let me love you by azngurl



Kagome attend tokyo university with her boyfriend inuyasha. People said that she was a kikyo wanna be. But all the student no that she was born the way she is. Although almost all the guy like her won't dear to come even close to her because of her overprotcted boyfriend.

Also attending tokyo university is sesshomaru taisho inuyasha older brother. He is rich, handsom and smart. He was also kikyo target. But he didn't even stand staying in a room with her. The person who caught his eye is kagome inuyasha girlfriend.

He got his eye on her the first time they meet when inuyasha interdouce him to kagome. First he thought she was kikyo but he found out she wasn't. He even thought how a beatiful and smart would be with his brother. He even thought why does inuyasha deserve a person like her.

He wish inuyasha had never meet her but he was the one . He never felt such emotion toward anybody before it was strange to him first but then he learn what the emotion was it was love. He never love ayone exept his mother that is all. But he never amited that he love her .


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