Just A Moment by RyuuAngel

Chapter 1

Chapter 1:

Kagome wasn't really angered with Inuyasha, she just hated it when he went wtih Kikyou. She wished he would look at her the way he looked at Kikyou. She sighed and a single tear trickled down her cheek. Why did he care more for Kikyou than her? She knew the answer, but hated it. Kikyou came first, and she was second. Kikyou was accomplished, and beautiful and sexy and everything she wasn't.

. . . . . . .

Sesshou watched the girl from the shadows. She was a paradox, a mystery to the great lord. He had never seen a human, especially a girl, who was fearless. It made her attractive, that and the indecent things she wore. He shook the thought of her from his head, only to have it replaced with her visage in the woods, traveling to the weird well she disappeared into. His senses picked up a youkai traveling this way in speed. His brow quirked. It would get to her before she got to the well. Foolish girl! She had come here unaccompanied and she was going to die for it. Somehow, something told him he didn't want that, for reasons he couldn't decifer.

. . . . . . .

Kagome felt the presence of the jewel shard coming at her fast. Shit, why hadn't she noticed it earleir?! She pulled out her bow, realizing she was too far from the well to make it in time. She felt something else tug at her brain but ignored it as she notched an arrow behind a tree to wait. And not for long. It started sniffing when it couldn't see her and she aimed her bow. But her foot made a twig snap and she swore. The youkai turned it's head toward her and dodged the glowing arrow that would have killed him. It jumped up and toward her as she tried to notch another arrow, too late. It came down on her and she whispered a prayer and screamed.

"Please, somebody, Inuyasha? Sango? Miroku? Anybody!"

* * * * *

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