Aishiteru Papa by Selena Mori


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"Papa!" Where could he be? A four-year Reni Taishou wandered down one of the many hallways of her home. Reni was the daughter of Lord Sesshoumaru and Lady Toki. "Papa!" Maybe he's in the library. Reni took off running toward her papa's study. She quietly pushed open the door to the room.

"Papa? Yay, I found you!" Sesshoumaru looked up at his daughter curiously. "Can I help you, Reni?" Reni jumped and down excitedly. "Mama wants you to come out to the gardens with us!" Sesshoumaru sighed. "I'm very busy Reni." Reni gave him her best puppy-dog eyes. Sesshoumaru gave in. Who could ignore that look? "All-right lets go." "YAY!!! Papa's coming!" The small girl immediately took off down the hall. Sesshoumaru stood up and followed.

When they reached the gardens, Reni ran towards her mother excitedly. "Papa's coming, Papa's coming!" She jumped up and down in little circles. Lady Toki smiled as her mate and love rounded the corner. "Calm down Reni!" Suddenly her shot in the direction of the surrounding woods. " Sesshoumaru. Do you sense that?" Reni looked around trembling. " Mama, what is it?"

Her mother stood up and drew her sword. "Reni, go inside. Now!" Reni started to back away slowly. "Papa, what's happening?" Sesshoumaru drew Tokijen. Out of the woods charged a huge group of demons.

They attacked swiftly. Almost to fast to see. Sesshoumaru pushed his mate and child behind him growled. "What business do you have here?" A demon wrapped in a baboon pelt stepped forward. " So, Sesshoumaru, we meet again." Sesshoumaru growled even more fiercely. "Naraku" He spat the name as if it pained him to say it. "Get off my land." Naraku laughed. "Kukuku. Is that any way to treat the future lord of the Western lands?" Sesshoumaru charged. The demons leapt forward.

Sesshoumaru found himself being forced farther and farther away from his family. Then he heard Toki cry out. "Toki!" His spun in her direction. Sesshoumaru refused to believe the sight that met his eyes. Naraku was standing over his mate with his sword plunged threw her chest. "Mama, Mama!" Reni began sobbing uncontrollably. Sesshoumaru leapt at Naraku in a blind rage. His head was gone within seconds. All that was left was small wooden puppet. The other demons withdrew quickly at the sight of their dead master. Sesshoumaru let them.

"Toki." He spoke her name softly. He picked her up gently and held her in his lap. He leaned over carefully, as if trying to listen to something. She's dead. "Toki!" He howled her name into the night. "Papa." Reni approached slowly. "Papa." Suddenly she collapsed on to her papa. She continued to cry into his chest. Sesshoumaru gently set his mate's body down and scooped Reni into his arms. (AN: He has both)

He carried into the castle slowly. He called for Jaken. "Watch her." Jaken bowed. "Yes, milord." Sesshoumaru then returned to the garden and carried his mate inside. You will pay for this Naraku. You will pay dearly for this.

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