Realize by Yuri_Kohaku

The Fatal Mistake


Chapter One: The Fatal Decision


Kohaku: Ohayo everyone! My name is Kohaku... and this is my first Sess/Kag fic with some help from Mitsukai Kitsune, who will be posting a story up soon. If you want to send flames, that's okay with me... just don't get the muses angry. Moreover, if you send any creative ideas they will be accepted too and same goes with encouragement.

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-Inuyasha was in a 100ft deep crater-

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Chapter One: Fatal Decision

Naraku watch as Inuyasha pondered over the two mikos he had to choose from. Kikyo, who was already dead (Just to state the facts), was tied onto a large tree. Her dark brown hair covered her scarred face. Her kimono legs were torn, revealing her legs bleeding with deep gashes.

Then his amber eyes went to the picture to Kagome, who was shackled in a dark room. Her raven black hair was dyed with dried blood. Her clothes were tattered and torn with deep gashes covering her body. Fresh blood was seeping out of her severe wounds onto the marble floor.

Unknown to the two adversaries, a young woman with short golden brown hair was watching the exchange between them. Her neko ears perked up as she heard shallow breathing coming towards the south. Her piercing hazel eyes gleamed red as she listen to the two hanyous.

Naraku chuckled evilly at the distress Inuyasha as he thought carefully over who to save and who to leave and to let died in Naraku's clutches. 'I can't leave Kagome... but I can't leave Kikyo! I love Kikyo! But I love Kagome too!' Inuyasha glared at Naraku and answered, "I chose Kikyo!'

The neko youkai that was watching was shock and thought, 'Who would chose clay over flesh? Who would trade cherry blossoms for trash?' As a smug smirk appeared on Naraku's face as he asked, "Are you sure about your choice, Inuyasha?" Inuyasha's eyes ragged with anger as he saw werewolves ready to pounce to Kagome's body. Suddenly they both heard a loud hiss in the air and glared at the neko who finally decided to reveal herself.

"Who are you?" shouted the enraged Naraku as the neko youkai darted into the dark castle focus on Kagome's fading scent and energy. As Inuyasha was ready to follow the neko youkai, a dark energy barrier surrounded the castle and Naraku just shook his head.

"You made your decision... take it before I'll kill your miko," Naraku stated smugly. Inuyasha ran deep into the forest as Naraku's evil laughter echoed through the land, making even the small animals scared.

Meanwhile the neko youkai inside the dark castle was trying not to pass out from smelling all the decay and death around her. She lean against a wall to regain her composure.

'Damn it smells,'she coughed repeatly as she decided to keep going. Hazel eyes were scanning the hallway before finally picking up the fading energy signature while unknown to her, she was being watch carefully by Naraku. A smug smirk was on his face while he watch with keen interest.

'Who is this youkai? How did she find my castle?' While the smirk grown to a sadistic smile as he watch the youkai kicked down the dugeoun door. Meanwhile, the neko youkai with her nose covered peered in cautiously in the dudgeon until her nose picks up a burning smell of blood from that dugueon. Her eyes widen when she saw the sight in front of her.

Werewolves was in pieces on the ground with the vague smell of poison and blood surrounding the room. She saw a youkai that looked exactly like the inu-hanyou that she saw earlier, but with maroon markings on his cheek and his white youki draped over his shoulder. His dark amber eyes gaze towards her and she kneeled on the ground and replied, "Gomen Sesshomaru-sama."

Sesshomaru's stotic face had the same passive look on his face.

"You were the one who sense them first, Saisuke." He replied in his usual emotionless tone. "So, I knew you would be delayed." Her hazel eyes looked at the woman-child in Sesshomaru's arms and asked worriedly, "Will she be okay?" He just nodded as he led them out of the castle without Naraku's knowledge or so they thought.

'So she's a servant of the great taiyoukai of the West.' A sadistic smirk was on his face as he was plotting his next move. Unknown to him, Kagura was watching with a digusted look on her face. She hated being a part of Naraku that she would do anything to get away from them, but she wasn't going to leave her little sister, Kanna, behind with that monster.

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