Lord Sesshomaru's Shocking Case of Obsession by Rinseternalsoul

Chapter 2 - Private Moments

*** No Lemon, just SEXY STUFF in this Chapter.

One week after the bear attack....

Sango had just nailed Miroku for the third time that day. His face was not as pretty as it was when they awoke that morning, but he had enjoyed the play of her firm round behind in the palm of his hand, so much so, that he was happy to take a beating for it. Even now he could feel his eye swelling shut. That last blow had been a little rough. He supposed that he had stepped over his 'two grope per day limit'. He would have to remember not to press it to number three again. It was that cursed black leather suit she wore. It molded her firm rear end so very delightfully. When she walked, the perfect roundness of it seemed to call to him feel me... pat me... rub me... pinch me. The monk sighed deeply, and decided to meditate for awhile to clear the thoughts from his hentai mind.

"Kagome, would you like to go bathe with me?" Sango called to her friend as she gathered her fresh clothing.

"A bath would be great, Sango." Kagome grabbed up her things and followed her friend to the springs near the campsite.

When they finally found it, both women gasped at the simple beauty of the hidden oasis. The pool of steamy liquid, swirled and played against large boulders, which rose from the waters depths to form a wall of sorts, almost completely around the pool. Along the edges were huge broad-leafed plants, which thrived in the humidity of the springs. It looked like no one had ever even been here before, so isolated was this place.

Quickly the women stripped from their clothes, and carefully scaled the slippery rocks to slip down into the hot swirling water. A sigh of mutual contentment escaped their lips as their bodies adjusted to welcome warmth.

"Now this is the life," Kagome said lazily.

"I agree with you Kagome, this is the best I've felt in weeks." Sango breathed happily.

Both women moved around in the pool enjoying the relaxing properties of it. Sango took up a seat on a submerged boulder. "There's plenty of room here, Kagome."

Kagome swam languidly over to her friend. She pulled up to sit beside her, dangling her legs over the edge of the huge stone.

Neither were aware of the eyes that watched them from atop the wall of boulders. Quietly Sesshomaru watched over them. He felt Inuyasha needed a good smack on the head, for allowing Kagome to wonder off without his protection. The demon slayer was a strong warrior, but still, in her current state, she would be no match for an opponent.

As much as he tried not to invade the privacy of the bathers, he found himself absorbed in their beauty as they disrobed and slid into the bubbling pool. His Kagome's young firm body, held his eyes captive, with its slender curves. Even now she sat in the pool, unaware that he watched her full round breasts bob with her every movement. Her long raven hair dancing in the water, joining that of her friend whom sat closely by.

Sesshomaru closed his eyes. He felt like he was doing her an injustice, staring at her nakedness, yet the urge to look upon her grew until he once again opened his golden eyes to behold her radiance. When he did, he was surprised to see the women helping each other bathe. Kagome had positioned herself behind the taijiya, who was now sitting between the other girls' legs. Kagome was using a soft sudsy item to scrub the others back and neck. The pale demon lord was entranced as he watched his love put the item down and pick up a bottle. She poured a liquid into her palm and began working it into the long dark hair of the woman called Sango. Every movement sent Kagome's breast bouncing in delight. Sesshomaru couldn't remove his eyes even if Nuraku himself had walked up and slapped him on the back of the head.

The scene became quite erotic, as Kagome continued to wash the other woman's body. She had, once again, picked up the ball of soft lather, and slowly moved it over the pale skin of the young warrior's firm body. He stared dumbly as Kagome stepped back allowing the taijiya to rinse, only to swap positions. This went on until both women were cleansed, and totally relaxed from the administrations of the other. The demon lord watched as Kagome slid beneath the warm springs' surface, rinsing all traces of the lather from her hair and body. Even from his distant perch, Sesshomaru could smell the relaxing lavender scent of the soaps used by the two women.

Feeling a tinge of sadness, he witnessed them leave the warmth of the springs, only to be pleasantly surprised to see the hardened nipples bouncing on the tips of tender mounds of flesh. Kami, how he wanted to taste Kagome's swollen nubs. A low growl escaped his lips, as he became painfully aware of his fully erect member, pushing against the soft silken fabric of his pants. Thoughtlessly he slid his hand down and grasped it tightly, promising the excited flesh that it would not be long now. Be damned if she was merely a human! He had to have this woman. She would be his.

The demon lord stood up and scouted the area. To the left he sensed something moving rather slowly. He lifted his nose a bit and sniffed at the air. It was hard to tell, as the wind was blowing toward the object in question. He stayed his ground for a moment, waiting. When he caught the signs of calculated movement, he flew from his perch.

The filthy beast was stalking the women. He spotted the creature, whatever in the hell it was, slinking through the tall underbrush towards its intended victim's. It would not succeed, of course, as a flash of green glowing light coursed through the darkness to slash the beast into several pieces. It cried out briefly, in agony, before submitting to its death dealer. Sesshomaru quickly left the fallen beast to return to his fair maiden's side. An invisible protector. A mysterious worshipper.

"What the hell was that?!" Inuyasha bolted up from his perch atop the old tree. Before he could land, Kagome and Sango burst into the clearing, looking back.

"Did you guys hear that?" Kagome called out breathlessly to the men.

"Sure did! I'm gonna go check it out!" Inuyasha was off his perch and disappeared into the night.

Kagome and Sango settled next to the fire to dry their hair and wait for his return.

Inuyasha leapt through the dense forest in the direction of the sound. As he got closer the smell of blood assaulted his sensitive nose. When he came in sight of the dead beast, another scent assaulted his nose. "Sesshomaru!" As fast as he arrived, he turned tail and headed back to the camp.

Sesshomaru watched as the hanyou dashed off to investigate. He smirked. The baka was so lax in his duty, that even now he was unaware that the women had been in danger. Even so, Sesshomaru thought this could be worked to his advantage. With the hanyou absent for the moment, it seemed the perfect time to visit the object of his obsession.

Kirara let out a viscous little growl at the darkness, causing the others in the group to jump behind the fire, quickly taking up weapons which had been resting nearby. When the tall white clad demon lord emerged from the forest, Kirara morphed into her full demon form, ready to take on the taiyoukai in defense of her friends.

Sesshomaru watched the group as they armed themselves, and hid a laugh as the two tail neko transformed to her fearsome full stature. "Call off your feline, slayer, unless you wish to bury her remains this evening."

Instead of Sango giving the order, it was Kagome. "Kirara, it's Ok." She looked curiously at Sesshomaru, "I don't think he means us any harm."

Lord Sesshomaru nodded slightly in agreement with the miko. The haphazard group of warriors, relaxed... a little, and the firecat again transformed back to her normally cute self. The great youkai slowly walked closer to the object of his desire. "Kagome, I wish to speak with you. Would you take a walk with me?"

Miroku was a little more than shocked upon hearing Lord Sesshomaru's request. He glanced toward the forest, where Inuyasha had just disappeared. He had a good idea, now, that the mysterious screech had something to do with their present company. He looked nervously back to the taiyoukai, who seemed to be appraising every inch of Kagome's slender form. 'Damn, he's acting like me!' The disturbing realization didn't sit very well with the monk. He began to protest, when he was cut off by the Lord himself.

"Do you doubt that Kagome will be safe at my side?" Sesshomaru questioned the monk with a hidden double meaning. He gave the Houshi one of his infamous steel glares.

Now the monk was no fool, and he knew very well the demon spoke with the words of a trickster. He had no doubt that no harm would befall his friend while under the demon's protection, but who would protect her from the demon himself? So Miroku played it safe, and looked to Kagome. She seemed to be a bit nervous, but nodded her acceptance of Sesshomaru's invitation. He watched as the two turned and walked into the night.

"Inuyasha's not going to like this, Miroku." Sango chastised the monk for not pressing the issue a little harder. Shippo was practically crying in his fear over the situation. Sango could visibly see the monk take a deep breath. He looked as if he had suddenly taken the weight of the world on his shoulders.

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