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kagome had just be told she would have to move away fom the only home she's ever known.kagome was so angry right now she could barely remeber the reson her mother wanted to move but as if reading her mind her mother tried explaining why she wanted to move agian.kagome's mother kari was trying in vain to get her daughter to clam down. lets face it even she was scared of her daghter when she was mad."but kagome, your granfathers sick and needs to been taken care of and needs help with the shrine because of his old age he can barely take care of it himself he needs help."with that explaination kagome clamed down somewhat. she loved her grandfather alot but less face facts the guy was insane even though humans and demons lived in peace he still put wards everwhere and shuned all demons for living. his wards never worked though because he dosen't have a pinch of anything close to powerful. he didn' have any powers unlike kagome who is a very very powerful miko.kagome nodded her head and went upstairs to start packing while muttering to herself about stupid grandfathers and working to hard.when kagome got her room and looked around she suddenly relizied how long it was going to take pack.kagome ran back downstairs and got boxes to start packing. on her way back up she saw her mom watching T.V and asked"mom, when are we moving anyway?"kari looked at her daughter and sighed kari kagome was thinking of her room and got ready for it while getting ready to run she said as cassuly as she possibly could "tommorw night." kari looked at her daughters face and saw cconfusion then anger then she expoled while her mother was inching away as fast as she possibly could."WHAT!!!!! HAVE YOU SEEN MY ROOM IT WILL TAKE ME ALL NIGHT JUST TO GET HAVE THAT DONE! HOW COULD YOU AGREE TO THAT! YOU COULD HAVE AT LEAST TOLD ME EARLILER!!!!!!!!!! BUT NO YOU HAD TO TELL ME AT LAST HOW NICE OF YOU!!!!!!!!!" kagome finished that rant with sarcasim dripping from her last words and then turned and went upstairs to start packing. after kagome slamed door shut souta came down stairs looking as clueless as ever. kari and explained to him they were moving souta just nodded his head and went upstairs to tart packing. when souta went upstairs kari sighed and said "well at least iam done packing."kagome sighed as she finally fineshed packing looking at the digital clock that read 1:00 AM she sighed she had school in the morning and kagome new she knew she was going to be extermly kagome lay down she thought about this morning.


"bye mom iam goning to meet my frinds at the mall!!" echoed through the house but before she could step outside her mother stopped her and said she needed to tell her somthing important kagome sat down to listen to her mother and and after hearing those four words she didn't hear anything else and started yelling.

end flashback

kagome, a raven haired blue eyed sixteen year-old that is a gothic punk with an attitude people say she has a very short temper and there right she does. kagome's father leo died when kagome was 10 and her brother was 2 . he was a very kind man and made friends almost instantly. he would always keep kagomes temper in check but since he died. no one could calm kagome down when she got mad. a result of all of the traning, judo and karate lessons she was trainned in every possible to fight. kagome since then didn't take shit from nobody andyou couldn't caim her down so WATCH OUT!!. the higrushi family was ritch be ond belive you could live till the end of time and still have enough money tobuy you anything you wanted. as kagome driffed off to sleep she couldn't help wondering that she felt sorry for the people that got on her bad side tomorow the fell asleep.

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