The Silver Bracelet by Yuri_Kohaku

Proloque: Promise

The Silver Bracelet

Proloque: Promise

By: Yuri_Kohaku

Rated R

Note: Dedicated to my best friends

Yuri_Kohaku: A silver bracelet was lying by her favorite cherry blossom tree that day when she left. Seasons come and gone while years pass, she arrives back wearing the silver bracelet that reminded her of her secret admirer of long ago.

Shoroi: Yuri_Kohaku doesn't own Inuyasha or any of the songs she uses except for a few, and she owns her own chars

Proloque: Promise

The laughter of children rung through little Kagome's ears. Her four best friends were trying their best to comfort her until a boy around the age of eleven with long ivory white hair and playful amber eyes. He held a boyish smile on his face as he taunted, "Ahh... baby Kagome... gonna cry." A girl around the age of ten with short silvery white hair and cold dark amber eyes that were narrowed angrily at the boy.

"That's enough, niisan!" she shouted angrily, ignoring the oohs and awws from the other students in the room. He smirked playfully at his younger sister as he taunted, "Whatcha gonna do about it, Clef-neechan?"

"Burn your ramen and tell mom and dad that were teasing my friend again, Inuyasha." Clef retorted with venom laced in her voice. Inuyasha glared at her like she was joking, but from the glare she giving him, she was far from it. A girl around ten with long raven black hair in ponytail. Her hazel brown eyes were puffy from crying. She place a calming hand on Clef's shoulder as if telling her to stop it. Clef took at deep breath and stated, "Be grateful that Kagome was here or I would have put you through hell, niisan." Clef with Kagome with the other three of her friends walked out the classroom. A girl the same age as Clef and Kagome with dark brown hair and dark blue eyes was walking behind them. Her arms were folded across her chest.

"Your brother is nothing but a bully, Clef-san." the girl stated coldly.

"If you thought that about Inuyasha, you should have stood up to him, Ayame... or are you afraid of him as well?" Clef scorned while comforting Kagome. A girl that looked the same as Kagome, but with cinnamon brown eyes, replied, "We are all afraid of him except for you, Kouga and Sesshomaru." Clef just shook her head and stated in calm tone, "The reason why we're not afraid of him because we can deal with his cocky attitude. To us, he's nothing more than a baby vying for attention, Rin. Inuyasha wants attention so he is even willing to tease other people, making them fear him." The other girl was silent while listening to all this until Ayame asked, "Sango, what's wrong?" Sango looked at Ayame and shrugged her shoulders as if nothing was wrong. Until they were in front the school doors Sango spoke in a sadden tone, "Today's Kagome and Rin last day here." Ayame and Clef looked at the two of them in shock and disbelief.

"It's true..." Rin whispered while Ayame and Sango hugged her.

"Why?" asked Clef while tears started to fall from her eyes. This was the first time they ever seen Clef crying.

"Our parents... my mother wants us to go to school in America." Kagome replied while tears started to form in her eyes. "But my mom just want to be far away from dad." The five girls hugged each other and cried in each other's arms. Hours passed until the sun started to set, the five girls held each other's hand as they walk towards their favorite place, their secret place. A blooming cherry blossom tree that petals illuminated in the sunlight. Sango and Ayame had to go home to get ready for school the next day, leaving Kagome, Rin and Clef sitting underneath the tree. Clef pulled out a small silver box and handed it to Kagome.

"What's this?" asked Kagome.

"Someone asked me to give you this." Clef replied while quickly adding, "Don't ask who." Kagome opened the box, revealing a silver bracelet decorated with two diamonds and one garnet in the middle of the two diamonds. Kagome and Rin's eyes widen in shock until Rin saw a note in the note. Rin started reading the note, "To my darling Kagome, even though we are seperated I will continue thinking of you everyday. Your smile... your laugher... your warmth brighten up my day and I wish you feel the same way I feel about you... I love you, my tenshin. Your secret admirer." Rin and Clef cooed at the note while Kagome put the bracelet on her right wrist.

"Come on... I'll walk you guys home as my farewell present." Clef replied softly with a smile on her face. Kagome and Rin held Clef's hands and walked home together since this was their last day together. Unknown to them, a boy around the age of twelve with long silvery white hair and sadden amber eyes as he watch the three.

'Goodbye, my tenshin until we meet again.'

Hiro Mishima: We're done with the Proloque finally.

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