The Naughty Birthday Present by Rinseternalsoul

The Naught Birthday Present

"Ok Kikyo, I'm here. What do you want?" Kagome asked.

Kikyo regarded Kagome's irritation with a slight shrug. All the years of facing off had given the two women a little awareness to one another's body language.

"Kikyo? Is something wrong?" Kagome asked.

"Kagome, It's about you and Inuyasha." Kikyo said hesitantly. "You know that he and I are... close, and I know that you and Inuyasha are... close." Kikyo raised her head to look into Kagome's eyes. She really was a beautiful girl. She had proven herself worthy of Inuyasha many, many times. She was powerful, and if she had been given the proper training, could have been as powerful as herself.

Kikyo smiled a little at Kagome. "Inuyasha's birthday is tomorrow, and I wish to give him a surprise that he shall not soon forget."

Kagome listened closely to the soft spoken young woman. "I thought you gave up on taking him to hell with you."

Kikyo smiled wickedly, "Hell is not where I wish to take him."

Kagome listened to Kikyo's proposition. The birthday gift that she had planned would certainly be interesting. She had to think that the portion of her soul still residing in Kikyo was a naughty portion indeed. Is that why I'm so nice? Did Kikyo contain that tiny portion of her that was reckless and wild? 'Then if that is the case, then a portion must still be inside of me, because I agreed.'

The next evening Inuyasha was moping around. He was a little disappointed that no one remembered it was his birthday. He'd half expected Kikyo to show up, at least to give him a nice birthday kiss, but so far she had been elusive. The worst was that Kagome didn't remember. She always remembered everything! Even stupid holidays that no one even knew the meaning of! She had failed him miserably today. He had at least expected a special bowl of ramen, or maybe a bar of chocolate, but here it was almost dark, and still not even a 'happy birthday Inuyasha. Humph!'

"Inuyasha!" Kagome called once she had placed her bathing items back in her backpack.

"What wench?" Inuyasha snapped.

Kagome smiled inwardly. She knew he was frustrated that she had not acknowledged his birthday. The plan was going nicely. 'Now to act as if she was full of concern and anxiousness...' "Inuyasha I think I sense a jewel shard."

Inuyasha perked up, "Really Kagome" Where?"

"Well, it's close, but I really think it's a weak youkai in possession of it. It doesn't feel strong at all." She looked to Miroku and Sango, winking when Inuyasha turned his head. They had no idea what was planned. Only that Inuyasha was going to be surprised. Miroku's mind went straight hentai, when Kagome mentioned tonight's little stunt. Sango had promptly bopped him on the head, making Kagome feel sorry for him, because for once, he was right.

Inuyasha said, "Get on."

Kagome jumped up on his back, making sure to rub the center of her warmth against him roughly. She almost thought she heard a groan come from the hanyou... so she pressed once more. Yep. It was definitely a groan. Oh how Inuyasha was going to enjoy his birthday present.

In a flash of red, Inuyasha gracefully scaled the cliff until stopping in front of the mouth of a cave. He expected to find a snarling youkai waiting for his blade, but instead he found a candle lit cavern with furs lining the floor around a small fire. He sniffed and took a step back. He turned to Kagome with a questioning look. "It smells like Kikyo in there."

Kagome slid to the ground and said, "Hmm. Are you sure? Maybe you should go in and double check."

Inuyasha started to argue, since his nose didn't lie, but his curiosity got the best of him. He went inside and sniffed the furs.

"Inuyasha." Came two female voices behind him. He looked up to see Kikyo and Kagome now standing side by side smiling mischievously at him. More than a little frightened, he said, "What the hell is going on here?"

The two women walked inside the cave. One walking around the fire to the right, and the other walking to the left. On their short journey both women began pulling off their clothing. "Happy Birthday Inuyasha," they both said sensually.

Inuyasha was at first alarmed. These wonderful things just didn't happen to guys like him. It had to be a trick, but as both Kikyo and Kagome knelt in front of him, with full breasts bouncing in the flickering candle light, he took a brief moment to look up to the heavens, thanking the gods for whatever spell these two were under. No sense in passing up a golden opportunity, right?

Inuyasha sighed as four soft hands worked his kimono off. Their tiny nails drawing across his skin sent shivers all over his body. He stared openly at the plump mounds of flesh, as the nipples grazed over his naked chest. Finally all clothes had been shed, and the three lovers began to please one another slowly. Inuyasha sat as if hypnotized as Kikyo and Kagome kneeled in front of him smiling. He leaned back on his hands a little. A wicked grin pasted on his face. If they wanted to play dirty, then so be it. "I want you to kiss each other."

They both looked a little surprised at this. This was a little different than what they had planned. Kagome looked to Kikyo who shrugged and leaned forward. She took her soft rosy lips with her own. The tender flesh of another woman was incomparable to the rough skin of a male. They both began to enjoy the feeling, deepening the gentle kiss to a more passionate embrace.

Inuyasha watched. Amazed that this was going on at all. The sight of these two enchanting women sharing a heated embrace was just fucking sexy. Unconsciously his hand slid down to his now, swollen member, where he grasped it firmly, squeezing it until the tip turned red. Inuyasha began to stroke it as he kept his eyes on the slender female forms in front of him.

Their hands moved over one another's soft body. Exploring the intimate curves. Kagome moved to take Kikyo's breast in her mouth sucking and teasing the nipple until Kikyo moaned in pleasure. Kikyo moved her hand to Kagome's tiny patch of dark curls, easily sliding her slender fingers between the dripping folds. Kagome groaned as she began to press and rub the tiny bud of nerves.

Inuyasha was in heaven. He had to have died. Some youkai had killed him, and for all his good deeds, Kami had granted him this wonderful treat. Then the ache in his loins surged once more. No, this was no dream, and he was pretty sure he wasn't dead. His aching dick said this was the real thing. His smile curved wider.

The girls turned their attention back to their hanyou. "Kagome, Kikyo said, let him taste you."

Inuyasha lay back and Kagome promptly straddled his smiling face. His golden eyes fixed on hers. Lust evident as he opened his mouth. Kagome let out a loud moan as his tongue parted her folds. He was doing amazing things to her. Then he suddenly stiffened underneath her and his eyes rolled into the back of his head. Kagome turned to look back at Kikyo, who now had Inuyasha's engorged flesh buried deeply in her throat. He groaned against her pink womanhood as Kikyo teased and licked at his stiff member, moving it in and out of her warm mouth.

Kagome rode his face as he brought her to new heights of pleasure with his rough wet tongue. He lapped at her and playfully nipped at the pearl hidden there. She bucked harder as he increased the speed until her body began to shake with it's first climactic release.

Kagome moved from his face, once she had control of her limbs one more. Inuyasha pulled up to his elbows and watched Kikyo work his throbbing manhood with her wet sucking mouth. Promptly Kikyo moved to straddle the wet swollen member. Sliding her tight sheath over it inch by inch until finally the full of it was buried deep inside of her core. She began to rock... then stopped, looking to Kagome. "Kagome dear, did you know that this was also Sesshomaru's birthday?"

Kagome cocked an eyebrow at the mention of Inuyasha's half brother. She knew Kikyo was up to something. She always had an ulterior motive. As Kagome was becoming a little angry, she heard a deep velvety voice from behind her. Sesshomaru stood beyond the fire, in his magnificent opulence. Kagome temporarily forgot her nudity at the shock of seeing him standing there. She quickly glanced to Inuyasha, whose entire face was drawn up as Kikyo once again began rocking her hips.

Without so much as a glance, Kikyo said to Kagome, "Lord Sesshomaru... has desired you for quite... some time, Kagome. I found him numerous times stalking your little group. He wished to know your flesh. Would you deny him?"

Kagome turned back to the demon lord, who now had shed his clothing. The fire danced on his pale skin, stretched taught over bulging muscles. His fully erect manhood giving no false pretense to his desire. "Come to me woman."

Kagome, as if in a bewitching spell, rose daintily from her position near Inuyasha, and the now loudly groaning, Kikyo. She slowly made her way to those piercing golden eyes. Wishing to bury her hands in that long flowing white hair. He wanted her? Kagome was not too surprised. She had seen the way he looked at her. His gaze spoke of his lust, as he fixed it upon her across the battlefield. It always sent an aching need to touch him burning through her ripe body.

Sesshomaru watched as the voluptuous female walked to him He growled softly as she slid her hands slowly over his chest, tracing down to his rippled abdomen. A shiver danced over his flesh as her tiny hand grasped his engorged member. He closed his eyes and threw his head back. The feel of her velvet skin tracing the tip and down to grasp at the sack below. Sounds of his hanyou brothers' grunting, filled his ears, and he wanted to make those sounds himself, with this tiny miko, who had invaded his mind. Kagome. How he had longed for her touch.

Sesshomaru pulled her swiftly down to the furs. She lay on her back with her long raven hair spilling around her body. Her eyes looking up so innocently, ready and inviting. He lowered his mouth and took her lips in his own tasting her warm cavern, fighting a small battle of passion with her tender tongue. Slowly he broke the kiss eager to taste the remainder of her supple young body. He moved his mouth down her slender neck lightly nipping with his fangs. Sucking and nipping his way to her ear, where he licked and teased the rim. "Mmmm Kagome, this Sesshomaru aches for you."

Kagome moaned with his heady lust filled voice. She arched her self against his thigh that lay neatly between her legs. Slowly he moved down her body until he pulled one plump breast into his mouth. The nipple hardened as he sucked and tugged gently with his teeth. The girl beneath him groaned in pleasure. His hand moved to her core, which was soaked with moisture. A long slender finder slipped inside, and the little miko bucked her hips against the pressure. In and out he moved his finger, as his thumb wrestled with the stiffened nub between the womanly folds. He watched her face as her body portrayed her passion. What a beautiful sight to behold. He had to take her.

Kagome felt Sesshomaru shift his position between her legs. She looked up to his burning golden gaze as she felt his staff preparing to enter her. She groaned as the head pushed a path forward, and screamed his name, as he suddenly slammed the length of the huge rod into her body. "Sessho..maru!!" Her body felt as if it were completely full and his rocking hips brought waves of sensations racing through her body. She opened her eyes to look at the taiyoukai pumping himself furiously into her wet cavern. His ethereal beauty did not seem real and Kagome reached up to cup his face. The look in his eyes was blurred crimson with lust, and he worked his staff in an out of her clenching sheath. Her hips began to rock with him as she lifted herself up to meet his thrusts. He looked down and said, "Kagome, put your hands around my neck, and... hold... on... my koi."

Kagome did as she was told and suddenly he began to move his bulging thighs and hips with demonic speed. The world became one long blur of frenzied trusts until Kagome felt the climax rising deep within her. She screamed out into the night as the orgasm tore through her body.

A second scream broke though the night as Kikyo threw her head back; her body convulsed in the throws of sexual climax. Inuyasha growled deeply as his seed spilt into the clenching sheath of muscles.

Kagome was lost in her own world of pleasure, oblivious to anyone of anything around her. The driving force between her thighs rocked her small form with powerful thrust after thrust. Long silken strands of ivory hair tickled her chest and back with every movement. Her body tensed once more under the demon lords assault and again his name tore loose, "Lord...!!! Oh Kami... fuck... me!"

He felt her reaching her peek once more. Her tight muscles clenched at his velvety steel flesh as if trying to milk him dry. Her sweet cry of passion calling his name was more than he could bare. He growled deeply, staring into her eyes. "Bitch... You... Feel... Too... Fucking... Good!" The taiyoukai then threw back his head and let out a tremendous roar, announcing his conquest to the world, as he spilled his seed deep within her womb. Swiftly, before he could change his mind he clamped down on the crook of her neck, sinking his fangs deep, marking her as his forever more.

Both couples collapsed on the cozy furs, snuggling into their mates. Sleeping the restful sleep of passions spent.

No cake.

No ice cream.

Nothing but raw unadulterated sex, which was, indeed, every mans ultimate birthday wish.

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