A Child's Agony by TaiYoukai

Dameon and Aymia meet

Kagome gasped as the afterbirth lurched from within her womb. "Mira, my baby....hand me my baby." Her maiden handed a beautiful, blue-eyed, black-haired girl-child to her just as the doors burst open.

"Mother, I found him as soon as possible. He was at the Eastern Border. I am sorry." Her eight year old son bowed low.

"That is alright, Dameon. Sesshoumaru, what shall we name her?"

"You named Dameon, so I shall name our daughter. Her name shall be Aymia." The said child giggled and her eyes sparkled. But she looked not at her parents or the handmaiden, but her golden eyed brother. He walked over curiously.

"This is my sister?" He asked dubiously.

"Yes," his father replied.

"Kind of weak to be youkai, isn't she?" His doubts rang clear in the air.

"Honey, she's only a baby yet. Wait a few years and she'll be as strong as you." His mother smiled brightly.

"Which reminds me. Dameon, do you know your position in your sisters life?" Sesshoumaru looked down at his son carefully.

"To make sure she stays out of my way?" The boy asked disdainfully.

"No, it is to help her complete her own goals and to make sure she lives up to them." The boy narrowed his eyes in confusion.

"Dameon, would you like to hold your sister?" The boy suddenly looked fearful at hurting such a small creature.

"Do not worry. I had the same fear about you when you were born. Just hold her." The boy took the gentle cargo from his mother and held her to his face. The girl giggled and grabbed at his hair. He smiled gently at her.

"Do not worry sister, I will protect you with my life." He promised quietly. His parents heard this and smiled.

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