo, Kagome, we were starting to think you weren't going to make it" A very short man said from his desk. "Oh we would never ditch you Miyoga" said Kikyo in a overly sweet voice. "I would!" replied Kagome from behind as she crossed her arms over her chest in a stubborn manner.

Kikyo lightly elbowed her sister and gave her a look that promised pain in the future, luckily, nobody in the room saw her but Kagome.

"Yes I know you would Kagome, but I'm glad you didn't, now come in girls, we'll discus your contracts and then you'll meet the Takawaii brothers, in fact they are waiting for you in the next room" "oh joy" sighed Kagome as she followed the man into his office.

After a long talk and a series of arrangements, which Kagome happened to pay absolutely no attention in, the young actresses, were finally ready to meet the Takawaii brothers.

The girls followed Miyoga and walked into a rather spacious room. Inside there were the two most gorgeous guys a girl could hope to see. "Kikyo, Kagome, meet Sesshomaru and Inuyasha, now I'll be leaving you kids alone so that you can get to know each other, oh and Kagome? Play nice"

Said Miyoga before leaving the room. "So. You guys twins?" said one of the guys with messy, long silver hair, his eyes were a very light hazel and her wore baggie jeans with a red-skated shirt. "Sadly" replied Kikyo before flashing Inuyasha a bright smile.

"Took the word right out of my mouth, sister dear," said Kagome in a sweet voice. "Well I did my part, later" "I believe I'll be leaving too" said a voice from behind, turning around Kagome found herself staring at what she could only call 'a major hottie'.

He had long silver hair, but unlike his brother, his resembled actual silk, his eyes were a bit lighter than Inuyasha's, making them look almost golden. He wore all black, just like Kagome, and had a single spiked bracelet, making him look some what punkish.

'Wow! He really is cute, and actually my type, but then again, he's probably just another camera hug, man! I wonder who ever said that there is a perfect guy waiting for you in every corner. Well who ever it was, they were sooo wrong' thought Kagome.

'Well I guess this won't be so bad, she is pretty cute, I think I'll enjoy our times together on stage, of course I'll have to get to know her first. I wonder if she know?' Sesshomaru asked himself while hiding his new found amusement.

"Kagome, you can't leave, and neither can you Sesshomaru, we're suppose to spend the day together" said Kikyo in a whiny voice. Kagome shifted her gaze from Sesshomaru to Kikyo and answered. "Um, ok why don't you spend the day with him and fill me in later" she said in a sarcastic voice before walking out with a certain silvered hair guy following closely.

"So, why did you bailed?" asked Kagome to the man who was now walking beside her. "I could ask you the same question" he replied dryly. "Boy you're not in a good mood are ya?" she muttered under her breath.

"Let's just get this over with" he said suddenly. "Huh?" "The getting to know each other thing, in case you haven't read the script, we'll be doing a lot of scenes together and I just wouldn't feel comfortable if we remain estrangers" he said while walking down the narrowed steps. "I guess you're kind of scenes?"

Sesshomaru tried to hold back his smirk but failed miserably. "Well the movie is rated R so just put the pieces together" Kagome stopped walking and stared wide eye at him.


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